Binance’s BNB, Bitcoin Tumble After Crypto Twitter Personality Cobie’s Wild Guess

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The tweet, from a popular crypto Twitter personality known as Cobie, contained the message “Interpol Red Notice for CZ.” This account is private, and the message was a garble of letters and numbers encrypted using the SHA-256 hash function. Later, Cobie tweeted that they had posted the encrypted message after hearing a rumor. They were creating a record of something they could reveal later if it turned out to be true.

Cobie said someone leaked the rumor they discussed to create a stir and remove its context. They apologized for the tweet, stating that it was not supposed to be readable until they revealed it. They also said they would do less tweeting in the future.

Binance and its CEO faced a lawsuit for evading U.S. laws, making the rumor of a criminal probe believable. Prices reacted accordingly as the rumor spread quickly, causing Binance’s exchange token and Bitcoin to rapidly drop. However, spokespeople for Binance and Interpol did not respond to a request for comment.

Hillmann tweeted: “Either the rumor was false or someone was illegally leaking a case file.” He believed the former was true. The significance of hash encryption is that it ensures no one can read the message until the secret is revealed. Seed leak undermines the hash commitment scheme’s integrity, making information less trustworthy.

Social media influencers and Twitter personalities can significantly influence market sentiment in cryptocurrency, as seen in this incident. It also underscores the importance of verifying information before acting on it.

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To summarize, social media influencers and Twitter personalities have a significant impact on the crypto market. However, it is crucial to research and verify any information before making investment decisions. The recent Binance and Bitcoin market plunge caused by Cobie’s tweet highlights the importance of being cautious of speculation and wild guesses.

Investors should instead focus on long-term trends and fundamental factors to make informed investment decisions.


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