Amazon Launches Bedrock AI Service To Compete With Google And OpenAI

Bedrock AI

Amazon has announced the launch of its Bedrock AI service, which allows users to build out generative models. This move puts Amazon in direct competition with Google and OpenAI, which have already made strides in the generative AI space. Bedrock will provide on-platform API access to Stability AI’s models, Amazon’s in-house foundational models, and some of the industry’s most popular models.

Bedrock AI

Bedrock is a serverless experience that lets users privately customize foundational models (FMs) with their own data, and integrate and deploy them into their applications. The launch of Bedrock enables AWS users to build out generative AI from foundation models. This includes GPT-4, with ChatGPT being a generative AI application built on top of it.


Alongside Bedrock, Amazon announced Titan, which includes two new foundational models developed by Amazon Machine Learning. Titan has not revealed much detail regarding its technical specifications, but AWS Vice President Bratin Saha mentioned that Amazon has been using a “fine-tuned version” of Titan to surface search results on its homepage.

Integration with Popular Models

Bedrock integrates with some of the industry’s most popular models, including Jurassic-2, a multi-lingual language learning model (LLM), and Claude, a conversational agent from Anthropic built on the company’s “Constitutional AI” foundation. Bedrock also provides on-platform API access to Stability AI’s models, including Stable Diffusion, a popular text-to-image generator.

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Benefits of Bedrock

Training a generative AI model can be costly, but Bedrock allows users to use preexisting FMs as a backbone in support of their data, enabling them to get around this problem. This means their data remains secure on Amazon’s cloud and is never injected into training data sets. Customers can trust that their data will remain private and confidential as none of the customer’s data is used to train the underlying models.

Competition in the Generative AI Space

Amazon hopes to compete with Google’s Bard and Microsoft/OpenAI’s ChatGPT in the generative AI space with the announcement of its Bedrock service and the debut of two new in-house large LLMs. Alibaba is set to launch its own AI chatbot, called “Tongyi Qianwen,” to compete with Western corporations currently dominating the space.


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