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East Commerce Solutions, situated in East Providence, RI, is a medium-sized financial services supplier in operation since 1994. East-Commerce is a distributor of Elavon merchant accounts, thus intrigued businesses ought to examine our Elavon review.

East Commerce Solutions was bought by Payroc, a firm we recommend, in 2022. The Commerce Solutions site remains operational, and it remains to be seen what this signifies for the business’s prospects.

Who Owned East Commerce Solutions?

Elavon’s Certified ISO/MSP is East Commerce Solution, Inc. The address of East Commerce Solutions’ main office is 22 Morris Lane in East Providence, Rhode Island 02914. The CEO of East Commerce is identified as Ed Medeiros.

East Commerce Solutions: Processing & Payroll

Most of the companies are served by East Commerce Solutions, which accepts a variety of debit and credit cards. In addition, East Commerce Solution offers payroll assistance, gift and reward schemes, mobile devices, EMV card readers and swipers, POS systems, and remote card capture.

The business provides point-of-sale (POS) systems with banking software that runs on Windows. These procedures, which include pay-at-the-table choices for hospitality companies like dining establishments, are made to take a variety of payment methods.

East Commerce Solutions: Rates and Price

Multi-Annual Agreement

Based on multiple complaints from clients, it seems that the typical East Commerce Solutions agreement is a one- to three-year deal with Elavon that has $195 in cancellation costs, $75 yearly fees, $125 PCI compliance fees, and $35 minimum monthly expenses.

Additionally, the business rents point-of-sale hardware. A 48-month non-cancellable item lease—which frequently charges up to ten times the device’s real price—is a standard component of an Elavon agreement.

Rates for Virtual Terminals and Payment Terminals

East Commerce Solutions offers retail processing services for payments as well as digital interface and payment channel offerings, which are highlighted on a section of their site.

On the other hand, none of those goods and services reveal their prices. For these e-commerce services, there are usually additional East Commerce rates and fees. Such as gateway fees, technical assistance fees, group fees, and extra payment prices.

Industry-Typical Costing

The conditions of an East Commerce contract may change based on the customer’s company status and the representative who sets up the account.

In general, it appears that Commerce Solutions’ rates and fees are not as low as those of the lowest merchant user accounts. This conclusion is supported by the complaints that have been made public regarding the conditions of its contracts.

Please share any particular understanding of the typical Commerce Solutions agreement in the review’s discussion area. We also urge companies to look through our directory of the top merchant account suppliers.

East Commerce Solutions: Customer Service

The business provides phone numbers and email addresses for customer help on the site, which is just about all we want from top-rated business accounts in terms of support for clients.

Customer Support Number: (800) 527-5395; Fax: (888) 999-5891

East Commerce Solutions: Employment and Scam

East Commerce Solutions markets its services through independent sales agents and telemarketing. Since self-employed salespeople often get less supervision and training than full-time employees, using them is typically linked to high complaint rates for a business.

At this time, we can uncover several scams for Commerce Solutions that mention unsolicited sales calls, unethical sales agent behavior, and concealment or distortion of prices and fees.

Several of these accusations against Commerce Solutions have been made by former workers. Who alleges that the business upholds an unprofessional and unhelpful culture. When compared to our list of the top credit card processors, there are better comparisons than this one.

East Commerce Solutions: Penalties and Defamations

There do not appear to be any pending class-action litigation or Federal Trade Commission charges regarding East Commerce Solutions. If unhappy customers want to take a non-litigious approach to resolving their grievances with the business. But they should think about reporting it to the appropriate oversight bodies.

Proof of an infringement of agreement lawsuit brought in Rhode Island District Court against East Commerce on the part of a person was discovered.

Early in 2019, it was submitted, but the complainant withdrew it a few weeks later, raising the possibility of an agreement to settle.

East Commerce Solutions: Complaints, Lies and Fees

There do not appear to be any pending class-action suits or Federal Trade Commission complaints against Commerce Solutions.

However, If unhappy customers want to take a non-litigious approach to resolving their grievances with the business. Therefore, they should think about submitting it to the appropriate oversight bodies.

Proof of an infringement of contract lawsuit brought in Rhode Island District Court against East Commerce based on a person was discovered.

Late in 2019, it was filed, but the complainant withdrew it just a couple of days afterward, raising the possibility of an agreement to settle.


Based on our evaluation system, East Commerce is rated as a standard payment service provider.  In this situation scope and duration of operation, the organization is displaying a low-to-moderate complaint frequency.

Also, the evaluation’s general highlights that the business has been impacted by its typical contract conditions and recruiting methods.

The business can raise its rating by keeping up its BBB customer service improvements and ensuring all contract details are properly explained before signing. Companies benefit more in the interim from using a highly regarded total payment provider.


Who is the CEO of East Commerce Solutions?

Ed Medeiros is the CEO of East Commerce.

What is e e-commerce solution?

E-commerce solutions are a collection of technological instruments and programs that assist companies in selling items and products digitally.

What is the solution provided by digital commerce?

Customers can purchase items and amenities through a dynamic, self-service process by leveraging digital commerce.

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