What Are The Best Flash Drives For iPhones? Review: Flash Drive For iPhone

flash drive for iphone

Do you require additional room for your iPhone but aren’t quite willing to give it to iCloud yet? A simple flash drive that is compatible with the iPhone will do. A flash drive for iPhone can store more data, back it up, and get it without incurring additional fees or waiting for an internet connection.

Flash Drive For iPhone: How To Use?

The simplest approach to using a USB drive with an iPhone is by employing a gadget made for the job, like a USB drive with an associated Lightning cable adaptor. With no additional gadgets, this plugs right into an iPhone.

By shifting items from your iPhone into another device, you may boost your storage capacity while freeing up room on your iPhone. It’s a simple, portable, and effective way. The majority of iPhone USB drives come with applications of their own.

Although no two apps are alike, we can tell you how this will usually proceed even though we can’t walk you through every step in detail. Here’s a step-by-step guide for connecting your iPhone to a USB drive:

  • Install the program that comes with your USB flash drive first. If the associated software isn’t automatically downloaded when you insert the drive into your iPhone, you may look for it in the software Store using the gadget’s name or use the directions that are on the box to do so.
  • Connect your flash drive to your iPhone if you hadn’t yet.
  • You’ll see a notice on your iPhone’s display. Please tap Allow when you see that notification.
  • You will receive instructions on accessing the app linked to your flash drive. You will notice details like the amount of storage space on the cell phone and the amount on the USB on that screen. There are various transfer alternatives available. The appearance of each USB stick and program will vary somewhat.
  • The instructions with your USB flash drive will be the most helpful guide. We advise carrying out those suggestions for the following action.
  • The program will ask if you want to remove any recent files or photographs you transferred from your cell phone to the drive. Therefore you should remove the items you just moved from your phone if you wish to free up storage. Besides, choose whatever you’d like without hesitation.

The Best Flash Drive For iPhone

Micro flash drive for iPhone

ZARMST’s 4-in-1 Memory Stick is an ideal micro flash drive. It is best for those who need to move data between their computer, Android, and iOS devices. Its four adapters make it compatible with Apple products, smartphones, and personal computers. Its rapid read/write speeds make it ideal for transferring media such as photographs and video.


  • Connector with four different uses.
  • Support for a large number of gadgets.
  • Security measures such as passwords and Touch ID are available.


  • Problems reading or writing files due to technical issues.

USB flash drive for iPhone

Choose JSL if you’re on the hunt for a USB flash drive. From 128GB up to 512GB, its storage capacity is relatively high. You also receive a respectable rate of data transfer. Because of its two-way design, the JSL flash drive is sturdy and convenient. Such as the best thing is that if your flash drive fails, you may rely on JSL’s 18-month warranty.


  • Give you a large capacity for storage
  • Designed as a small and sturdy
  • Act as a rapid data transmitter


  • Certain issues in the auxiliary app need to be fixed.

OTG flash drive for iPhone

PNY’s Duo Link OTG flash drive is a good option for backing up your photos on your iPhone. Despite its good storage space and fast reading performance, this flash drive is more than just a backup device. A cable that connects to a port can also be used as a makeshift charger for an iOS device.


  • Save your pictures and contacts without lifting a finger.
  • Serves as an improvised charging wire for your iOS device.
  • The adaptable iPhone cable can be utilized in an array of situations.


  • There are specific bugs in the support application that require to be fixed.

Low-cost flash drive for iPhone

If you need a cheap, high-quality, and easily transportable device, consider your iPhone’s SanDisk iXpand flash drive. You may choose from various storage options, including 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB. The automatic file backup functionality is one of its favorite features of the SanDisk Ixpand flash drive for iPhone. You’ll also like the convenience of automatic backups.


  • Options for varying amounts of storage space can be found.
  • Universal compatibility with iPhone covers
  • Provision for automatic failsafe
  • Rapid data transmission


  • The iPhone slot isn’t fully protected, which could lead to dust accumulation.

Lightning flash drive for iPhone

PNY’s DUO LINK lightning flash drive for iOS phones is a welcome addition, offering a distinct advantage over competing products. This is accomplished with a flat wire joining the thumbstick’s connection to the drive’s USB 3.0 interface.


  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Storage capacities of 64 or 128GB
  • Extremely inexpensive


  • The plastic exterior has sheer quality.
  • Slow handwriting
  • Includes holes for attachment to a string, but no series itself.

Wireless USB flash drive for iPhone

It’s simple to understand why the HyperDrive iUSBport would appeal to people running out of storage space on their mobile devices; it’s a wireless Wifi flash drive for iPhone. It’s an excellent way to view and copy content without needing to convert or sync files, and its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion for your portable hard drive.


  • Ability to back up files to the cloud
  • Support for a variety of file formats
  • Replaceable battery, a small form factor, and portability
  • Ability to use the device without an internet connection.


  • Poor user experience with the dedicated app’s interface
  • No iPhone compatibility
  • No charging cable was supplied
  • Short battery life
  • Steep learning curve for certain users
  • Shoddy construction.

Bluetooth flash drive for iPhone

The 16GB Datashur Pro Bluetooth USB 3.0 Encrypted Flash Drive is a user-friendly, compact memory stick with PIN authentication. With the military-grade AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encoding, drag-and-drop secrecy, auto-lock, and hacking security featured with this flash drive, you don’t need to be concerned.


  • Provide Protection
  • Use as Cross-Platform
  • High-quality performance
  • Carrying comfort


  • Not validated for FIPS 140-2
  • Need the guide right now
  • Large sizes cost more.


Moving data between iOS to other devices is only simple with the internet. Therefore, you can easily share priceless moments with other gadgets using flash drives to back up your memories swiftly. But you no longer need to remove your priceless pictures to make way for new ones.

In truth, the USB flash drives for iPhones described above will assist you in organizing the memory of the gadget you have. These gadgets make it simple to store all excess facts, freeing up room on your mobile device so you can install applications or capture new photos. Describe the journey of your pick in the comments.

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