Why FightCamp Personal Is Best For Home Boxing Workout | Complete Review

Training with Fightcamp Personal

There’s no better exercise than boxing. With each punch, you work from head to toe. Boxing improves balance and burns 300-400 kcal in 30 minutes. Then there are head injuries, scrapes, or contact-free kickboxing courses, where you strain a hamstring attempting a head kick. FightCamp personnel brings the gym home. If you have 32 sq ft for storage and training, you may compete against other Fight Campers through a leaderboard.

The holy trifecta of workouts: enjoyment, accuracy, and efficiency. Before virtual climbing, get the gear. Fight Camp offers three packages:

  • FightCamp Connect
  • FightCamp Personal
  • FightCamp Tribe

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Overview of Fightcamp Connect, Fightcamp Personal, and Fightcamp Tribe

The most simple is Fightcamp Connect, which features “punch trackers” and fast wraps you wear below your gloves. The FightCamp Personal option includes a wrap, trackers, a heavy bag, a ring, and boxing gloves. FightCamp Tribe contains a personal kit, an extra pair of adult boxing gloves, kids’ gloves, and wraps.

With more than 1,000 video exercises and five training schedules called pathways, beginning and navigating Fight Camp is easy.

Fightcamp Personal ReviewFightcamp bundle

This kit has everything you need for at-home martial arts. FightCamp Personal Offers from Fight camp:

  • Punchtrackers
  • Small (12 oz.) and big (12 oz.) boxing gloves and wrist wraps (16oz.)
  • An 8×4 heavy workout mat
  • 5’7″ boxing bag
  • 27″ Camp Bag Ring

The company’s equipment is the Best for Easy At-Home Boxing Workouts. It’s easy to store the punching bag, which helps. It fits into a 2′ x 2′.

The thick mat comprises 8 interlocking parts to fit in tight spaces.

Let’s discuss punch trackers. Many of the world’s top boxers utilize Fight Camp Punch Trackers.

Fightcamp tracker sync with mobile
Fightcamp tracker

These monitors 1,000 punches every second. They can do more than count your fists, too. They measure punch force and velocity.

Fight Camp Personal costs $1,219 (down from $1,368) plus $39 per month for lessons, leaderboards, and other community activities.

Fightcamp Connect Review:

  • The FightCamp Connect is appropriate for those who have most or all of their boxing equipment.
  • This bundle contains hand wraps and punch trackers, but Fight Camp will provide a pair of boxing gloves for free.
  • The package costs $439 + $39 a month for online access.

FightCamp Tribe Review:

If multiple users in your family want to use FightCamp, choose the Tribe bundle.

It includes a personal package plus the following items:

  • Quick wraps
  • Extra gloves
  • Kids’ boxing gloves

Who Is FightCamp Intended For?

Our FightCamp review found the brand to be appealing to many clients. You may be the brand’s target audience if any of these apply to you.

FightCamp is ideal for:

  • Homework boredom
  • Martial arts without a gym
  • Busy people without time for lengthy exercises
  • Anyone trying to relieve tension by punching but in a sensible manner
  • Gym-locked fighters

Setup and Installation

Fightcamp offers everything you need to box at home, but if you only want to monitor your punches, keep with the Connect package to save money. The Tribe bundle includes boxing gloves in addition to the personal package.

The most challenging part of putting up FightCamp is finding a spot since you can’t move it once it’s up. Because the base is packed with water or sand, the bag stays there as you punch it. It weighed almost 300 pounds, making it hard to transport until the sand was removed.

Boxing Gear

The immovable bag resembles a boxing bag. Sand within the base prevents it from moving, so you can kick and strike it with full power. It’s well-made, so you expect it to last.

The boxing gloves seem professional. They protect your knuckles from striking the bag. Punch trackers are inserted in a pocket on the fast wraps you wear on your hands, allowing FightCamp to count how many punches are thrown per exercise.

Finally, there’s a thick gym mat. It’s big enough for the punching bag and you, but dirt builds fast. You can sit on the mat or put your hands on it during exercises. Therefore, you need to clean it often to avoid imprints.

Customers’ Opinions of Fight Camp Boxing Bag

A review of Fight Camp without customers’ opinions is useless. To address this question, we read customer reviews to see what people liked best.

Your jaw will drop if you read what Fight Camp users have stated on their website. Fight Camp boxing bag has almost 10,000 5-star ratings. Many people say Fight Camp helped them lose weight. They lose up to 50 lbs. while attending FightCamp.

They praised the equipment’s haptic feedback and tracking. These gifts unconsciously inspired them to keep working out.

A 5/5 review said, “Absolutely excellent!” The routines are new and keep you motivated to improve daily. The equipment and trainers are excellent.

Some clients compared Fight Camp to jogging or exercising. They were happier and had more excellent outcomes with the Fight Camp boxing bag.

Some liked the competitive Fight Camp leaderboards. Even when alone, humans need competition to drive themselves. These leaderboards encourage workouts. Clients hit the bags harder since the product records their improvement from exercise to workout.

A 5/5 reviewer said, “Like many others, I struggle to start. Fight Camp workouts have never scared me. And I have fun. It hurts, but it’s fun!

Is Fight Camp Worth It?

FightCamp is a good investment since it’s a quick and practical exercise, and clients can easily follow the plan. The guided classes, dedicated teaching staff, and payment options make it perfect for beginners. The Fight Camp personal package is highly recommended.

  • If you’re the only one in your home using FightCamp, it’s ideal for single users.
  • Perfect for people who have a hectic schedule
  • Exercises for people who require a bit more incentive
  • For those looking to push themselves farther, experienced trainers

Any Better Alternatives?

The Liteboxer is a comparable option. It costs $1,695, but the interactivity makes it fun.


Boxing and kickboxing are entertaining workouts. And with FightCamp, you can exercise from home.

The $39 monthly subscription is comparable to a standard gym membership with a punching bag and roughly half the price of a specialist boxing facility. A boxing gym subscription includes a punching bag and FightCamp trackers.

I suggest Fight Camp Personal for boxing and kickboxing beginners. It’s pricey but comparable to other boxing or home exercise equipment.

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