Why Not Digital License Plates, When Everything Else Is Getting Digital?

Digital License Plate

The 21st century was supposed to be the century we would see flying cars around us. People had visions, and engineers worked on it but at last, we were severely disappointed. We haven’t even come close to the sleek, shiny, robotic flying cars we have all seen in sci-fi movies. However, there is one cool innovation people are interested in these days; why not digital license plates, when everything else is getting digital?

Digitalization the world 

Living in a world that has been digitalized in every possible way and working to achieve more in this field, it didn’t come as a shock. Digital license plates are something that has been in the talks for almost a decade. According to “Reviver Auto” – the startup behind this invention – all the nifty little features and the sleek digital screen might be soon replacing the old boring plates.

After all that we have heard so far, who wouldn’t want to know the features offered by these electronic plates? Let’s highlight them one by one. 

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 GPS services for Digital License Plates 

Starting with the most important and most wanted feature of all time. The GPS technology installed in digital license plates is similar to the services integrated into our phones and smartwatches.

It allows you to share your live locations with the concerned authorities. This feature is actually great to keep track of your teenage drivers and also when you feel uneasy while entering a particular area. Apart from displaying live location, this feature offers speed control and geofencing and alarms you as soon as the settled boundary is crossed.

Moreover, it works as a digital wallet on the days you forget your wallet at home. You can pay the parking fees or road fines without having to take out your wallet.

Besides who knows you might be paying for your morning coffee via this digital display license plate shortly. No one has seen the future, right?

Plus, you won’t even have to carry a wallet with you. One less thing to worry about!

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Digital License Plates is connected to e-call technology

The new automated emergency call technology keeps you and your vehicle safe. The work on this feature is still in process and we would soon be using the better versions of this eCall system.

Nonetheless, this feature needs no introduction. As we all know, in the tech world, it is now considered a basic and necessary feature to be installed in every vehicle. Well, if it is so important to have it in our lives then integrating it into a license plate is simply genius.

How does it work? Well, just like any other automatic control system.

The digital sensor on the plate sends signals to the emergency services in case of accidents. It also sends your current location and all the related information. The sooner the help arrives, the better!

Adaptable display

This is probably the best feature installed in digital license plates. The so-called digital alert is equipped within the plate for security purposes.

How does it function? It works like a sensor. The disabling unit allows the vehicle to stop or get disabled as soon as any mishappening takes place, thanks to the central computer system that connects the two. Furthermore, the highly advanced screen displays whatever messages you want on the screen. From wishing someone on their Birthday to displaying the owner’s name, this plate has got you covered! Isn’t that cool?

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And what about the times when the cars get stolen and the robbers replace the license plates with new one? Well, first of all, it is an electronic plate, which means taking it out is not child’s play. It would require some time to be detached. So while the thieves are doing their job you can simply call the police.

Besides, the screen will scream ‘stolen’ once you have lodged your complaint. These digital license plates are definitely going to win hearts once they are up for sale!

Sharing information on Digital Licence Plates

Privacy is a major concern for all of us. Thanks to the developers who understand our concerns and come up with new and innovative ideas. In simple words, this feature allows you to own a car. Meaning you can now share all your data via the license plate – digitally.

That being said, know that all the information that you give at the time of registration is in safe hands. Moreover, you can use the encrypted app to upgrade registration whenever needed. Furthermore, all your information from registration to the ongoing events is stored in the Memory chip. Only you and the Company has access to this Memory Key. 

Besides, Reviver assures you of any security issues that you face with any other electronic device. Your data and information are end-to-end encrypted. Nothing is passed forward or leaked. Plus, it offers bank-level security with all the information stored between two parties only.


  •       Efficient driving
  •       Equipped with an ignition disrupter
  •       Tamper-proof hardware
  •       Highly secured system
  •       Fancy looking
  •        The super easy and simplified registration process


  •        Easy to hack by hackers. However, the good news is that manufacturers are working on this one particular concern. And to a certain extent, the system has been upgraded and is now fully adapted from getting misused by any third party.
  •       Only available in certain states like; Arizona, California, and now Michigan.

It is time to move to Digital License Plates 

So, as you see, digital license plates offer way more than a standard metallic license plate. It’s time to pay your goodbyes to the sticker tags and no more visits to the Secretary of State either.

Are you worried about the cost? I mean all of this sure sounds fancy but anything luxurious comes with a price, right? Well, that’s true. However, the good part is, that these electronic plates come in two different varieties. You can choose the basic design or the Pro version. The latter costs more, but is more demanded in today’s world, and certainly offers much more than a basic electric license plate.

In short, we might not be seeing flying cars and invisible cloaks in 2020 but that doesn’t mean that the technology went silent. It’s working, upgrading, and is definitely pacing up. Hold on a little more, it’s all almost there!

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