Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch – Complete Reveiw

Samsung Electronics produces The Samsung Galaxy Gear which is an Android-based smartwatch. expose in a Samsung Unpacked occasion which take place in Berlin on September 4, 2013, the device works as a buddy for the entire Samsung Galaxy tablets and Smartphone  which run Android 4.3; on opening, this contained the Galaxy Note 10.1 and  Galaxy Note 3  2014 version.

The Galaxy Gear was released to a usually unenthusiastic response; it was criticize for the jaded design of its interface, the insufficient performance of several of its software, less life of battery, the few apps accessible, and its dependence on Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones.


Features and Specs:-

Hardware Overview

It is powered by a single-core 800 MHz Exynos system-on-chip, and includes a 320 pixel-broad square-shaped Super AMOLED display of touchscreen among a 277 PPI pixel density. The Galaxy Gear band includes a 1.9 megapixel camera among a sensor which is Back-illuminate, 720p video recording, plus auto-focus, in conjunction with a two noise-cancelling microphones and speaker. It as well contains internal memory of 4 GB, RAM of 512 MB, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The device include a battery of 315 mAh; the device itself doesn’t include a charging port and should be located in a particular Micro USB-equipped charging case, which as well includes an NFC mark that is utilize for the early setup of the device. The Galaxy Gear is intended to IP55 specifications among dust resistance and safety from temporary revelation to water jets.

Android 4.2.2-based Software

A Galaxy Gear shows a digital clock in its USB charging support. The Galaxy Gear applies an Android 4.2.2-based operating method among gesture based navigation minimalistic and interfaces. To match up the Galaxy Gear by a tablet or smartphone as its host device, the NFC mark in the charging cradle of Gear is utilized to activate the installation of the Gear Manager app, which makes use of Bluetooth to manage the blend procedure and do more communication through the device. Gear Manager is mostly utilizing to organize the settings of device (for instance the display of clock color and look) and to handle and install apps through Samsung Apps.

Notification is able to be synced from the host device and show on the screen of Gear when received; a sample of content notifications is exhibited on the watch itself, as the Smart Relay characteristic let customer to open content show on Gear on their tablet or smartphone. S Voice can be utilizing for fundamental voice commands and voice transcript for certain apps. Phone calls can as well be reply and placed from the watch (the dialer is launch by swipe up on the clock show), although the “Find My Device” tool is able to be use to place the watch with a tablet or phone, or vice versa.

App’s of Camera Feature

The app’s of camera is able to take picture or record videos equal to 15 seconds in duration. Videos and Photos can be store to the internal storage of device, or straight away transferred to the tablet or phone of users. Users can as well record 5 minutes worth of voice message.

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