New Security Measures to ban guns in all US Flights

Inauguration Day is nearby, it’s time to ban guns on all flights within the US. There have been several security measures that have been taken into consideration.

Most of the airports and airlines within the US are improving security measures by end of this week. The security alters are high because of the presidential inauguration. The decision has come out regarding Delta and many other flights that, are prohibiting passengers from carrying guns. 

The Airlines Security Measures

The decision of movement is particularly for the supporters of President Trump and other individuals who are connected to politics in the US Capitol. Delta Airlines taking the step first, made an announcement on 14th January that for security reasons it will prohibit checking guns. The airline has specified the states where there are more security threats in:

  • Washington 
  • United 
  • Alaska 
  • America and Southwest.

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The Inauguration Day on 23rd January 2021, is for all these security measures decisions have started to announce. CEO Ed Bastain told CNBC that, they are all on high alter based on events that are recently up in Washington. Although many airlines have been quick in making the decision however Spirit and JetBlue have still not acknowledged the request.  

Domestic flights and international flights have all started taking security measures specifically to those flights from and to Washington areas. Some flights have also banned serving alcohol as well as decided to remain dry during flights. Passengers’ safety is surely considered along with keeping the airlines’ crew if, not this could be risking all passengers in flight. For this reason, many airlines have started shifting their employed crew out of Washington Hotels.

Further before Inauguration Day, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be announcing new security measure rules in support of crew members and passengers. In the next few months, FAA will directly be enforcing any violator cases for potential charges and terms.

In order to keep the threat under control nation’s airlines are to prevent any kind of incident of passengers without masks or ignorance of crew orders. So far there is no list of flyer who has been banned from traveling within Washington by the FBI.

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