A Comprehensive Guide On How To Forward Calls On iPhone

how to forward calls on iphone 11

How to forward calls on iPhone 11? Call forwarding on an iPhone is a breeze but you’ll need to learn if your provider uses GSM or CDMA technology to make the necessary adjustments. How? Call forwarding on an iPhone is as simple as going into the options, regardless of which carrier you use (AT&T or Verizon).

Some online operators, like Cricket or Metro, also fall under this category since they use the networks of more established carriers. Then, here’s how to set up call forwarding on your iPhone.

Here Are Steps On How To Forward Calls On iPhone 11 To Another Phone?

  1. To access the Settings menu, choose the appropriate app.
  2. Select “Phone” (about halfway down)
  3. Click the “Call Forwarding” tab next.
  4. By sliding the switch to the right, you may activate call forwarding.
  5. Just hit the “Forward to” button now.
  6. Enter the new number you’d want calls redirected to after that.
  7. Use the back button to save your work as soon as you’re done.

Phone Call Forwarding Instructions For Verizon, Sprint, And Some Other CDMA Networks

CDMA is an outdated network technology used by major carriers like Sprint and Verizon; MVNOs like Boost Mobile and Jitterbug utilize CDMA to connect customers to their parent companies’ networks. While GSM phones often allow you to activate forwarding via the Settings menu, CDMA phones do not. However, it’s not hard; you must use the Phone app to call a carrier-specific carrier code.

You’ll need to know your carrier’s specific code to activate call forwarding. There is additional information available on the company’s website, or you can always contact customer service for help. The most popular CDMA providers (including Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile) use the same code. Call forwarding consists of the following:

  1. To access the phone’s keypad, open the program and slide it up from the bottom.
  2. To forward your call to a ten-digit number, dial *72, then the destination number. As an illustration: *722125551212
  3. Followed by a third tap on the dial button.
  4. An arrow should show in the phone symbol at the top of your iPhone’s screen to indicate that call forwarding has been activated.

How To Stop Forward Calls On iPhone 11

Later, if you no longer wish to have calls forwarded, you’ll need to provide yet another carrier code, which may or may not be the same from one carrier to the next. The most frequent ones are as follows:

  1. Short-Distance Race: *720
  2. T-Mobile: *73
  3. Boost In a Mobile Phone Dial *720

Apps To Forward Calls On iPhone

Divert Calls

With Divert Calls, you may choose individual phone numbers rather than all calls. When you can’t take the call because you’re too busy, don’t want to answer, or are out of the office, you may set it to go to anyone you choose. Low-priced and straightforward to use, it may need some critical features added.


Line2 is an app that gives your smartphone an extra phone number for private/business usage. It allows you to limit specific contacts to a specific line. Check if your coworkers have Line 2, and feel free to contact them using WiFi, 3G, or 4G/LTE at no cost. You can do more than redirect calls with this service; you can also host conferences, block numbers, and more.

Voipfone Mobile

To individuals who find themselves often on the road for business, I highly recommend this app. When you’re in the office, calls may be routed to your desk phone, and when you leave, you can forward them to your iPhone. When you return to the workplace, the app will remember your preferences and activate or deactivate them as appropriate. The three S’s: easy, no cost, and valuable!

Call Forwarding Lite

Whether the line is busy, there’s no response, or there’s no signal, this free and straightforward app will automatically redirect your calls. Toggle every function on or off with a single switch. Again, the functionality may be too restricted, but it’s ideal for someone whose only concern is configuring forwarding.

Call Forward

Calls are sent to another number based on your availability (busy, no reply, no response). Effective on a global scale. To divert incoming calls to a specific contact, the user of Call Forward needs to choose that person from their contact list and then dial a specified forward code. Additionally, you may choose a variety of contacts, each with its own set of privileges based on your current situation.

No Option To Forward Calls On iPhone

Call Forwarding should be an option on most phones, but if you don’t see it in yours, you should contact your mobile service provider to get it enabled.


How to forward calls on an iPhone remotely?

Select the ‘phone’ option in your phone’s settings. If you look up call forwarding, you’ll find the “forward to” button on the right. Enter the phone number to which you’d want your calls forwarded here, and you’ll be set up for remote call forwarding.

Why does my iPhone 11 not have Call Forwarding?

Use your phone’s menu to access its configuration options. Select phone from the menu that appears. Afterward, choose the Call Forwarding tab. Restart your device if the setting is already active.


You may set up call forwarding on your iPhone if you know you’ll be in an area with poor mobile phone service or if you won’t be able to answer your phone for a long. So, now you know how to forward a call on an iPhone and stop forwarding calls when you no longer choose.

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