9 ASUS Laptop Accessories That You Should Use

Laptop accessories

ASUS laptops are recognized for featuring lightweight, unparalleled mobility, and more advanced features. It includes impressive audio output, slim design, highly powerful processors, increased RAM, and lots more. But, to protect your laptop from physical damage and improve its performance, it’s good to have the best accessories. The list of the following top ASUS laptop accessories is created to ensure users stay productive.

HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is quite important if your laptop has an HDMI-out port. If you want to connect to a TV or a monitor, this cable will help you in sending the signal. Numerous varieties are available in the market, so getting confused about which is better is obvious. AmazonBasics 10-foot HDMI cable is the most reliable option that comes within the affordable range. It gains a 4.5 average rating from more than 14K users.

Beats Studio Buds

With a solid 8 hours of listening time, Beats Studio Buds are the recommended wireless earbuds that are worth the money. It features a cool design and allows users to enjoy quality sound with noise cancellation and extreme comfort. The best thing is that you can pair them to your laptop quickly. However, there is the downside that their rechargeable case can’t recharge wirelessly.

Portable Charger

Power banks come as a handy option for charging any device, including mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. For charging a laptop, you can use Anker PowerCore+ 20,100 mAh portable charger. It will work with MacBook or any other laptop that can charge over standard C-Type. There is one USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports on it. Now, you don’t have to worry if your laptop’s battery drains quickly, as you can charge it on the go.


This is one of the important ASUS laptop accessories that is required when your system has a lack of ports. The hub comes with 3 USB ports for syncing and file sharing. One is the HDMI port, which lets you output 4K video. There are two SD card slots that have the ability to store data. The biggest advantage of this device is that it stays safe from overheating. It is built with overheat protection to ensure safe operation. 

HD Pro Webcam

Although most laptops come with webcams, some of them may fall on the spectrum between blah and frighteningly blurry. You might find it difficult to use when the screen is closed. The Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam makes video calls in Full HD resolution. It has an excellent blend of 3F – Function, Features, and Form. Remote workers find this an ideal option as it offers crystal-clear 1080p footage with a speedy autofocus feature.

Portable Laptop Stand

Even though laptops are more comfortable to work with than traditional computers, sometimes you might be unable to get a perfect view angle. To get the most comfortable viewing angle, you can use a portable laptop stand with 6 adjustable angles. It supports nearly every device that ranges between 10 to 15.6 inches. You can keep your system firmly in place. The additional perk is that it is less likely to overheat.

Keyboard Cleaning GelAsus Laptop

Cleaning the keyboard is one of the most challenging and daunting tasks. But, regular cleaning is required for the user’s safety from germs and harmful bacteria. To keep your keys dust-free and germ-free, you can use Universal Gel Cleaner. It easily removes the dust from the spaces between the keys. The bonus point is that it is completely reusable and safely cleans hard-to-reach spots on electronics.

Cooling Pad

Overheating is one of the most common but frustrating issues faced by most laptop users. It prevents the laptop from performing perfectly. Hence, it is recommended to keep your ASUS laptop cooler for possible solutions. Opting for a laptop cooling pad can ensure extra cooling power. With a sturdy design, a cooling pad doesn’t slide around. This accessory is lightweight and has a breathable mesh surface.

Portable Monitor

Increasing productivity is difficult for users with two monitors on their desk. They even face challenges in keeping up the pace when working remotely. To solve this problem, use the Asus ZenScreen MB16ACE, which comes with a 1080p display. A portable USB monitor provides an additional screen for the travel gear. A USB Type-C connection is used for 15-inch displays. So, don’t forget to take it while traveling.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt that Asus laptops are perfect for all highly-intensive tasks and running resource-hungry apps. These laptops come in a wide variety of options with varying features. But, long working hours and constant TV streaming over many hours make laptops susceptible to several issues. So, use accessories to create an ergonomic workspace and enjoy improved performance.

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