How to Screenshot On HP Laptop

If you are looking for the simplest and easiest ways to take a screenshot on your HP laptop then you do not need to go anywhere, you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you some useful tips and tricks on how to screenshot on HP laptop windows 10. This article will also contain information regarding how to screenshot on HP laptop windows 8 and how to screenshot on the chrome book.

Before learning or knowing the ways of taking a screenshot on an HP laptop you should know what screenshot exactly is. A screenshot is an exact image that you see and capture from your display screen. It is sometimes called screen capture as it captures your screen.

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A screenshot is the simplest way to capture what you are seeing exactly on your desktop screen and to share it with others. It allows capturing the image or a part of the image instantly without installing any kind of software on your laptop. Moreover, there are some tools available on the internet that you can use if you want to edit the image you took through the screenshot. 

Following are a few simple ways to help you out to find how to take a screenshot on HP laptops. Interestingly all can be done through keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s check them out!

Screenshots on HP laptop, keyboard shortcuts 

One of the easiest ways of taking screenshots on HP laptops is by using keyboard shortcuts as HP laptops run Windows or chrome operating system. There are many keyboard shortcuts available that can be used to capture a screenshot on an HP laptop or computer, some of them are mentioned below.

Windows + prtScn key

A full-screen screenshot can be captured by a print screen key or PrtScn.  Print screen key is typically presented in all keyboards and found on the upper right side above the insert key and beside the delete key. All you need to do is to press this Windows key with the print screen key and the screenshot will be taken instantly. 

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When you take a screenshot through this method it gets saved automatically as a file in the screenshot folder. You can also save your screenshot image in any other folder by pasting it if you do not want to save it in a screenshot folder. The screenshot image can be pasted in any folder by pressing the ctrl + V keys. 

Windows + shift + s

Another way to take a screenshot on HP laptop Windows 10 without a PrintScreen button is by pressing Windows + shift + S. After pressing all the three keys a cursor will be shown on the screen, which you can use to draw on the screen the area you want to capture through the screenshot. 

Windows + fn + spacebar

If you have an Fn key on your keyboard you can use this method. This is the alternative method for those who do not have a print screen key on keyboards. You need to press Windows + Fn + spacebar together and the screenshot of the whole screen will be taken immediately. The captured image will save automatically in the Photos folder on your laptop. 

Alt + prtScn

Another way of how to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 HP laptop is by pressing together Alt + print screen key. All you need is to the image or content you want to copy and then press the Alt + print screen key. You can also paste the screenshot image into any folder by using ctrl +V.

How to Screenshot On HP Laptop Windows 8

Taking a screenshot on an HP laptop windows 8 is the same as Windows 10. You need to set up the screen content or image as desired to capture the screenshot. Then you will need to press a Windows logo or windows key and a print screen key together. The resulting picture will get saved instantly on the screenshot folder.

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Another way to take the screenshot on windows 8 HP laptops is by using a snipping tool. This tool has been included in windows 8 and is super easy to use. It allows you to take a screenshot of your entire screen or any part of it. 

How to Screenshot on Chrome Book

Capturing a screenshot can also be done by using keyboard shortcut keys. Taking a screenshot on chrome book by using shortcut keys might be difficult for those who have never used it before. But when get familiar with the chrome book shortcut key it will be difficult no more. 

If you want to take a screenshot of an entire screen then you will need to press the ctrl + show windows key, which is usually located on the top row of the keyboard. And if you want to take a screenshot of some specific area of the screen then you need to press Shift + Ctrl + show windows key at the same time. Any screenshot taken on chrome book will be popped up on your screen and also be saved in the files folder. Like Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can move and locate the captured screenshot in your desired folder by using the ctrl + V. 

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Wrapping up!

If you find something interesting on your computer screen and want to share it with your friends then taking a screenshot is a great idea. Taking up a screenshot is a simple and easy way to capture whatever you are seeing on a screen. You can even edit or crop the image taken through a screenshot according to your choice. 

Capturing screenshots have been used for a long time and even today is the best way to share data and communicate with your friends. I hope that this article cleared your confusion relating to screenshot and helped you to answer how to screenshot on an HP laptop.

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