Don’t Enroll Your Child In Just Any Online Coding Class

Online Coding Class

Even parents who don’t know what coding really is know that computer skills are foundational in our tech-driven world. They want to set their children up for success, so they enroll them in coding classes that will give them the information to engage productively and mindfully with technology.

Understandably, parents who can’t write code may struggle to identify the best programming courses when they see them. Here are a few signs of a high-quality online coding class.

Games Matter Most

Leading online coding courses for kids revolves around teaching them how to create video games. The lessons are framed around this goal, so kids are genuinely hungry to learn. Programming and coding a video game become its own type of game!

The best coding programs use gamification concepts, leveraging the same dynamics that make video games so engaging for learning purposes. Kids will be so driven to absorb the material and create games that they won’t even realize they’re learning foundational math concepts, like integers, vectors, and even trigonometry.

Kids will be hungry for online coding sessions every week when the focus is on how to create video games they can play with friends and family. Your child can get the skills to create their own video games, apps, or websites. Maybe they’ll apply these computer skills in a job in an entirely different field.

Either way, those possibilities are down the road. Today, they’ll have fun playing with computers.

The Most Relevant Coding Languages

To non-coders, it may sound like there is simply one thing called “coding.” Really, there are multiple coding languages, and knowing how to write code in one doesn’t mean you’re fluent in another.

Look for online coding courses teaching the languages that drive the most popular apps, websites, and video games. Employers are looking to hire coders who can write in language like:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Leading programs teach vital coding languages to students of all skill and experience levels. Novice and more advanced coders get challenged and stimulated without being overwhelmed.

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Small Class Sizes

One of the aspects elite schools emphasize most is small class sizes and for a good reason. Nobody wants to learn in a noisy or disruptive environment. Larger groups tend to be louder and pose greater classroom management issues.

Look for an online coding class that limits sessions to four students. That way, each student has at most three other people. Parents won’t fear the teacher barely knows their name or that their child will need to speak over their peers to be heard.

It’s even better if they have no mandatory minimum, so there’s a guarantee that the class will run when they schedule it, even if their child is the only student. Nobody needs more disruptions to scheduling and extracurriculars, so it’s great to get this kind of assurance.

It is understandable for parents to desire for their children to acquire coding skills. However, not all online coding programs are of the same quality. It is advisable to opt for a program that covers all the mentioned aspects in order to ensure that the child receives a complete education.

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