Motorcycle Accident Rate Vs Car; Stats and Causes

Motorcycle Accident Rate Vs Car

There is no doubt auto tech is helping in the evaluation of the world but Accidents on the roads are also alarming nowadays because of the large number of transport. When comparing motorcycle accident rate vs car,  you can see a huge difference in different reports. Motorcyclists are more likely to experience accidents than cars.

Motorcycle Accident Rate Vs Car Statistics

Following are some statistics about motorcycle accident rate vs car

  • There is an estimation from the US Department of Transportation that each driver may be involved in an accident every six years. 
  • Vehicle crashing reports of 2005 include the injuries of 27472 drivers and 10,036 passengers.
  • As per the National Safety Council of the USA, Twelve million motorcycle accidents happen each year. 
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, almost 28% suffer minor or moderate injuries.

Difference Between These Two Accidents

When we look at the motorcycle accident rate vs car, we mean the higher risks and causes involved in these accidents. Motorcycles are involved far more in these types of accidents. Various factors make this happen. 

Unlike cars, motorcycles are not enclosed, with seatbelts or airbags. Moreover, it consists of two wheels and is smaller in size. The main thing that differentiates cars from motorcycles is the less visibility to different things on the way, like debris, mud, or rocks. 

Type of injuries in car and motorcycle accidents

 Motorcycle accident injuries

More injuries are because of motorcycle accidents than cars. Motorcyclists are at higher risk of getting

  • Spinal or head injuries
  • Thorax, 
  • Broken bones
  • Disorientation
  • Memory loss
  • Paralysis 

For these, they may have medical assistance almost their whole life. Because of the vulnerability of driving motorcycles on the road, motorcyclists suffer more than car drivers. These vulnerable accidents may result in the deaths of the victims.

Car accident injuries

 The injuries from car accidents are less than in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle injuries include spine damage, head injuries, broken bones, or other internal injuries. At the same time, car injuries didn’t include any severe conditions, and people recover after a few days. The car drivers and passengers are safer because of the safety features of the cars. These include airbags, seatbelts, enclosed structures, etc. Thus, motorcyclists have a 26% chance of death in road accidents. This has explained why motorcycle accidents are more severe.

Causes Of Motorcycle And Car Accidents

In this modern era, manufacturers focus on the Protection of the users and use advanced tech in vehicles. They try to put functionalities for the safety measures in the vehicles but still some errors become the cause of the accidents. Following are the causes of motorcycle and car accidents. 

Common Causes

  • Nowadays, the cases reported about motorcycle accidents are because of drunk driving. 
  • Speeding is also a common issue among motorcyclists. About 10,000 deaths were reported in 2018 because of such speed. 
  • Distracted driving can also cause the death of the driver. In 2018, almost 3000 people died because of this issue. 

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

1.  Low visibility

       It is the first leading cause when a person drives so speedily that sometimes the cam doesn’t record any footage. Thus accidents happen when a car takes a turn and hits a motorcycle.

2. Lane Splitting

 The second leading cause is lane splitting, which increases the chances of accidents. 

Although some countries didn’t consider it, it is a leading cause that must be avoided.

3. Collision

Collisions with complex objects during the way are the third leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Based on the analysis, it is estimated that about 25% of motorcycle accidents are because of collisions.

Causes of Car Accidents

Getting involved in a car crash can cause many dangerous injuries, including permanent injuries, financial loss, and more

 1.  Interior Parts Glitch 

 If a vehicle has a defect or damage, this can cause a vehicle to go wrong and cause a crash. Always keep a keen check on the most important parts of your car to avoid any accidents.

2. Over Speed

Over Speeding is always dangerous and going over the speed limit often leads to cause a car accident

3. Diversion

One Of of the main cause of car accidents is the diversion of the driver. It means a driver whose attention is diverted from the road, usually to talking on a cell phone, texting or eating food

4. Over Drunk

Another cause is the driver’s fault in a preventable situation like drunk driving 

5. Careless driving

Inappropriate driving means when the driver  does not follow the  traffic rule and mostly becomes the cause of accidents

6. Weather 

Unpredictable things may also lead to car accidents like malfunctioning or weather conditions. 

Car accidents often happen in the rain because water creates a surface more slippery and dangerous for cars


In the motorcycle accident rate vs car, a high percentage of the accidents are reported as motorcycle accidents. Therefore, people should take precautionary measures seriously to avoid any accidents. We hope you have learned about the accident rates you were looking for.


Which is safer: a car or a motorcycle?

When discussing the injuries in motorcycle accident rate vs car, Most people who ride motorcycles are more likely to suffer serious or serious injuries in crashes than people who drive in cars. In some ways, this is not surprising, considering the lack of seat belts, airbags, and other safety features that motorcycles offer

However, if we talk about the possibility of death in a motorcycle accident it is less as compared to a car accident as determined by National Safety Council,

the average lifetime probability of death in a motorcycle accident is one in 107, while the lifespan probability of death in a motorcycle accident is only one in 899.

Do motorcycles stop faster than cars?

Mosty asked question is if a motorcycle stops quicker than a car.YES motorcycles can stop faster than most cars on the road mainly because of the lower number.

But this quick braking power sometimes can indirectly lead to severe accidents. While the car driver takes 0.5 to .75 seconds to stop the car.

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