How To Send Voice Message On iPhone To Android – FAQ’s

how to send voice message on iphone to android

When we consider the launch of messaging programs on mobile devices, customers began to appreciate the convenience of not having to handle incoming calls for every minor issue. However, as technology advanced, voice messaging systems gradually replaced these text-based communications.

They have simplified typing considerably. Sending a voice message from an iPhone to an Android device now requires additional steps. Fortunately, there are now various methods available for sending voice messages from an iPhone to an Android phone.

In this blog, you will learn everything about how to send voice messages on iPhone to Android.

How do the voice messages function?

Voice messaging is a practical technique that allows the sending person to capture the audio and then transmit it right away to the receiver. It provides an alternative to text messages, phone calls, and emails for collaboration. The number of times you might listen to it depends on the delivery method.

Is it easy to send voice Message on iPhone to Android?

You are driving and can’t send an audio message to an Android person; – the sole issue. However, until you keep on, you’ll never know how easy it becomes.

Tap the “Voice Memos” program to transmit audio text from an iPhone to an Android device.

However, be certain you activate the “MMS” button as well as transmitting and receiving chats when you use your iPhone to send audio to an Android client.

Check that the audio text’s expiration date has been selected as “Never” as well to prevent its deletion after someone else hears it.

How to send voice Message on Android phone?

If you’re wondering if you are able to transfer audio messages from your iPhone to an Android consumer, the answer is yes, as previously stated.

As voice-to-text interpretation may not operate as intended, transmitting audio messages will be more beneficial if you are someone who is seeking a basic messaging program that allows more audio texts than this particular one.

How to send voice message on iphone to Android via text?

For this purpose, you have to launch the messaging app on your iPhone. Choose a current chat or start a new SMS. To begin recording audio content, press and hold the mic button. To end the recording, let go of the button.

For sending the voicemail, click the send option, which is typically a blue line. The voice message will be sent to the Android user as an SMS with a voice clip that can be played.

How to send a voice recording in a text message?

These are the procedures to follow if you want to voice-record an SMS. Your iPhone should now be in the Messages app.

Select the new text icon by tapping it. Right beside the text area, click the microphone symbol. Take a message recording.

Once completed, hit the Done option. Click the Send key.

How to send voice recordings from Android to mail?

You’ll need both a microphone and an active email in order to transmit an audio recording via mail. Install the built-in recording app on the gadget to capture the audio.

Open Voice Memos on Mac or the audio Recording software on Windows, and then click the microphone button to begin taping. When completed, press the pause option before renaming and saving the audio recording.

When you get back to the mail, hit Compose, fill out the necessary information, type a note, drag and drop the audio clip to include it, and then press Send.

A different option is to directly add your audio file by clicking the “add” button and then clicking Send.

Why can’t iPhone send voice message to Android?

“iMessage’s audio messaging” capability was created only for iPhone customers; it is not intended for SMS or Android smartphone devices.

Therefore, if you try to deliver a voice text to the receiver and they don’t have iMessage enabled on their iPhone or they use an Android gadget, the notice “Cannot send Audio Messages at this Time” will appear.

If you use iMessage or SMS, it’s simple to determine whether you’ve recently transmitted a text. You have transmitted a note using iMessage if you see an alert box in blue. If it’s green, you’ve transmitted one by SMS.

Can you send audio messages to non-iPhone users?

You can’t broadcast to non-iPhone clients since they don’t use iMessage. Your standard SMS isn’t operating. Your whole chat history is shared with other iPhones via iMessage.

When you attempt to deliver a message to a phone that fails to allow iMessage, it won’t be delivered.

Why can’t I send a voice message on my iPhone?

There are a number of reasons why your iPhone audio text may not be sent. Older iOS variants, incorrect settings, unauthorized applications, insufficient iPhone retrieval, glitches, Bluetooth gadgets, etc., could all be to blame.

By updating to the newest version of iOS, checking the microphone for obstruction, deleting third-party apps, resetting the preferences, and verifying microphone rights, you can fix the problems.


Having a smart device for sending voice text to different people can be a simple and effective method of communication. The procedure is not too complicated and can be completed with a few touches on either an iPhone or an Android-powered gadget.

The option for Audio Texts can be turned on in the on state by navigating to Settings and Messages, and then the iPhone owner can toggle the feature on. You may quickly record voicemails and distribute them to people you know with this.

Android users may send audio text as well by opening the Messages app, selecting the Menu option, and turning on the option in the settings.

After activation, you can begin recording your message by holding down the microphone button. When you’re finished, click the icon to send the message.

I hope you have got the answers to all your questions related to sending voice messages from an iPhone to an Android phone.

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