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Scientists never cease to amaze. Every now and then, they come up with some remarkable idea that either solves a practical problem or simply brings a smile to our face. Every gadget is a testament to the creativity and persistence of its creators. In the paragraphs below, some interesting new gadgets are explored that are sure to create interest.

Looking for Cute Company: Try the Babyloid

For those who feel lonely because they have no kids around, probably because they have all grown up and left the nest, or they just don’t happen to be around, the Babyloid can be a good alternative. It was designed by Masayoshi Kanoh as a toy to help lonely elderly people deal with their loneliness and avoid feeling depressed. The Babyloid is developing to look like a baby, although the designer has steered clear of making it look exactly like a human baby since this could make some people feel uneasy.


Design of Babyloid

The Babyloid is designing to respond like a real baby to affection from the caregiver. It has been provided with LED lights that can express a crying baby or a happy baby with their glowing patterns. It has the capacity to produce 100 different sounds usually made by infants. They can also be rocked to sleep and can open their eyelids.


“Like” button & “Likebelt”

Many people feel that the Facebook ‘Like’ button doesn’t quite express the real depth of their excitement. For comment or a photograph posted up there. The LikeBelt comes to the rescue by using a technology. Similar to the Near Field Communication used in the DeepLocal gear shifting device.


The LikeBelt simply needs to give a thrust. And a blue thumb up appears on the screen to indicate how strongly you like something. Users can delight to know that the makers have released the LikeBelt coding as open source software. Allowing users to download it easily and have fun.

Artificial Digits Get More Functional

Didrick Medical has come up with X-Fingers. Claims that they are the first ever functional artificial fingers in the world. While conventional artificial fingers for amputees do not go beyond creating a cosmetic effect. And the X-Fingers, with the help of the X-shaped steel bars. Allow the wearer to perform several simple functions.

These functions include buttoning their shirts, playing the piano, and turning their fingers to pick up or carry objects. The steel fingers can respond to the movement of the finger muscles and move accordingly.


The X-Fingers can develop in a number of different shapes, sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. With almost 30,000 Americans suffering from an amputation of their fingers, the X-Fingers are likely to become a very successful innovation.

All the gadgets described above have received positive reviews from industry experts. But how soon they are ready to market, can depend on whether they receive the required investment for commercial production.

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