How to Make a Cracked Minecraft Servers: Essential Setup Steps

how to make a cracked Minecraft servers

How to make a cracked Minecraft servers? If you are in search of this, then stop looking for it. Your comrade is here to guide you. You know what? I have been playing Minecraft games using a cracked server for a long time without even buying a gaming premium. Okay, now that I have used the word comrade, it felt like my duty to let you know everything about how to make a cracked Minecraft server. But you should know this only works for the regular Minecraft on computers. It won’t work for the Windows 10 version or for players on consoles or phones.

Is it illegal to use a cracked Minecraft server?

Before learning how to make a cracked Minecraft server.

I was curious about the legality of the cracked Minecraft server. But here is what I got:

Creating a Minecraft server isn’t illegal, but it goes against Mojang’s rules. However, Mojang usually doesn’t enforce these rules. Therefore, 2 game players run their own servers without problems.

How to make a cracked Minecraft servers

Now, let’s get started on how to make a cracked Minecraft  game server:

Put down a secure IP address for your device

The first step is setting your ID. Here is how you can do it 

  • Locate the record of linked gadgets on your router.
  • Identify your computer from the record of linked devices.
  • If needed, modify the IP address assigned to your computer to make it static.
  • Save or apply the changes you’ve made.
  • If your router requires it, wait for it to finish rebooting.

Configure your router to forward the Minecraft port

After your computer has a fixed IP address assigned. Then, you can begin with bay passing on for Minecraft.

  • Locate the “Port passing on” section and create a new rule if required.
  • Name the rule as “Minecraft.”
  • Input your computer’s static IP address in the “IP” or “Address” field of the rule.
  • Then, choose both TCP and UDP.
  • You can write “25565” in each port text section.
  • Make sure that the rule that you have created is active.
  • Then press on the “Save” or “Apply” key.

Make a fresh folder on your computer and name it “Minecraft Server”

The steps involved may differ slightly based on the OS of your PC.

For Windows:

  • Right-click on your desktop.
  • Select “New.”
  • Click on “Folder.”
  • Type “Minecraft Server” as the folder name and press “Enter.”

For Mac:

  • Click on your desktop
  • Go to the “File” menu
  • Select “New Folder” from the menu.
  • Enter “Minecraft Server” as the folder name and click “Return” (⏎).

Go to the  text editor

On Windows

  1. Press the button on the window.
  2. Write “notepad” and then click on the “Enter.”
  3. It will open.

On Mac

  1. Click on Spotlight from the menu bar.
  2. Type “TextEdit” and press “Enter.”
  3. Double-click on TextEdit when it appears.
  4. Click on “New Document.”

Input the starting parameters

In my case, I got some help from a programmer friend. He sent me the already-written text to type 

( java -Xmx3G -Xms1G -jar server.jar)

You can also change your  server file name with  a different name, replacing “server.jar” with its actual name, followed by “.jar.”

Here is one thing that you should also know: the “Xmx3G” and “Xms1G” parts decide how much computer memory the server can use.

It starts with 1 gigabyte and can go up to 3 gigabytes. If your computer struggles, you can use “M” for megabytes instead of “G” for gigabytes to use less memory.

How to install the Server

After making the cracked server of Minecraft, let’s get to know how I installed it on my PC.

Update your Java

My Java is always up to date. But if your computer’s Java isn’t up to date, you might face problems when running your server. Here is how you can update it:

For Windows:

  1. Use Internet Explorer and  official
  2. Click “Agree and Continue.”
  3. Then go with the instructions that you’ll get.

For Mac

  1. Visit  using any browser.
  2. Click “Free Java Download.”
  3. Open the setup file and follow the provided setup instructions.

Other steps

  • The next step that I did was installing the Java SDK. If you do not have it, proceed to install it.
  • After that, retrieve the server JAR file by downloading it.
  • To relocate the server file, you can click on the downloaded JAR file and drag it into your “Minecraft Server” folder. Releasing it to complete the move
  • Start the server file to initiate it and agree to the server’s terms of use.
  • In the last, terminate the server once its execution is complete.

After everything is done, set up the server

Connect to the Server

After installing it, the next step I performed was connecting to the Minecraft server. Keep reading to know how I did it.

Find out your PC’s  IP

To find your computer’s public IP address:

  1. Open your computer’s web browser.
  2. Go to. whatismyip
  3. Look for the number next to “Your Public IPv4 is.”
  4. I simply typed “What is my IP” into Google, and it showed my  IP address at the top of the search results. You can do the same.

Initiate it

According to my friend’s pro tip, first, I should close the server if it’s already running.

It will run smoothly this way.

  • Next, find the run file in your “Minecraft Server” folder and double-click it. Wait until it’s fully loaded. Remember, always keep the server window open while hosting your server for everything to work smoothly.
  • Then press on multimedia from the Minecraft menu.
  • After that, to add a server, click on “Add Server.”
  • Write the server name. Again, write your PC’s address in the server ID menu and press done.


Making a cracked Minecraft server is not that tough. But you should pay more attention while typing the text. A simple error in text can ruin your whole effort. Now, you have learned how to make a cracked Minecraft server. I would advise you to be more concerned about your IP address and not expose it to unknown persons.


Can I run a Minecraft server without any costs?

Yes, you can use a cracked Minecraft server without paying. In fact, you can make one by following the process that I have written above. Or You can run a Minecraft server for free by using specialized game hosting services. Some provide free plans with account creation, while others may need periodic server renewal.

Are cracked Minecraft servers safe to use?

I know it’s a common question for every gamer who uses a cracked Minecraft server. The answer might disappoint you because Cracked Minecraft servers are not totally safe. As they may expose your IP address, leading to DDoS attacks. These servers can share your IP with others, and they can use it for bad purposes. For your internet safety, it’s advisable to avoid such servers altogether. But as a gamer myself, I know the heart wants what it wants.

Why do people use cracked Minecraft servers?

A cracked server allows people to use a hacked game version. And join it without verifying their copy. Those who haven’t bought Minecraft can download a particular version and play on these servers.

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