How to Create Instagram Reels to Grow Your Business?

how to create instagram reels

Do you know that Instagram users love watching reels the most? Suppose you don’t know it yet! It is true, and through this article, we will enlighten you with the necessary knowledge to create Instagram reels to grow your business. Research indicates that reels on the app receive more engagement than other forms of regular video content.

Instagram is the most renowned social media site, marketers prefer to execute their advertising activities. It is majorly due to the large user base of the platform. The app’s user base and the popularity that reels enjoy are advantageous for brands. Moreover, many businesses leverage Trollishly to increase the reach of their reels. Reels are an excellent option for brands to create awareness and enhance their promotional efforts.

What Do You Mean by Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels refer to the vertical videos that use the user’s entire screen. Reels on the platform run for up to 90 seconds. The best part of using reels is that it allows creators and marketers to display their creative powers fully. In addition, the platform enables creators to decorate their reels by allowing them to use filters, stickers, and a good background effect. Reels remain on the platform until the creator chooses to delete them. Users find access to reels by hitting the reels icon, which is below the home page.

Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Your Business

Reels on Instagram are powerful in grabbing users’ attention and retaining the interest their audiences show till the end. The significant benefits that Reels offers businesses include the following:

Promotes Brand Awareness: Reels work best for audiences who seek entertainment. Keeping this knowledge in mind, many brands have tried using reels to promote their brands and products engagingly and entertainingly. Such brands have been very successful and have made a good amount of profit.

Helps in Driving Traffic: Many brands have succeeded in driving traffic to their profile by posting reels. Users who find your reels on the platform will likely view what your reel carries, visit your profile, and check out the previously published content.

Aids in Reaching a Huge Audience: All the well-performing reels on the platform get featured in a dedicated section. It helps brands with a few followers increase their following, as reels grab many eyeballs. Famous brands and Influencers buy reels likes to gain more visibility, receive good levels of engagement, and increase the chances of going viral.

5 Proven Content Ideas for Instagram Reels to Grow Your Business

Post Content That Your Audience Love

Most of the business profiles on the platform share content for the sole purpose of advertising their brand and services. Ensure that the reels you post should be entertaining and add value to your users. If you want to determine what content your audience like, you first need to study their preferences. Understanding your target audience, their age, location, and gender will also help you design an effective content strategy plan that suits them.

Use an Enticing Audio to Your Reels

Adding a good piece of background music to your Instagram reels helps increase your views significantly. To know the trending audio track that many of the users on the platform use, head to the explore section. Instagram’s explore section features reels that perform well on the platform. Consider watching the various reels featured in this section to know the audio in sync with the latest trends and utilize them in your reels. However, while choosing audio for your reel, ensure it is appropriate for your content.

Pro Tip: Check the reels that have received over 1 million views and use audios that these reels have incorporated to increase the chances of your reels going viral on the platform.

Ensure to Post Reels That Run for 10 Seconds and Lesser

Keeping the attention span of humans in mind, which is 8 seconds, consider making reels that run up to 10 seconds or lesser. Publishing super short reels help grab your audience’s attention and interest quickly. Audiences are likely to watch such short-form content fully. Additionally, social media marketers rely on Trollishly to increase the visibility of their accounts after posting a significant amount of exciting reel-based content. It helps brands to get their target audience to notice and benefit from their work.

Pro Tip: Add an engaging hook to increase the chances of getting more views and to stop your viewers from scrolling further. Use hooks like “Let me share a hack that blows your mind” or “I will tell you a secret that no one has ever told you” in the first 3 seconds of your video.

Post Content When Your Audience Is Very Active

Knowing when your audience is likely to be active on the app is essential, as this will help yield maximum engagement. If you own a business account,  use the Insight Tab that Instagram offers to track the activity status of your followers. Posting content when they are active helps deliver your message to your intended audience effectively and also boosts the chances of them engaging with your content significantly.

Pro Tip: Avoid posting content during holidays, as many users are likely to be less active during these days.

Hosting Giveaway

Most businesses run giveaways to reach more people on social networking sites to promote brand awareness and gain new followers. Giveaways require your followers to perform a task you ask them to do in exchange for a valuable freebie.

For Ex: Brands ask followers to post two of their reels on their stories, tagging them using a branded hashtag for which the followers will win a valuable freebie. Freebies are mostly nontangible rewards that brands give their followers who do the task. Freebies include giving discounts for the services brands offer or an ebook with valuable information.

Final Thoughts

The five proven content ideas we shared in this article will help you become famous on Instagram. When incorporating these tips to create super brilliant reels to facilitate your brand’s growth, think out of the box to make your reels appear fun and creative. Fun, engaging and unique reels will help capture a massive place in the minds of your audience, aiding in better brand recall.

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