How Many Wheels Are In The World According To The 2023 Update

how many wheels are in the world

You’ve probably heard of the wheels versus doors controversy if you’re wondering, “how many wheels are in the world?” right now. This argument was sparked by a tweet but has now spread to every other form of social media and grown rather heated.

YouTube and Instagram have seen a rise in user-created videos voicing strong feelings on both sides of the argument. As a result, we have chosen a side and feel obligated to share our thinking with you and the evidence we have gathered.

To be more precise, if we examine the whole definition of wheels, we find that the vast majority of doors also have rolling mechanisms. The door handles and hinges are wheel-operated. Therefore, it’s obvious that there can’t be more doors than wheels. The question “Doors or wheels; which is more?” may now be answered.

In this piece, I’d want to go further into the subject. We aim to answer the question, “How many wheels are there in the world?” with a precise figure.

How Many Wheels Are In the World?

Even now, many people cannot answer this puzzle satisfactorily. We may not know the number of wheels on Earth, but we have a good notion. Our modern age is one of unprecedented freedom of movement. This is an era of unprecedented ease of travel. We now have access to an unprecedented variety of modes of mobility, and the sheer number of wheels at our disposal is mind-boggling. Approximately 37 billion wheels exist today. That’s impossible, given the available doorways.

Using data from around the world, we can safely assume that there are well over a billion vehicles and light trucks in storage in the United States alone at this very second. In other parts of the globe, there are much more cars on the road than in North America.

In reality, it is believed that there are approximately 37 billion wheels now circling the Earth’s surface on a variety of vehicles (including bikes, scooters, rollerblades, skates, etc.).

The Wheels Vs. Doors Controversy

If you can avoid it, avoid the “wheels vs. doors” issue at all costs. Even if many believe doors are better than wheels, conversely, we must always keep in mind the need for both in our daily lives.

There are more doors than automobiles (we’ll explain why in a moment), but there are also much more cars than homes. Therefore, despite their seemingly small size, they are just as crucial to the functioning of our world as our dwellings.

As a result of a mere tweet, the wheels vs. doors discussion has now taken over every other social media site. Several posters have referenced the controversy, and many more have made viral films to express their views on the matter.

Ryan Nixon, a Twitter user, sparked the whole thing when he polled his followers to see what they thought about a certain issue. Ryan claims that he dubbed the issue the “Stupidest argument” and encouraged his followers to share their thoughts on the matter.

Many others have chimed in on the discussion after the tweet went viral. That’s also why I’m writing this post. With that in mind, how many wheels are in the world?

How Many Doors Are In The World?

So you have some concept about how many tires there are; let’s think about how many doors there are. How many entryways are there, then? Approximately 2 billion doors are in the United States. Woah, that’s a lot of entryways! However, how many doors are there exactly when it comes to Earth?

That is debatable. There are around 5 billion single-family dwellings in the world. In public places like shops, universities, government buildings, and enterprises, there are more than 15 billion doors. And if you’re curious, most cars have two doors. That’s why it takes so much convincing to get most people to admit that there are more wheels than doors.

Do You Know The World’s Largest Wheel Manufacturer?

Interestingly, the world’s top producer of wheels is none other than Lego, a toy manufacturing firm. The Guinness Book of World Records has repeatedly recognized this firm as the top producer of wheels in the world.

Michelin is the world’s second-largest wheel producer and the market leader in standard wheel sizes. Established in France, this multinational corporation annually ships almost 200 million tires to customers all over the globe.


Without wheels, it would be impossible for a vehicle to go from one location to another. The wheels should be carefully maintained since improper care throughout the voyage might be expensive and dangerous.

If you’re wondering, “how many wheels are in the world?” the rough estimate is 37 million. This is not a precise count, just a general estimation. Regardless of our ages, we can all agree that the wheel industry is one of the most important in the world.