Best Credit Building Apps You Can’t Miss: Secure Your Financial Future

best credit building apps

Have you noticed the price of living has gone up by 7% in the last two years? But unfortunately, average wages have gone down by 3%. It is the reason people have to face some difficulties in managing their money and credit scores. Well, you don’t have to worry. Because with our guide on the best credit building apps, you do not have to be anxious about finding which financial app is best for your credit score.

Why should you think about the importance of building your credit? Well, as you grow older, building good credit helps you increase your money and overall financial value. So, building your credit is like making a smart investment in your money’s future. That will give us more chances and better deals later on.

A good credit score assists us in improving our average finances. If we have good credit scores, we can get better deals, for example, personal loans and credit cards. It’s like investing in our future.

Stellarfi Credit Building App

If you want a good credit score, then Stellarfi is a good choice. It can be utilized to pay your monthly subscriptions on time, and then you can build up your credit. So you just have to connect it to your bill pay card, and they’ll make sure your payments are on time each month.

They use an online dashboard to pay your monthly bills for convenience. You can also monitor your credit with their free service as a bonus.


  • It Improves bad credit history
  • They Set custom credit-building goals
  • We receive 1-on-1 credit consulting
  • Identity protection included in the premium plan
  • can conveniently auto-pay withdrawals
  • It gives Credit score monitoring feature
  • Transparent, no hidden fees


  • To see future improvements, we have to continue making payments


Stellarfi’s credit builder app has budget-friendly plans suitable for everyone. Because their plans start at $4.99 and go up to $19.99, offering various features.

Credit Karma

One of the leading apps for building credit is Credit Karma. When you log in, your credit score is the first thing you notice in your account. Therefore, this app mainly concentrates on aiding you in comprehending and enhancing it. This is achieved by promoting smart choices regarding your debt and financial products. Products, for example, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and car loans.


  • Daily credit scores from two credit bureaus
  • Summaries of your credit cards
  • Accounts for saving and spending
  • Credit Builder features


  • A new checking account is necessary for bill tracking and Credit Builder features

Experian Boost

Experian Boost is a free credit building app.

It lets us see the Experian credit score for free when we join. Additionally, we can tell them about payments, like rent or subscriptions, that don’t usually show up on our credit reports. All we have to do is connect accounts and make sure to pay on time. It can boost credit scores a lot, but how much it helps can vary from person to person.



Kikoff Credit Building App

Kikoff’s main thing is the Kikoff Credit Account, which is like a credit card. They give us a credit line of up to $750 that can be used to buy stuff from the Kikoff store. After that, we make monthly payments online, and credit starts to go up bit by bit.

When you sign up, they don’t check your credit, and you get approved right away. To keep the account open, it costs $5 per month. The cool thing is that $5 is included in your credit line. This implies that you establish credit, even if you only incur the $5 monthly fee without borrowing any additional funds.

Also, you don’t have to worry about paying interest or late fees. That makes it simple to focus on paying off your small purchases. Normally, Kickoff says their users boost their credit scores by 58 points.


  • Obtain immediate approval without undergoing a hard credit inquiry.
  • Simple way to build credit while having an approach to a limited credit line.
  • Likely for a significant boost to your credit score


  • $5 monthly cost
  • They give Limited credit lines


On the MyFICO app, we can check our FICO scores. That is why it stands out as one of the top credit-building applications. We can also check our credit history. But it is a bit expensive. Because the simplest plan starts from  $19.95 per month.


  • We can monitor Credit
  • It gives access to all 28 FICO scores
  • Get the Identity theft protection


  • The cost is high.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is also one of the good credit building apps. Because they provide all the necessary pieces of information to help with our credit score. With this app, we can get loaded on easy terms with our credit card. Credit Sesame also assists in boosting our scores. Therefore, they provide free, basic tools to track credit and debt. To get detailed information on extra services, we need a premium subscription.


  • Free sign-up level
  • Comes with tracking and analysis of debts
  • Excellent mobile applications
  • Provides reporting for rent payments


  • The free version relies on just one credit bureau
  • A premium subscription is needed for tools like credit monitoring
  • Absence of calculators, simulators, and similar tools
  • Doesn’t assist with paying off deb

Grow Credit

Grow Credit helps to build credit using the things we pay for every month. So we get a special MasterCard from them to pay for stuff like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and they tell the credit people about it. You can pick from more than 100 subscriptions. The app also stops you from spending too much – $17 each month. So, if you wish to increase your spending, you’ll need to make a slightly higher monthly payment. To raise your limit to $50 or $150, you’ll pay extra each month – either $1.99 or $7.99.


  • Get a free virtual MasterCard for your regular subscriptions
  • Boosts your credit history and mix
  • Credit scores can go up in 60-90 days
  • Functions well as a revolving credit line


  • Low monthly spending limit
  • Users reported occasional app logouts
  • Only one bank account can be added for withdrawals
  • Paid plans may require a security deposit

Credit Strong

This app is like Self Credit because it helps to improve credit with a savings account. But there are some important differences.

Firstly, this credit-building app has three different prices to improve our credit scores. We can pick from these three pieces.

However, keep in mind that the money is backed by the federal government. That provides protection for up to $250,000.


  • Add positive payment history reported to all credit bureaus
  • Receive updates through your online dashboard
  • Build business credit with the business option
  • Approval is possible even with bad credit
  • Obtain FICO score updates


  • You’re committed to the loan until it’s fully paid off
  • Unavailable in Wisconsin and Vermont because of credit laws

MoneyLion Credit Building App

MoneyLion is a highly-rated best credit building apps app because it keeps track of your credit scores. Moreover, with the Credit Builder Plus loan, we receive some money upfront, and the rest is saved in a Credit Reserve Account. Whether we’re starting to build credit or working on rebuilding it, Credit Builder Plus allows us to build credit while saving. It doesn’t involve a hard credit check.


  • we get Access to credit monitoring and view your credit scores
  • Receive immediate cash advances


  • Requires payment for a membership service to access the perks of the credit builder loan
  • Some reviews express doubts about its association with a real bank account (although it is indeed associated with one)


The starting membership fee is $19.99 per month.

You have the option to either set up automatic monthly withdrawals from your account or make manual monthly payments.

What is the best app to build your credit?

Each one of the apps that we have written above is good to increase credit scores. However, in our opinion, Experian Boost is a good one for your credit score.

What’s the most accurate credit app?

MoneyLion is the most accurate credit app. It is popular because it helps us to keep track of credit scores to s control our finances.

What is the most effective tool for building credit?

A secured credit card is always an effective tool for building credit. When we utilize this card for a deposit, then that deposit becomes our credit limit.

Are credit building apps safe?

Yes, the majority of credit-building apps are secure to use. But if you are using some new apps, you should check for their background and reviews first.

Can people with no credit history use these apps?

Even without a credit history, you can still secure loans through various loan apps. However, the loan terms can differ depending on factors like credit history, employment status, and age.

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