A Few Instagram Trends That Made A Significant Impact In 2022

Instagram Trends

Instagram has always been an evolving application on the internet. The application has billions of active users every month, and that is undeniable. This is why staying updated with the latest trends on Instagram is vital. The year 2022 is getting to an end, and we have come to a lot of evolving trends.

Each Instagram trend has made its unique impact on the social media world. A few were adequate, a few were competitive, and some were beneficial. Here in this article, let us brainstorm a few trends that will remind you about the potential of Instagram as a growing social media application.
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Trend 1: Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels were launched in 2020 and rolled out to all users in 2021. This is indeed a form of micro-video add-on to the Instagram app that is built as a TikTok competitor. Snowballing is undoubtedly the case with this feature.

People on the application have begun benefiting from the Reels feature in multiple ways. First, they started putting more effort into getting famous on the app. Also, they buy Instagram likes for their Reels content on the app to get a great online reach.

Initially, the time duration of a reel was limited to 15 seconds, but now you can post 60-second reel content on your feed. Generally, reels tend to garner more engagement than regular videos do. This is the reason why posting reels has become a brand’s/ user’s favorite.

Plenty of users repurpose their best TikTok videos on Instagram, but there are still many excellent ways to use the Instagram reels feature.

Trend 2: The Link Stickers

The Instagram link stickers feature has helped many of us who worked hard and struggled to get through the 10k followers threshold. Currently, any Instagram user can add links to their stories. Regardless of whether the account is public or private, this applies.

Just create your story on Instagram and click the ‘stickers’ options on the display to access the stickers feature.

You can find Polls, Questions, Locations, Gifs, Music, and a few other options along with this feature. It is necessary to select the ‘link’ option first. After this, you can paste the relevant link and position the sticker in a place of your convenience.

Trend 3: Instagram Stories

Along with link stickers, you can leverage the various stickers the Instagram stories have given you. The most famous option is the ‘Add Yours’ option. In that option, you can post your photos and push your viewers to add their pictures to the story. This goes on like a chain.

Additionally, Storie’s duration might be extended even further. Instagram started piloting 60-second stories at the end of 2021. Although longer stories are available, they must be divided into 15-second halves. You can record or share nonstop videos for up to 60 seconds on your stories.

Trend 4: Instagram Story Ads

Are you looking for the best place to run your promotions on the Instagram application? Then story ads are the right choice. This is because user stories are mixed with story advertisements, boosting the chances of users seeing and interacting with your adverts.

You may select from various goals for the Instagram story advertising, including purchases, brand exposure, traffic, interactivity, and views on videos. For your advertising to fill the screen and potentially have the intended result, you must ensure that they are full-sized, 1080 x 1920 pixel creative assets.

Trend 5: Twitter-Instagram: Cross Promotions

If you are already used to Twitter, you might have known about the tweet previews. Anyways Twitter preserved the previews for the links on Instagram. Fortunately, the app has launched the accessibility for Instagram pictures to get a link preview.

Now you are free to post pictures on Instagram and let them get seen by twitter viewers too. This will help you gain more followers equally on both applications(Instagram and Twitter).

Also, you can post or make tweets directly on the Instagram story. To share a tweet, tap on the share icon on the tweet you want to share. Next, choose the Instagram stories option to share it on Instagram.

Trend 6: Share Tweets And Memes

If it might suit your niche and objective, you can make fun with Instagram. Post memes that are apt to your brand/business. You can also cross-promote your tweets on your newsfeed(the ways to share it are already explained in the above paragraph). The trend of taking screenshots of tweets and posting them on Instagram is also notable.

Trend 7: Instagram Shopping

In the past two years, Instagram has made it much simpler for e-commerce businesses to get revenue using the application. Around 70+ percent of buyers check Instagram for buying. So companies wish to ensure that their products are easily discoverable and accessible.

With the features of Instagram, businesses could make a shop that is sub-categorized into sale items, new arrivals, and collections.

Trend 8: Creators Time

Since influencer marketing is very famous on Instagram, the app has made it much more effortless for businesses to collaborate with influencers. The most crucial feature that Instagram announced in 2021 is the ability to find and communicate with influencers on the application.

The relationship between the brand and the influencers has motivated a lot of businesses and influencers to use Instagram for campaigns and promotions.

Additionally, Instagram is testing a new native platform that’s an affiliate to help the influencers to bring more sales by advertising brand products and garnering affiliate income.


Instagram trends arrive with a  lot of significant influences. It has always been competitive in various ways. However, the application has always shown its potential to the world. Staying on trends and knowing them in-depth is vital to master on Instagram. Never be afraid to try new things, and don’t give up on things too soon!

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