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slice merchant services

Slice merchant services, located in New York, serves as a gateway for debit card transactions for retailers. It is not to be misled as SlicePay, an independent Indian lender. Companies can safely receive money from their clients using slice merchant services’ transaction systems. The business offers several ways for handling settlements, such as ACH, debit cards, and credit card transactions. Strong safety precautions, such as PCI authorization, avoiding fraud, and encoding, are included with payment-related services.

Where is Slice Merchant Service located, and who owns it?

Slice Business Marketing, is an ISO recognized with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. located in Concord, Massachusetts, CA. While the Slice site indicates 101 Crawfords Corner Rd, Ste 4206, Holmdel, NJ 07733, Slice’s offices are at 15 Main St. The financial management group Merchant Advance can be reached at this location. The CEO of Slice is identified as Alexander Groyzburg.

How slice merchant service is beneficial for merchants?

Slice Merchant Services provides merchant support to assist companies in handling their requirements for processing payments. The business offers various merchant services, such as avoiding fraud, settlement of conflicts, and reversal control. Additionally, a professional account manager who offers firms tailored assistance is included with the merchant services.

What do slice merchant services do?

Slice provides three primary services: rental slice POS charges, cash rewards schemes to defray merchant costs, and payment processing with a premium system. By highlighting the working for slice merchant services, the firm states on its official site that it manages over $7 billion in transaction traffic annually; nevertheless, this amount hasn’t been verified by third parties and, given the organization’s size and length of operation, appears to be an exaggeration.

How does slice merchant services work?

Point-of-sale (POS)

slice merchant services also offer slice POS systems that help businesses streamline operations. The real term disclosure, staff oversight, and managing stocks are just a few of the functions available on point-of-sale systems. The firm caters to a variety of company demands by providing both classic and wireless point-of-sale systems. In addition to Paradise and Adelo POS equipment, Slice is a distributor of Clover POS devices.

Virtual Terminal

Companies can use their laptop or smartphone to collect transactions by using virtual terminals. Among the numerous benefits that virtual terminals offer are recurring billing, measures for preventing fraud, and login screens that may be customized. The virtual terminals of the business are also compatible with numerous well-known online shopping carts.

Online Payment Gateway

Companies may take transactions via their websites using slice merchant services’ online payment gateway. Among the many services offered by the online payment gateway are methods for preventing deception, automatic payments, and checking configurable sites. Additional integrations with well-known e-commerce platforms are made possible via the business’s online payment gateway.

What are the pros and cons of slice merchant services?

Slice Merchant Services is a comprehensive financial system that provides businesses of every type with an extensive range of company administration and payment settlement options. Thus,  using Slice Merchant Service has the following specific benefits and drawbacks:


  • No charges for processing debit cards.
  • Incentives for clients who use cash.
  • Multiple kinds of solo monitors.
  • Provide cash advances as per the needs of the company
  • Allows the majority of ways to pay.


  • Clients pay fees associated with swiping debit cards.
  • Mostly does company with distributors.
  • Sorts of agreements are available
  • Steep premature departure costs
  • A poor track record for dishonest salesmen

What are the fees for slice merchant services?

slice merchant services fees use the approach to provide credit card billing operations. This eliminates any buyer costs related to card interpreting, but it charges the customer a 3.99% extra to cover those expenses. Additionally, the business provides money-incentive schemes that lower the cost of products by 3.99% when cash payments made. Slice system has no recurring costs attached, although we have seen stories of significant Slice expenses linked to POS device leasing.

How to work in slice merchant services?

It seems like Slice depends a lot on third-party sales representatives based on the hundreds of job advertisements for Slice available for cities throughout the US. It sounds like Slice is not giving its salespeople enough supervision or instruction, based on the volume of complaints and unfavorable service evaluations linked to its sales staff and contract conditions. This is a common trait of businesses that depend a lot on third-party marketing groups, and we recommend that every company owner exercise caution when interacting with these kinds of brokers.

Which slice merchant services are the subject of complaints?

Online evaluations of slice merchant services complaints are widely available and typically critical. In addition to an equal number of ratings from wholly delighted clients, we have discovered many that proclaim merchant services as an outright scam and should be resisted at all prices. Fraudulent rates and fees related to POS hardware expenses are a common topic of discussion in the negative evaluations and concerns of slice merchant services. Furthermore, Slice’s unethical behavior is becoming worse because a lot of unfavorable evaluations have recently been made on this website.


Slice offers a unique approach to business. We urge business people to look into this approach more if it will help their company. This strategy can be helpful for certain customers who don’t want to pay each month or have many sales with a modest median sale cost. Because of the growing number of concerns about deceptive contracts outside sales personnel provide, it is now impossible to endorse Slice. Companies should thoroughly read Slice’s documentation and exercise caution when signing verbal agreements for all allegations in detail.


Is the slice card shutting down?

Indeed, the Slice prepaid service will expire on October 31, 2023.

Which bank is a slice?

In addition, Numerous NBFCs, including Vivriti Capital Private Limited, Northern Arc Capital Limited, DMI Finance Private Inc., and Quadrillion Finance Private Limited, have linked with it.

Does slice give money?

Yes, you can earn 300 if you invite your friend.

Is the slice real or fake?

Slice is real but has been deemed dangerous by Google, which advises consumers to remove it.

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