Business Innovations You Must Make Use Of In 2023

Business Innovations

Tech developments never stop moving, and digital business innovations have come on in leaps and bounds over the last year especially. These new developments have consistently focused on boosting both productivity and profit and are adaptable enough to benefit business working in any sector and of any size.

Below you’ll find the most useful innovations to consider bringing on board your business and the benefits that each can deliver for you.

Feature-Rich New Email Platforms

Not all email apps are born equal, and there are new contenders on the market that could seriously boost your team’s productivity and enhance workflow to previously undreamt levels! The new breed of conversational email, pioneered by the email app Spike, is one such example: doing away with the mass of repeating headers, signatures, and other screen clutter that’s part and parcel of traditional emailing – making it difficult to stay on top of and engage with threads – replacing it with something entirely different. Conversational email brings the naturalness and ‘flow’ of instant messaging to email without losing any of the functionality. This means that your team can focus, engage, and get on with stuff more easily.

Other features of new-breed email platforms include priority inboxes, which prevent colleagues from getting constantly distracted from important tasks by messages frequently pinging in, and the ability to switch from email to video calling to voice messaging in-app to keep the workflow flowing!

Creating Immersive Experiences for Customers

Now, customer experience is king. Customers increasingly expect a bespoke, customized, immersive experience rather than a no-frills transaction, and providing one will help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Using AI to create virtual showrooms, in which visitors can touch their screens to call up information on products, and view them from multiple angles before moving onto another part of the digital space, is already being used by many businesses to create the sort of immersive experience that enhances the consumer journey.

Interactive displays, the use of 3D audio, and projection mapping are just a few more examples of ways to build an immersive customer experience effectively.

Making the Most of Blockchain Opportunities

Blockchain is being increasingly seen as a viable way to enhance security or to add a powerful additional layer of security regarding, for example, the transmission of contracts and other sensitive information. And it’s set to move further into the mainstream in 2023.

Consider incorporating blockchain tech to protect your business from cyber-attacks and to amp up your overall security processes in general. If your enterprise involves licensing, intellectual or creative rights, then it’s likely to be even more useful to you.

As an example, there are already companies using blockchain public ledgers to secure information – one of the many benefits of this tech is that it can help companies to scale up their operations more easily and without compromising their defenses against potential threats.

Using Automation to Boost Productivity

Automation is no longer about the clunky processes of yesteryear – now, digital automation solutions are slick, integrate smoothly with your current working practices, and can both save your business a significant amount of money and help your team get more done more easily!

Why not consider bringing on board software that can automate your marketing, key elements of the sales pipeline, HR processes, or recruitment drives? Far from risking de-personalization, automation can actually help to create bespoke customer experiences by deploying sophisticated analytics. This means that, for example, marketing emails can be targeted based on demographic or past buying behavior; or can be used to give your sales team the data they need to hit their targets.

Plus – vitally – automation platforms and suites are often a great way of ensuring compliance, so there’s no risk of your business being hit with a nasty, unexpected tax bill or penalty.

Try a Cloud-Based HR Platform

These types of platforms are likely to become widely used over the course of the coming year: they offer convenience, access to a range of useful and time-saving tools and self-service apps, and, of course, all the space you need!

The recruitment process is, for most businesses, a time-consuming one that comes with considerable expenses. Cloud-based HR platforms can help on both these scores, with their incorporated onboarding and training tools, to make things run smoother from start to finish. A high-quality recruitment process is directly linked to better staff retention rates – if your new hire views things as being well-run and professional and feels supported from the moment they’re taken on, you’re more likely to keep them in post for longer.

Using Digital Solutions for a Profitable 2023

The examples above are some of the key innovations to consider this year – all are currently making waves and are already being used by many businesses to increase productivity and profitability. Why not perform a comprehensive audit of all your business processes, keeping an open mind about where new digital solutions could be tried out to improve workflow? You may be surprised at just how many areas of your business can be enhanced by keeping an eye on the innovations that are now available.

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