YouTube Automation: Step-by-Step Guide

youtube automation

Do you know that a person may put $250 in one YouTube video and get $20,000 in return? That is a lot of money. This situation, as well as the financial statistics, may appear absurd or made up. It occurred on YouTube! Noah Morris, a YouTube automation guru, made seventy thousand dollars in one year. He operates over 20 nameless YouTube accounts that bring him millions of dollars, yet he works one day each week. In this post, we’ll show you how Noah’s tricks and tips can help you start with YouTube automation and make money!

What is YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is a virtual company concept that uses automation and outsourced technologies to build a YouTube channel that runs and makes revenue without the channel the shareholder’s intervention.

Building staff to manage the full production method – from inquiry through content production and video publishing – is your responsibility as the founder of a YouTube channel.

An automated YouTube channel that is profitable compensates for itself via its earnings and provides its proprietor with a healthy profit after all costs.

What are the pros and cons of YouTube automation?

Is an automated YouTube channel the best option for you? Take into account the main advantages and disadvantages of automation listed below to choose the solution.


  • Making revenue without being involved directly in the activities that bring in the earnings is known as passive revenue. The cash you earn is passive revenue because your staff handles every part of running your YouTube automation channel. Most business concepts, such as social media advertising agencies, don’t produce passive revenue. One big benefit of is that you may make money on YouTube automation while doing what you love rather than earning.
  • A YouTube automation channel’s material production is not limited by the access of one individual, in contrast to regular YouTube celebrity networks. YouTube automation, on the other hand, may post material much more quickly because it doesn’t rely on the creator, whereas Mr. Beast’s channel generates approximately two videos per month since he wants to be engaged and able to access each of them.
  • Unlike the revenue generated by ads, which is the sole form of earnings for a YouTube automation way, you have access to other forms of income. We’ll go into more detail about these various revenue-generating options for YouTube automated channels at the end of the post.


  • To generate a respectable income from your YouTube channel, you must have a minimum of 100,000 followers. Though the expansion percentages of YouTube automation channels differ extensively, before the channel’s growth becomes successful, plan on dedicating about two years to consistently producing high-caliber video.
  • It won’t become “automated” once you can get someone to do the work while you can create a YouTube channel by uploading your content. If all you need is stock footage and voiceovers, you can get basic videos generated for about $30 to $50, according to it. On the other hand, the cost of creating animated videos of a good caliber will likely approach $100 for every video. Rather than investing this much money in your videos, consider creating them yourself first. Make your DIY faceless YouTube automation channel with the help of Thomas Garetz’s No Face YT account.
  • YouTube currently has an absurd volume of material. As per Zippia, an average of 500 hours of fresh videos are posted on YouTube every second! There will always be some rivalry, regardless of the specialty you select.
  • If you want to invest in something that will yield passive revenue in the future, a YouTube automation channel can be a wise choice. A nearby lead generation company is an alternate internet business strategy that can be more suitable. If you’re searching for a means to get passive revenue much more quickly.

How I can do YouTube automation?

The automation of YouTube channels can be aided by several additional procedures. It will require more to grow your channel to new heights if you skip these stages. The example is given as follows:

  • With the aid of services like VidIQ, SEO studies seek to increase the exposure of videos and channels by strategically leveraging popular keywords.
  • For screenplays, you could choose to collaborate with experienced copywriters or recruit authors on independent contractor platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.
  • To cut down on the time required for video editing, think about using a freelancer or using programs like Filmora and Canva.
  • Use YouTube Studio for metrics and channel administration. Gather and examine data to monitor your channel’s expansion after you publish videos.

What is the startup price for a YouTube automation company?

The query is impossible to respond to because it primarily relies on the number of channels, the subjects they protect, and their constancy on YouTube. But according to Noah, who we spoke with, it takes him roughly 12 videos – each costing $100 on average – to make even. Additionally, he stated that novices might require 35 videos and $3,500 to $3,500 to begin realizing profits from autonomous material.

What are the potential earnings from automating YouTube videos?

This figure differs but if we’re discussing the maximum payment, it is more than $100,000. With his automated channels, Noah truly earned double that much in a single month. I made about $200,000 using YouTube AdSense in November of 2022,” he claims. And with automatic material, he made $500,000 in just ninety days.


Regardless of why you plan to succeed on YouTube—whether your goals are to gain popularity, build a brand, make money, or simply pass the time—remember these essential pointers to make the best possible use of your time there. The stuff that excites you must be your primary objective. When you produce, consider yourself to be your audience. “Would I watch this through to the end or move on to the next?” is something to consider. Use that as a guide. If not, your work may not have the genuine feel that viewers desire.


What is the YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is the process of creating and managing video material more efficiently and effectively via automated software or programs.

Is YouTube automation illegal?

The legal standing of YouTube automation differs. Some behaviors can be against the terms. To be clear, see YouTube’s guidelines.

How to make $10,000 per month on YouTube without making videos?

Without footage, advertising with affiliates, endorsements, or the sale of digital goods are the ways to generate passive revenue on YouTube.

How do you make an automated video on YouTube?

To create videos automatically, use web resources or programs like Adobe After Effects.

Is YouTube automation risky?

Indeed, there is a chance that YouTube automation will violate policies and damage a channel’s reputation.

What do I need to start YouTube automation?

To begin YouTube automation, you’ll require an understanding of APIs, programming, and a well-defined content plan.

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