Best Free Anxiety Apps That Will Be Used In 2023

free anxiety apps

There is a lot of anxiety in our lives right now. It’s a natural response of the body against stress. Its impact is different for everyone. If you have sleepless nights and become anxious but still cannot enjoy the happiest part of your life, you are suffering from anxiety. Having anxiety leads to panic attacks and high blood pressure. Those who are experiencing increased fear and worry should take advantage of this opportunity. The following free anxiety apps can help you cope with stress.

You can find different tools and therapies in these free anxiety apps developed by professionals that teach you how to manage anxiety-related symptoms. By following their steps, you can experience mindfulness.

The Idea Behind Free Anxiety Apps

It is essential that you learn how to set goals in life, how to achieve happiness, and how to find real peace of mind. You can learn to fight stress and develop life-changing habits by playing games, exercising, and watching mind-calming videos. These free anxiety apps shared life-changing stories of people who learned how to stop thinking negatively. It just takes a few minutes from your busy schedule to use these anxiety relief apps, and you’ll be on the road to positive thinking.

The Top Free Anxiety Apps

Listed below are the best free anxiety apps according to customer ratings.

Free Anxiety Apps: Calm

Calm is an app that helps you regulate your sleep. Your sleep habits come first when dealing with stress. It is the most efficient app for those who want to change their sleeping habits. The calm app has a rating of 4.8 stars on iPhone and 4.3 stars on Android. It is a trending app with which you can control your sleep, relaxation, and meditation. Beginners and experts will find it useful. You can choose the timing module of your options each day. A built-in mood checker is installed in it that tracks your mood throughout the day. You can use its free trial, which has some limited features, audio, and a guide that still helps you relieve stress.


  • Awesome techniques to breath
  • Audio for mood relaxation.
  • Updated content on a regular basis


  • Only available through the app
  • Less diverse in narration

Free Anxiety Apps: Shine

Those who want to be a part of the community will find it useful. The Shine app has a rating of 4.7 on iPhone and 4.6 on Android. The main goal of the app is to facilitate communication among people. Its features include podcasts, meditation therapies, and a large audio library to help people deal with their anxiety in a community. Full features can be only accessed by purchasing them.


  • Bering-related personal experience
  • In similar circumstances, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of the opportunity.


  • Have limitations in meditation
  • Readings can’t save on it


Especially for people who find peace in coloring and drawing. The app has a 4.7-star rating on the iPhone, while it has a 3.8-star rating on Android. The pictures are so amazing and relaxing that you can spend hours using it. You can upload your own sketch to color and choose from a wide variety of pictures to do so. According to a study, adults who wear color reduce their anxiety levels. Colorfy offers a variety of images to color for free. But if you want full access to their image stock you have to purchase their subscription.


  • A helpful app to release stress
  • Variety of images to play with


  • The free trial has limited access.


People who find it difficult to track their thoughts will find this app to be a suitable option. Its customer rating is 4.4 stars for the iPhone and 3.9 stars for Android. WhatsApp uses ACT and CBT to treat depression, stress, and anxiety. By combining these two features, this app provides you with a log to record your habits and trackers that ask you to rate your emotions from 1 to 10. Also, the app has a scale for both bad and good habits, so you can choose which ones will affect your path to mindfulness. This app also offers games designed to relieve stress.


  • Provide useful material to help with anxiety
  • Very easy to use
  • Have innovative strategies to overcome negativity


  • Open platform to waste time


App for people who love yoga and exercise related to breathing. Breathing exercises are the most effective therapy for anxiety patients. You have often tried daily breathing exercises to calm yourself. The Breathwrk app has a collection of breathing exercises based on daily goals that you can do before falling asleep. The iPhone rating of this app is 4.8 out of 5.
A practice to relax your mind and build stamina. This app has a reminder to maintain your exercise schedule. In the free trial, most of the breathing modules are free. However, if you want to become a pro in practice and have unlimited access, you need to subscribe.


  • Effective breathing exercises
  • Ideal for all ages


  • Some exercises are difficult to do
  • Costly App

Track Your Happiness

The app is for people who enjoy asking questions. You can act accordingly by asking questions about your mood. It is a smartphone app. It gives you the option to track your mood and emotions by email or text. You can also report any questions you have about how you are feeling and what you can do to change your mood.


  • Amazing app to ask stress-related questions


  • Excellent mood-changer


Well, it’s a bit difficult to choose which app will give you the greatest benefits. Using their different features in your daily life will help you determine which app is best for you. The most reliable way to find an app that will be useful for you is to try it out for free or buy a cheaper package.

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