Why Does My iPhoneWon’t Make Calls But Will Text? Tips For iPhone Users To Fix The Issue

my iphone won't make calls but will text

My iPhone has stopped making and taking calls. When dialing, the call doesn’t go through and is abruptly terminated. When I try to make a phone call, I am constantly disconnected. Only selected persons may send or receive messages to/from me. The Phone has evolved into a multifunctional tool that facilitates commu?nication, provides entertainment, and acts as a personal assistant. The most annoying iPhone problem is when the device stops making calls yet continues to function normally for texting. This article will provide the potential causes of why “my iPhone won’t make calls but will text” issues and fixes.

Why Is My Phone Not Allowing Me To Make Calls iPhone?

Here are possible reasons why your iPhone can’t make or receive calls but can text:

Check Network Coverage and Signal Strength:

If you have the problem of “my iPhone 13 won’t make calls but will text”, you need to make sure there is network coverage where you are. You may not be able to make or receive calls due to poor reception or a lack of network coverage. See whether the problem remains after checking the iPhone’s signal strength and trying a new location.

Restart Your iPhone:

If you have an “iPhone can’t make calls but can receive texts,” you must restart your Phone. When the option to “slide to power off” appears, continue to press the power button. Drag it to the left to put your iPhone to sleep, then tap it again to wake it up. This easy solution has a good chance of working. If this option does not resolve the problem, try the next one.

Do you want to turn off the vibration on your iPhone? Check here how to do it.

Verify Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Settings:

Your iPhone’s ability to make calls wirelessly will be disabled if Aeroplane Mode is activated. If the aircraft symbol is not already chosen, swipe up to open the Control Centre. If it is, you must press it to turn off Aeroplane Mode.

Also, ensure the Do Not Disturb setting is on if you have the issue “My iPhone 14 won’t make calls but will text”. When activated, it may limit both inbound and outbound phone calls. Access the “Do Not Disturb” setting by clicking your device’s settings. If your calls are canceled, try these ways to fix them.

Update Carrier Settings and iOS:

iPhone 11 won’t make calls, but I can text; problems with making calls might arise from using an older iOS version or a carrier that hasn’t been updated in a while. You can solve the call failed problem by updating your Phone’s carrier settings. Go to Settings > General > About to see if there are any adjustments to your carrier settings. You will be requested to update if one is available. Similarly, go to your iPhone’s Settings > General > Software Update to ensure you’re on the most recent iOS release.

Reset Network Settings:

If the aforementioned methods have failed to resolve the issue, you may also try this one. If your iPhone has connection problems stopping you from making calls, resetting the network settings may assist. In the menu that appears, choose “Reset Network Settings.” This will reset your network preferences to factory defaults. Remember that doing so will delete any stored Wi-Fi networks and their associated passwords, and you will have to add them again manually.

Confirm Your Call Blocking and Forwarding Settings:

Incorrect iPhone outgoing call settings or blocked numbers might prevent you from making calls. You should check these settings to fix this problem. Select Phone> Settings to verify that call forwarding is on. If that’s the case, turn it off before making another call. Make sure you haven’t accidentally banned any actual numbers by checking your call-blocking settings. You can follow this guide to solve the iPhone call forwarding problem.

Contact Your Carrier:

If the problem remains after you’ve tried the solutions above, contact your carrier for more assistance. They may check if there are any known difficulties in your region or assist you in identifying and fixing any network-related issues.


Why can I receive calls on my iPhone but not make them?

Several possible causes exist for this problem. Possible causes include incorrectly configured call settings, broken network connections, obsolete software, or faulty SIM cards. Use the article’s troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the issue.

I have updated my iPhone’s software but I still can’t make calls. What should I do?

Even while upgrading the software on your iPhone is a necessary step, it may not always fix the problem. If this occurs, check your call settings, network connection, and the status of Aeroplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode. If the issue continues after contacting your network operator, consider taking additional action.

Can a defective SIM card prevent my iPhone from accepting calls?

The ability to make calls on your iPhone might be compromised if the SIM card is broken. Take out the SIM card, wipe it off, and put it back in. If the situation persists, you should contact your network provider to see whether your SIM card or local coverage is at fault.

If I reset my network preferences, will any previously stored Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks be lost?

Yes, your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN profiles will be deleted if you reset your network preferences. Get everything down on paper before you start the reset process. Following this process, you must change your network settings, including reestablishing connections to wireless networks and resetting Bluetooth pairings.

If the problem persists after following fixing procedures, what should I do?

if you still can’t make calls after trying every solution contact your service provider. They know what they’re doing and can run more diagnostics on your line, check for network disruptions, or give you step-by-step directions on how to fix the issue.


It’s irritating when my iPhone won’t make calls but will text. However, the problem may be fixed and normal call functioning restored on your iPhone by following the steps provided in this article. You should contact your carrier if you still have problems after checking network coverage, restarting your iPhone, verifying settings, updating carrier settings and iOS, resetting network settings, etc.

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