Cadillac One – US Presidential Car


The President is the main person of the country and is symbol of law and order of the country, the presidential powers vary from country to country but President is most important person in the country and they are given extreme security and have 27/7 intelligence on them. The rides of Presidents are specially made and are customized keeping in view the security and the luxury and when we talk about President of United States of America and his Ride, well it’s a whole new deal to talk about.


The US presidential cars are called Limo One or Cadillac One because they carry the first most important person of United States. The car being used by current President of United States (Barrack Obama) is called Cadillac One but it is nicknamed as Beast. The reason to call it a beast is pretty simple as the car holds 8inch Armor plating in its doors and the whole body is covered with military grade armor which is said to be at-least five inches thick. The car is equipped with GPS tracking system and Communications Centre, firefighting system and oxygen supply. The car is bomb proof and its windows can bear the bullet of .44 Magnum, night vision camera’s support and the tires which are puncture proof, there is no reason of not calling it a beast and what a good looking beast it is, having look of limo and body thick as tank and luxury of A++ grade.

The Chauffeur provided is by Intelligence agency and is trained to deal with any kind of situation and knows how to drive in any condition. The car has defense accessories of tear gas cannons and pump action shotguns which are best defense. The only thing the car lacks is two wings otherwise it is a complete tank and elite luxury equipment.

The recent visit of Barrack Obama to Afghanistan was not very pleasant for the beast as the Chauffeur mistakenly filled diesel in the beast, well not everyone is perfect but the Beast has been made by best technology that is available and it is the perfect vehicle.