Satellite Phone: The Upcoming Technological Trend

military satellite phones

The term “satellite phones,” “military satellite phones,” or “satphones” refers to a mobile that communicates with an orbiting satellite system. Its effectiveness is independent of the ground broadcast antennae that various wireless carriers deploy to reach a region, unlike the cellular telephone and the GSM modem. Signals are sent and retrieved by satellites in earth orbit in the scenario of a satellite phone.

Motorola presented the first portable telephone system based on communication satellites in 1989, when it became the leading telecom player. This ground-breaking concept was not just for renowned explorers and explorers but also for emergency scenarios, such as rescuing on the open sea or entry to a remote rural location devastated by an earthquake or catastrophe.

Why Are Mobile Satellite Phones Also Referred To As Emergency Satellite Phones?

In numerous crisis situations, such as the Izmit earthquake in 1999, the September 11 invasions in 2001, the Northeast brownouts in 2003, the Kiholo Bay earthquake in 2006, the Minnesota bridge imploded in 2007, Hurricane Katrina, the Chile earthquake in 2010 and the Haiti earthquake, satellite communications devices have proved to be highly beneficial. In addition to using satellite phones for communication, media personnel and analysts have been using them to cover combat situations like that in Iraq.

Why Are Satellite Phones Required?

Satellite phones function everywhere on the planet, unlike conventional mobile phones, which depend on cell stations. The only systems that provide dependable connectivity after having left the city are satellite systems. Because of this, satellite phones function everywhere, even in the most distant corners of the globe.

They thrive in maintaining you interconnected anyplace, including at sea, during adventures, protracted climbs, isolated worksites, forests, plains, and during a natural catastrophe. They also provide dependable Speech, Sms, Navigation, and Rescue.

Do Satellite Phones Function Everywhere?

Theoretically, satellite phones should function from any place on Earth because they don’t depend on any ground-based infrastructure to get a signal. You may not be allowed to use your satellite phone device in certain places, although these wonders of advanced technologies function almost everywhere.

What Are The Places Where Satellite Phones Don’t Work?

The Krubera Cave in Georgia is one of the shallowest caverns on the planet, and it can block the passage of signals. Some regions in South America, India, and New Guinea purposefully restrict all telecommunication signals to safeguard the local indigenous populations who have not been in touch with outsiders. Eventually, a signal won’t be able to travel to some deeper waters.

However, various places happen more frequently, needing more signals. Frequently, a specific tree or a close-by structure may hinder your capacity to interact with the spacecraft. Still, the solution is as easy as shifting just several steps in one way or the other.

What Are The Benefits Of A Military Satellite Phone?

Military satellite phones have numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Reliable communication throughout marine operations and in highly isolated locations, including mountains, woods, ice caps, and dunes.
  • Adaptability to harsh environments such as traumas, weather, and others.
  • Enable users to connect to the Internet, receive and transmit data, and send text messages from anywhere on the planet.
  • Can call, SOS, make international connections and get SMS.
  • The operation of GSM without reliance on terrestrial transmitters.

What Are The Types Of Satellite Phones?

A mobile satellite phone can be chosen by a person based on their needs. Listed below are a few state-of-the-art services and technologies that have made it simple to interact in regions far from civilization or in the many remote locales. 

  • Iridium Satellite Phone

It is a transportable satellite main gateway that provides connectivity for smart gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. However, this mobile moves a little moderately relative to some specific available models. The voice and SMS capabilities, particularly the economical unlimited internet package for mail connectivity and superficial grasp of data transmission, are the main advantages of this gadget. 

  • Sailor Fleet Satellite Phone

It is a plug-and-play gadget best suited for tiny spacecraft that need to access the internet. The gadget has a cellphone, a transmitter, and an aerial. The device has prepaid payment and a top acceleration of about 100 kbps.

  • Satway Pro Satellite Phone

It is a program that facilitates accepting Emails and texts from relatives or coworkers on an Iridium satellite phone. It is a fantastic gift for those who rely on the sea. In circumstances where texting is impossible, the audio recording capabilities of this program are beneficial.


Why Can’t We Track A Satellite Phone?

The usage of satellite communication systems is prohibited in some nations. Others entirely outlaw satellite phones. For example, China is one of the renowned countries where it is illegal even to own a satellite phone, much less use the same one. In addition, China disapproves of GPS technology and restricts access to large segments of the internet.

Can Satellite Phones Be Tracked?

In contrast to conventional cell phones, satellite phones depend on an orbiting spacecraft to place contacts. A satellite phone tracker is used from these spacecraft to determine the approximate location of any satellite phone owner.

Can Satellite Phones Be Tapped?

Yes. A phone’s pulse taps at any moment it is connected to the satellite, whether uplinking or downlinking. Your conversations are open to any monitoring of another person if you talk to them outside the carrier network of the satellite phone.

Can Satellite Phones Work Anywhere?

Satellite phones function anywhere on the planet, unlike conventional cell phones that depend on cell towers. Satellite connections are the only systems that provide dependable communication after you depart the city. As a result, satellite phones function anyplace, even in the most distant parts of the planet.

Can Satellite Phones Call Cell Phones?

Yes, you can make contact and link to any number, landline or mobile, using a satellite phone.


The importance of a mobile satellite phone can be understated, particularly in a society where natural catastrophes and tragedies are so common. The cost of a satellite link has risen substantially in recent years. In short, significant technological advancements in mobile satellite phones have turned the impossibility into a possibility by enabling individuals to stay connected in any location on the planet, even in difficult circumstances.

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