Polk Audio Buckle Headphone: Benefits, Drawbacks, And Review

polk audio buckle

The Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are ideal for music fans since they are inexpressibly luscious, gentle, sensual, and perfect.

There is no denying that Polk Audio Buckles are a magnificent pair of headphones; despite being very weighty, they are also just excellent utilized.

Even when employed for a long time, they feature outstanding convenience and superb audio quality. Your eardrums will not be damaged if you retain them as much as you want with the Polk Audio Buckle. The ears are now relieved.

The design and sumptuous feel of these headphones are impressive and have excellent audio quality. They are not too hefty but rather long-lastingly comfy.

For specific purposes, though, which most users have encountered, they only work correctly with Apple products.

Interestingly, the music, play/pause functions, and song jumping are all functional on Android handsets, but the sound system and replaying need improvement.

Features Of Polk Audio Buckle


  • Excellent Audio Quality

A rich audio quality can be heard when hearing traditional songs, jazz, punk, electronic music, and other music genres.

  • Bass

You can easily listen to most of the elements when listening to the mid and peak notes, and the bassline is fantastic and not murky.

  • Look elegant

You can quickly determine what appears fashionable by simply examining the images.

  • Settings for iPhone

You’ll appreciate how the iPhone settings are incorporated into the design of the earphones and are significantly easier to use.

  • Pleasure

My observations show that most people are compelled to rely on them for numerous hours daily. You may also be shocked to learn that they do not even make you feel tired. They are non-existent.

  • Built With the Best Quality

You can see they are constructed of best-quality components as soon as you take them from their packaging.


  • Little Ear Cushions

It is preferable to observe ear cushions on bigger audio connectors.

  • Weighty

Polk audio buckles could be hefty compared to other options on the market.

  • Mobile Phone Mic

It’s challenging for individuals to perceive you from a distance since the microphone is mounted on the chassis. It is Modest to medium loudness.

However, you won’t have any issues if you have to increase your tone. If you still need to, you’ll need to take them off and talk to the people on the receiving end of the phone.

  • Capability To Adapt

The traveling case is sturdy but needs to be more foldable, making it difficult to move about and taking up a significant amount of space in the backpack. As a result, Polk Audio Headphones feature this significant defect.

Polk Audio Buckle Review 

  • Design

Two color combinations are available for the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones: brown and black with silver trims. They have a functional layout. Now convenient to hold and carry while traveling.

They won’t add weight to your head or neckline when you’re out around due to their incompetent and durable structure. An imitation leather means protecting the headpiece. That way, your epidermis won’t become hot or perspire.

They also appear more upscale than most versions at this budget point, owing to the sewn upholstery. Lastly, the cushioning on every earphone is gentle and sufficiently prevents ear channel irritation. However, it’s still comfortable for long periods because it’s solid and adequate.

  • Audio-Quality

The Polk Audio Buckle Headphone is a reliable item of equipment that offers respectable sound quality and a snug fitting. I played several kinds of music through the Polk Audio Buckle Headphone, and every single one was fantastic.

“The Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran was the inaugural track I heard, and it was so crystal-clear and lovely that it seemed like an instrumental performance of its own! The 40 mm PET motorist’s evacuated casing produces a good bass impact, comprised of a compact and resilient polymer.

Furthermore, also at maximum max volume, you didn’t mind any roughness or other sounds originating from your loudspeakers because of the best audio quality. They are, therefore, excellent for making songs on your smartphone or tablet while avoiding disturbing everyone else around you.

  • Comfortability

Some of the best convenient pairs of earphones I’ve used are the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones. I’ve become accustomed to the noise of a passenger train in the back, but these earphones simply make it vanish.

They have a lovely, secure fit that holds them in a position neither seems constricting nor irritating. The lack of cushioning for prolonged hearing was the only drawback I discovered with some of these earphones.

Using them for about a minute gave the base of my neck a slight soreness. More cushioning would have allowed customers to appreciate these earphones even more since the cushion places more stress on the base of your head than on the ears.

Surprisingly, they suited well; I could sense the cup hitting my ears properly, and the headpiece was just the right amount of snug and not too snug.

  • Controlling System 

The Polk Audio Buckle Headphones offer a distinctive twist on the typical headset shape. They struck me as an intriguing substitute for my long-time favorite Beats by Dre headphones.

While the control systems are simple to utilize, a small amount of “gee whiz” is required to master them. On the ear cup’s rear, there is a rounded, notched slider that offers the following options:

  • Play/pause buttons for streaming music
  • Amplify the volume by pushing or pulling
  • Receiving and terminating calls by rolling up or down
  • Even though this configuration is prevalent, if you’ve only ever used headphones from other manufacturers, you could find it challenging to utilize.

The keys are snappy without being unduly touchy or bothersome, and once you get used to them, these controls function well.

  • Connectedness

The Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are excellent. However, you’ll need to ensure you purchase them for an Apple device. Seek elsewhere if you’re seeking high-quality headphones for Android users.

Polk’s headphones are marketed as being universal. However, I do not believe that is the case. Apple gadgets, mainly iPhones and iPads, function better. Additionally, you’ll need to apply technical magic if you wish to use them with other devices.

The headphones quickly establish a connection. And when linked to an iPhone or iPad, people have control and react fast and helpfully. I’ve observed that some headphone settings on Android devices don’t function correctly, as the knobs either don’t react entirely or do not sufficiently.


Ultimately, the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are a fantastic set of on-ear earphones with certain great benefits at a cheap cost. The most significant aspect is that they are easy to use. The audio is quite clear, and the style is lovely. You should never intend to spend $60 on such earphones whether you’re ready to overlook their subpar connection reliability.

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