How To Find Nintendo Switch? 5 Proven Methods To Help You Find Your Stolen Device

How to find Nintendo Switch

If you have an addiction to playing games, you might wonder how to find a Nintendo Switch. It’s a popular option for gamers who want to play games at home and on the go. With over 100 million units sold, it easily takes the title of the best-selling console in the world. In 2024, the firm met consumer demand for an improved version of the first Switch by releasing the Nintendo Switch 2.

However, it is challenging to locate a Nintendo Switch due to the high demand for the new games, decreased stockpiles, and a rise in users throughout the Christmas season.

In this article, I’ll show you where and how you can get a Nintendo Switch. The methods I detail here will work whether you’re looking for a brand-new Nintendo Switch Pro or an older model.

How To Find Nintendo Switch Serial Number Without Switch?

The original Nintendo Switch packaging will display the serial number. It might be possible that the serial number is located in the window, which is located at the bottom. If none of these methods work, then you need to contact the customer support services of Nintendo Switch and give them your account details.

Five Ways To Find Lost Nintendo Switch

Here, I will discuss five ways in this article to help you to find your Nintendo Switch. These ways are effective because many people learn about their lost Nintendo Switch. You will get your Nintendo Switch mini if you read all of them without skipping them.

1- Searching The Common Hiding Spots In Your House

Sometimes, you place your Nintendo Switch in your home hidden places, and then you need to remember where you left your switch. You should check out under the couch, behind the TV, and then check all the drawers of your home. It is important to check the thing first in your home because sometimes you leave it anywhere and need to remember where you left it.

2- Asking Your Family Members, Friends, Or Neighbors

Suppose you didn’t get your Nintendo Switch in your home. In that case, the second step is to ask your family members and friends if they saw your console because it might be possible that where you leave the switch, your family member picks it from there and places it in another location.

So, it is important to ask your friends about your Nintendo because there might be a possibility that you leave your switch in your friend’s home and forget it. So, ask your friends and neighbors about your switch if they saw it.

3- Using a Bluetooth Tracking Device Like Apple AirTags Or Tile Mate

After you didn’t find your Nintendo Switch in your home and friends, these Apple AirTags and Tile Mate are very small devices you can easily connect with your Nintendo Switch. These devices use Bluetooth technology to contact your tablet or phone.

You can easily download the app on your device and determine the location of your Nintendo Switch on the map, and also you can make a sound that helps you to locate it. These Apple AirTags and Tile Mate range is within 800 feet and 244 meters. On the other hand, the range of Bluetooth devices is only 10 meters, which is useless and won’t work if your switch is stolen or not in your home.

4- Using The Find My Nintendo Feature On Your Nintendo Account

This feature allows you to analyze the last location of the Nintendo Switch on the map. You can also see the online status of your device and its battery level on My Nintendo. The best benefit of this feature is that it allows you to reset all the data on your console and even lock it if it is lost or stolen.

But the drawback of this feature is that it will only work if your console is connected to the internet and you enable the Find My Nintendo Option in the settings menu.

5- Contact Nintendo Customer Service

This is the last way you need to contact the customer service of Nintendo Switch official. After you try all the above methods and need help, contact Nintendo Switch customer service.

You can tell them all your problems and then wait for their reply. They ask about the details and serial number of the Nintendo Switch, but don’t worry; you need to tell them the details of your Nintendo because they have saved all the customers’ contacts.

Well, these are some of the methods that will help you to find your Console if it gets stolen by anyone. During this period, you can play Switch games on Nintendo Switch Emulator. But for this condition, you must have a PC or Laptop.

How To Find A Nintendo Switch Pin?

You need to check your parental controls app and reset it to start online through your inquiry number and email.

How To Find Nintendo Switch Code?

You can easily find the Nintendo Switch on promotion, gift, or retail card and enter it in the eShop of Nintendo Switch.

Can You Deactivate A Stolen Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can deactivate your Nintendo Switch it was stolen. To do this, you must open a Nintendo account and sign in with a Google account. After that, you need to log in and open the shop menu of the console. Here, click on the Deregister Primary Console and then enter the password. After that, click on the OK button and confirm the deactivation by clicking on the Deregister.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my stolen switch?

If it gets stolen, you can track your Nintendo Switch through the serial number.

Is the US switch region locked?

No, the switch is not region-locked in the US country.

What country to choose for Nintendo Switch?

You need to choose the country based on the language and preferences on eShop.

Is Nintendo Switch hard to find?

I can’t say yes or no because you can find it easily on normal days, but it is important to find the switch in a seasonal period when demand is high.


The article consists of different effective ways to find a Nintendo Switch if it gets stolen or you leave it in your home and forget where you left it. You can find out your Nintendo Switch through serial numbers or different trackers.

But you should first find out about this switch in your home and ask your family members and friends. If any method doesn’t work, then you need to contact the customer support service of Nintendo Switch.

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