What is Project Blue Beam? – A Pre-Planned Conspiracy to Introduce a Modern Religion

The evil game to take control over all the nations and dictate them is known as the Project Blue Beam.”

Initial Points

Project Blue Beam is an international-level conspiracy theory to become globally powerful. It is a self-imposed New World Order that aims to devalue all religions and bring a technologically-fed Second Coming with the support of NASA and the United Nations.

In simple words, Project Blue Beam is a pre-planned conspiracy to introduce a modern religion to gain power all over the world with the backing of NASA.

Serge Monast brought forth this conspiracy theory in 1994 with the help of another unnamed journalist, but unfortunately, both died of a heart attack just after the unveiling of their alleged theory. It is believed that both were actually assassinated to dissuade people from their work.

Serge revealed in his publication that the NASA project has four major steps.  He claimed that bringing forth a modern religion is very important for establishing a new government in the world; it is impossible to govern without a universal religion, which he repeated twice.

In the first steps, NASA will show new discoveries and engineer earthquakes at planned locations just to make people believe that there is something wrong with their existing faith. Such discoveries and happenings will help nations question their beliefs, and ultimately, they will reject them in anger.  For this reason, authorities have already started preparing people psychologically by showing them Sci-Fi films like Star Trek, and A Space Odyssey, etc.


Therefore, the first step is all about proving “Christians and Muslims” that their ancient faiths were all false and were misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Serge moves further to the second step and claims that the Soviets have taken help from gigantic computers and technological devices to understand the psychology and language of all the cultures that exist on the Earth for a “Space Show”. It will then show three-dimensional, holographic images of a new “Matraia” (new Messiah) via satellites that will speak all the languages and play the masses after mastering their psychology. Such shows will also help in fulfilling the old oracles, so people will believe them blindly.


Now, in the third step, with the help of advanced equipment, a two-sided communication will begin, i.e., between the new god and its people. ELF, Lf, and VLF waves will aid in communicating with the masses, and they will interpret these sounds as sounds from the “Soul”. Telepathy will also be used in it to take full control of the masses’ minds.

The fourth step resembles the USSR’s trick to force people to accept Communism. It will put forth an in-between sort of cash and reject paper or plastic money. The United Nations will crash the economy partly to carry out its modern cash to the world. People will be totally dependent, and authorities will make sure of it by killing or imprisoning the rebels with the help of modern satellites and microchips.

The Idea Behind Project Blue Beam

Ironically, the idea behind Project Blue Beam is not new but rather an ancient one. It is the same old cruel intention to become God and rule over its fellow beings like Pharaohs, Atilla the Hunt, and other tyrants used to do.

Science and logic have made it difficult now to bluff people like this, which is why, according to Serge and his companion, America and its allies are taking the help of science and technology to make their project a success. The use of technology includes everything possible, like holographic images, satellites, gigantic-sized computers, artificial planets, microchips, and many more.

The Old Prophecies will come alive in this project?

Although Project Blue Beam (PBB) has nothing to do with religion or religious oracles at all, it has conspired in such a way that people will automatically relate it with ancient prophecies:  “Holy Wars,” “Second Coming,” and “Messiah,” etc.
It is the first step; massive disasters (earthquakes) will start taking place in different parts of the world to prepare the masses mentally for the arrival of a New World Order and distract them from their old doctrines and religions.

The psychological preparations are already in practice in the form of SCI-FI movie projects like Star-Trek,” “A Space Odyssey,” and “Jurassic Park,” etc. These films are made to defame God’s words.


The Alternate to the Prophecies in the Second Step

After preparing them well mentally and confusing them with their own faith, the second step will be taken carefully. It will be the biggest step on which the success or failure of this evil project depends.

The old prophecies will come alive again (artificially), then in the form of holographic projections on the sky, and a “space show” of 3D images will begin all over the world. It will occur with the help of space-based laser-generating satellites. Projections will show simultaneous images in all the corners of the sky, and these images will speak to the masses as well.

How is it possible?

Serge claimed in his publication that filming and projection will be done via fake satellites, already roving in space and monitoring nations. A sodium layer will produce these scenes some 60 miles above the sky. As proof, we see its tests every day, but now we call them UFOs or “flying Saucer” moving.


They will speak easily, as there is not a strong computer working on it but rather hundreds of other devices to monitor, read, and research different languages at the same time. Extensive research is taking place to study human brain functions, anatomy, biological composition, psychology, and human cultures. So, the illustrations will speak perfectly in different languages, dialects, and accents at the same time, making millions of slaves.

These images will be comprehended as “The Second Coming” of the “Christ” called “Mataria”, this time.
It will happen at the peak of this project, as a result of which nations will bow towards these bluffed figures, and hence, a new world’s religion will come alive without any hurdle. A lost man is much easier to fool; these illustrations will deceive them easily, as they would not have any other alternative faith left by that time.

It will all be pre-planned, but people will take it as the fall of religion and the reconstruction of the world.  The “new discoveries” and “artificial” devastations of Mother Earth will falsify ancient beliefs and faiths, making people reject them and go for modern ones.

Destruction in the name of faith

This faith-smashing project will demoralize people at first and then demolish them, using various techniques afterward. It means that after depriving people of their religious doctrines, it will claim their lives as well. Destruction will be done in seconds, while the survivors have to do what their new god demands of them. It is possible to enslave them since “mega-mind-control software” has been successfully installed in the giant computers working on this project.

The “tractor beams” are ready to lift millions of people in one go and whisk them all together. The new so-called Messiah and religion will bring with them the annihilation of humanity on a large scale. It will be the greatest destruction in history, in which people will be minced like anything.

Level of Communication-Third Step

Technology advancement has thrust us into the third step. It is the step where masters and slaves will communicate; the master’s communication will be electronically charged (and fake), while slaves will interact telepathically.

Various techniques involving ELF, LF, and VLF waves target everyone from within their own minds, but they will interpret these sounds as their own soul’s voice. These rays will convince them that God is speaking to them from within, and so they must say “Yes” to any order. These waves are indeed fed by computers working on each person on the earth now. These rays are capable of producing a diffused artificial thought after interlacing with the natural thinking processes.


There are powerful processes and inventions brought forth for the project that can make the blind see and the deaf hear, but these inventions are still a secret and are not used for good purposes as yet. CIA and FBI are using modern apparatus that can totally change the communication level between human beings. These pieces of equipment are used by these agencies, which work under the American President and his ‘puppet masters’.

The government of America and its allies are ready to do anything that will make them lords of the world. Therefore, the question of immoral methods does not arise for powers with such vile ambitions!

Supernatural Display – The Last Step

The supernatural manifestation is the last step, which consists of three orientations, and it is aided electronically.
1. The first orientation says, that the United Nations will announce that a supernatural (Alien) attack is going to occur soon in the entire world. To fight back, all nations need their weapons and armies.


This will be done to disarm them after showing them a real, but concocted off-world attack.

2. Now, to complement the above drama, another alien goodwill force will be shown to people, who will tell people who it has come to rescue them. This will help them to carry out the New World’s Order within minutes just after the “Space Show.”

3. And then, the electronically charged supernatural army will attack. These electronic waves will use certain mediums (embedded microchips, phone lines, optical fibers, and coaxial cables, etc) to penetrate into the minds of people and make them mad, overdosed, and insane.

This Satanic step would drive the masses into madness, and people would become hysterical at once. Massive suicides will occur, and assassinations and murders will pave the way for NASA and the United Nations to take control immediately and bring back “Peace”.

The United Nations will take control as a result and set up its own rules and regulations; it will reintroduce its “in-between” currency (a sort of new electronic currency), which will replace all other kinds strictly. And to keep things in order, the Council will make sure everyone on earth is dependent on its newly released electronic cash system. The UN will not let anyone rebel against them; furthermore, if anyone tries it, they will punish it through their effective satellite and microchip systems.


There are vicious punishments ready for the outcasts; some of them are mentioned below:
•    Eradication Camps are made for disobedient fellows, where their organs will be “taken and sold”.
•    Those who could not die, will be made captive laborers or used in medical experiments.
•    Those who will not obey will be killed there and then.


In the end, Serge claimed that the UN is already working hard on its loathsome plan to snatch nations’ freedom, psychologically and economically. Laws and rules have changed already about food, religion, war, and even vitamins.  The latest technology is built to control people anywhere. No one is safe in this “totalitarian” police state.

Moreover, the UN is not using the latest technology for noble purposes; it is rather exploiting it and its plans are further harmful to all of us.

(NOTE: the topic is a rewritten version of Serge Monast’s original words from his transcript)

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