Buy TikTok Likes: Is It Safe or Not? Pros and Cons of Buying Likes on TikTok

Buy TikTok Likes

When building a TikTok following, it is vital to use the best tactics. The better the tactics, the quicker the growth into a fully-fledged influencer can occur.

One option is to buy UK TikTok likes from SocialsGrow. However, is buying likes on TikTok useful, and is it safe? We will look at the benefits and risks of buying likes on the platform and the tips for a successful campaign.

Why Have More Followers on TikTok?

There are numerous reasons why you need to have more followers on TikTok. For one, the platform’s algorithm rewards those who have more followers and engagement.

At the same time, more followers will mean accounts will get more interactions, views, likes, comments, and even screen time. All this means that the channel becomes more popular.

More likes also tend to lead to a similar improvement in the number of followers a channel will get.

For influencers, having a more popular channel is vital for success. An account with more followers allows account owners to charge more to sponsors. For example, nano influencers (accounts with less than 10,000 followers) can charge between $50 and $300 per video.

Those channels with 75,000 to 250,000 followers can charge between $1250 and $3500 per video.

So it is critical that wannabe influencers grow their channel.

What are the Essentials of Growing a TikTok Channel?

There are several essentials to growing a TikTok channel. These are:

Quality Videos

The first factor is to make sure that the channel is producing quality videos. Having the best equipment, sound, editing tools and ensuring that the content looks professionally made can all contribute to the success of a channel.

Consistent Publishing

It isn’t good enough for influencers to publish irregularly. Research has shown that TikTok influencers should publish between one and four times a day. The advantage of TikTok over other platforms, like YouTube, is that content creators don’t need long videos. Content can be between 30 seconds and two minutes long.


For those looking to have quality engagements with audiences, TikTok creators need captions and hashtags that are more relevant to their audience. There are several factors to this, such as only having three/four hashtags per video and ensuring there is emotional leverage within the captions.


Engagement is a metric that doesn’t just improve self-worth. It is a vital marketing asset. A relevant audience is more likely to engage with content, such as following a brand, if they see the content has lots of hearts and engagement. And this is one of the main reasons why brands and influencers will buy more followers on TikTok because it can start a push for getting more followers on a channel.

How to Buy Likes on TikTok

How to Buy Likes on TikTok

It is relatively simple to buy likes on TikTok. All influencers need to do is choose a supplier, and the number of likes to be bought, provide them with payment details and the video they would like promoted, and then authorize the action. Hearts can appear on the video within minutes of the order.

The length of time that it takes for likes to be delivered will depend on several factors. For instance, those buying perhaps fewer than 50 might expect them to come in over the next two days. Those purchasing more than 2,000 might expect likes to be delivered over the next week.

At no point should the purchase of hearts on TikTok require a password to access the account.

The Advantages of Buying Likes on TikTok

There are several advantages that make buying likes on TikTok a viable option. Here are some of the main points that influencers consider to be beneficial.

Improves Engagement Rates

One of the first benefits is that influencers can see a return on their engagement rates. Engagement rates demonstrate that content is valuable and encourages the platform to advertise the content to more people.

The more people the content is shown to, the more actions are taken on the content. Therefore, buying likes can create a snowball effect.

Increase Channel Followers

Because the algorithm will showcase the content more frequently to new audiences, the number of people who start to follow a channel will increase. As a result, future videos will be advertised to more individuals.

Some of these people will have the new videos shown on their feeds. Others will see the news of a new release via a push notification. Whichever way they’re shown new content, it will organically lead to more engagement and views of future content.

Adds Additional Value to Channel

Influencers need high levels of engagement and followers to help them charge more to sponsors for content. Previously, it was mentioned how the number of followers could determine the charges for a sponsor on content.

However, engagement can also play a significant part in the process. Influencers who can attract more likes will get more active visibility with the audience and for the sponsor. So, the influencer can charge a higher price.

Quicker to Success

Building social media influencer follower counts and engagement can be slow. When someone buys likes on TikTok, influencers can reduce the time it takes to get to successful levels. Then TikTok influencers can focus on other efforts, such as creating content and building a loyal following with help.

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Disadvantages of Buying Likes on TikTok

There are also some cons to buying hearts on TikTok. Here are some disadvantages influencers can experience when they buy likes for the platform.

Lose the Account

One of the biggest worries for many influencers is that content creators may lose their accounts. This challenge can be a significant concern as numerous software tools can help find when creators have used bots to like the content. And some websites and services will use bots to provide the service.

That is why influencers must use only legitimate businesses that offer real users as part of their service. If in doubt, they should ask where the hearts come from.

Reputation Damage

Some sponsors might not like the idea that an influencer has used a paid service to like content. If an influencer has used bought likes to increase the value of their content artificially, and the sponsor finds out, it will damage their reputation.

As a result, the influencer may not get as many options to find sponsorship in the future.

Less Money

Continuing from the previous point, if a sponsor feels that paid likes have been used on their campaigns, then the value of the sponsored campaign can be diminished.

Therefore influencers will not be paid as much per post if they get opportunities. They also need to prove they’ve not bought likes to earn more money on a specific campaign.

Lack of Chances to Learn How to Grow a Brand

Buying likes robs the influencer of a chance to experiment early and learn what audiences want and don’t. Buying hearts should be reduced to only essential times to help improve a brand and not relied upon.

Other times, content creators need to experiment to find what content resonates with audiences and help them to improve their brand naturally.

The Likes Make no Difference

One of the biggest concerns is that the purchase does nothing for the brand. There is a strong chance of this problem if the service provider doesn’t offer active accounts as part of the service. If they use bots, then there is value to those likes.

The algorithm on TikTok looks at the other content and connections of the account holders of those who have liked the content. They use this information to recommend the content to similar audience members. Bots don’t have this information, so new content will not be recommended to different audiences.

Final Word: Is it Worth Buying TikTok Likes?

Is it Worth Buying TikTok Likes

On the balance of things, buying TikTok likes can be beneficial for influencers. However, certain elements are vital for the process to work. For one, influencers need to ensure that they are making a purchase of likes from a trusted brand.

If an influencer is asked for their password or is informed bots will provide the likes, then the influencer should seek another service.

In the short term, buying TikTok likes will improve the influencer’s performance on the platform; and can lead to long-term brand growth that will please many influencers. Sometimes buying TikTok likes can help find new followers, fans, and opportunities to work with paying brands.

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