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best vr headset for iphone

Looking for the best VR headset for iPhone to enjoy games and full-screen videos? As more and more individuals get curious about virtual reality, the industry continues to overgrow.

With only one iPhone and a VR headset, you can see the whole planet or even the cosmos without leaving your couch. To save you time, I have researched and created a list of the iPhone’s top 5 VR headsets so you can play games and watch movies in complete immersion. Let’s not delay getting started with the iPhone VR headset.

1. Meta-Oculus Quest 2 All In One Vr Headset

Storage and Display

Until recently, the Oculus Quest 2 has been the finest iPhone compatible standalone VR headset with a controller. Enjoy the incredible 360-degree film or gaming experience without the hassle of connecting wires or using other devices. It has a single LCD screen that can display 1832 × 1920 with a refresh rate of up to 90 hertz (Hz), and it has 6 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM).

According to analysis, the robust Adreno 650 GPU used in Meta Quest 2 makes the visual output 50% clearer and the 3D experience fluid.


Additionally, the headgear has three external cameras that may monitor your surroundings and prevent you from colliding with obstacles like walls and furniture. No more sensors are needed for this!


You may enjoy crystal-clear, spatially-resolved sound via the integrated speakers and 3.5micrometres jack. Because of how light it is, it is easy to wear for extended periods.


Finally, the battery life is roughly three hours long, give or take. To utilize Oculus Quest 2 on an iPhone, you’ll need iOS 10 or later. Being a standalone version, you only need Bluetooth and the Oculus software to link the two. The high price, however, is a considerable disadvantage. This is a little pricey but well worth it.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Facilitated usage
  • There is no need for cables.
  • Disturbing presentation
  • Correctly detecting and the following motion


  • Reduced battery backup
  • A Facebook account is required.
  • Costly

2. DESTEK V5 VR Highest Resolution Vr Headset

The box has a great form and a nice feature in that the bands are already attached when you open it. There are three layers total, one of which may be adjusted according to your vision to work with any smartphone.

When satisfied with the fit, remove the front cap (here is where you’ll place your phone) and activate your camera to scan the code. The iOS system works similarly to Android in that clicking on the link to download the VR app will start the process immediately.

The new DESTEK V5 VR headset has a broader field of view (FOV) and is more comfortable to use. Expanding from 103 degrees, the field of view (FOV) is now 110 degrees, giving you incredible all-around visibility.

Eye Protection

The V5 uses a lens with a maximum absorbance of 94% and an anti-reflective, anti-blue ray coating to shield users’ eyes.


DESTEK reduces it from 13.4 ounces to only 11.3 ounces. As an improvement, it’s appreciated that it’s almost 16 percent lighter than V4. You can carry this load without any mental strain.

This one offers superior quality at a reasonable price compared to other popular brands. Plus, the Eye Protection style is a massive hit with customers. The Eyewear – When you wear medium-sized spectacles, being friendly is acceptable. It’s attractive enough for the majority of available gaming eyewear. Certainly worth a try!

Pros & Cons


  • Glasses for shielding the eyes
  • Enhanced viewing with a 110-degree field of view
  • A format that works well with eyeglasses
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Super-plush, machine-washable facial padding
  • Packaged in an easily deployable format
  • Reasonable Costing


  • If you’re using an Android handset, it’s less lovely than other VR headsets.

3. BNext Cheapest Vr Headset

Compared to high-end VR headsets, the BNext VR headset for iPhone is more affordable due to its limited feature set. Experience immersive virtual reality without the need to hook up connections or adjust app settings. In that regard, the setup was straightforward. The broad field of view provided by this VR headset is supported by both the FD and OD lenses.

This allows for a more accurate focus distance and less distortion over the whole field of vision, making for a more satisfying 360° video. The BNext gadget was designed to be used for extended periods without discomfort. It has a pliable nose piece, a lightweight foam face, an eye defense system, and an adaptable head strap to alleviate pressure.

Yet, the headset’s heft might cause nasal discomfort.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly
  • Conveniently quick to set up
  • You can adjust the strap for a comfortable fit around the head.
  • A device designed to counteract the effects of blue light
  • Magnifying glass-sized enhancements


  • Not an interactive
  • It could cause nasal damage.

4. OPTOSLON 3D VR Headset

The name OPTOSLON needs to be better recognized. But many positive evaluations are written by actual customers who have made a purchase. Its lightweight construction (about 11.2 oz/317 g) with almost 80% plastic allows wearers to go longer without tiring wearing. Adjust the focal length with the central button, and tighten the straps with the side buttons. Furthermore, there is sufficient room for glasses to fit between the lens and the face.

You won’t find another virtual reality headset with as many rave reviews as this one does at this low price. It’s another boring virtual reality headset like the BNEXT. The 3D effect is quite lovely and should please moviegoers.

Pros & Cons


  • A 3D experience comparable to that of a $100 headset
  • Weighing in at only 11.2 ounces, it’s a breeze to carry.
  • devices ranging in size from 4.7 inches to 6.2 inches


  • Several purchasers have complained about the inconsistent quality.

5. Newnaivete VR headsets

It has more features than any other Apple-compatible VR headset. You may play games with a 360-degree field of vision, watch movies with your loved ones, and even take calls in the cinematic format.

Incredible images and a fully immersive experience may be enjoyed by everybody, even those who have trouble with either far or close vision. The Bluetooth controller allows you to play games, start and stop music instantly, and easily change the volume. The flexible foam face pad is removable so that you can use it without discomfort.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality ABS plastic construction.
  • Lightweight
  • 100% UV-blocking eyewear
  • Ergonomic design that maximizes comfort


  • This controller is in desperate need of an update.
  • Wrong bearings

How much is a VR headset?

The median price of a VR headset in the US was $430 in 2022, and analysts predict this price will be steady throughout the subsequent years. Meta (formerly Oculus), Pico, Sony, HTC, and Valve are among the most well-known virtual reality headset manufacturers.

Closing Remarks

Here is my selection of the best VR for iPhone, spanning various prices and personal tastes. Choose the one that ticks the most boxes for your needs. Is it true that Apple is developing virtual reality glasses? Would you purchase them if they become available? Leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

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