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As soon as I got home from work, I kept experiencing cancelled call on iPhone facetime. Since early this morning on Facetime on my iPhone, my mother has been eager to hear about my promotional interview. I initially believed the network connection was the cause of my iPhone Facetime call cancellations, but after additional investigation, I discovered some really rare difficulties that only a minor percentage of people actually experience. Indeed, the problem is troublesome since it makes facetime communication for iPhone users considerably more challenging.

I’ve included some of the most effective ways to stop your iPhone from canceling FaceTime calls.

Verifying Connection 

In order to use FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you must first have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It is necessary to have a broadband connection in order to use FaceTime via Wi-Fi.

FaceTime may not work for you for one of the following reasons.

Official Support System

  • All nations, regions, or carriers may not support FaceTime.
  • Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates don’t offer FaceTime on their Apple devices. 
  • Although not available on Saudi Arabian iPhones or iPads, FaceTime is useable on these devices if they run iOS 11.3 or higher.
  • On iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, iOS 12.4 and above are compatible with FaceTime in Pakistan. 
  • In Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, you will need to update your smartphone (iPhone) in order to use FaceTime. 
  • FaceTime doesn’t have call forwarding.
  • FaceTime audio or phone calls cannot be changed to direct phone calls. Instead, you’ll have to place a new call after ending the current call.
  • Check to see if FaceTime is operating properly.

However, if none of the above reasons apply to you and you still cannot place or receive FaceTime calls, keep reading below for more helpful solutions.

Cancelled Call iPhone Facetime – Why I Cannot Place or Receive Calls?

Learn about routers, firewalls, and security programs that limit Internet access. In order to use FaceTime over a cellular network, you must turn on Utilize Cellular Data for FaceTime.

Check Your Settings

  1. On the Settings page, select Cellular or Mobile Data and then FaceTime. 
  2. You could see Settings > Cellular Data if you’re using an iPad.
  3. Check that FaceTime is turned on by going to Settings > FaceTime.
  4. If “Waiting for Activation” appears, switch FaceTime on and off once again. 
  5. Find out what to do if FaceTime won’t activate.
  6. Make sure that the Camera and FaceTime aren’t turned off in case you can’t see the FaceTime setting. 
  7. Allowed Apps may be found under Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  8. Verify that the stated phone number or email address is accurate.
  9. Set Automatically may be activated by going to Settings > General > Date & Time.
  10. Restart the Apple device.
  11. Install the most recent iOS version on your device. 

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Network Or Sound Issue With Facetime

If FaceTime is giving you connectivity or sound quality problems – Your Wi-Fi network or cellular connection may be sluggish if other users are streaming music or video over the same Wi-Fi network, causing the following problems:

  • Having trouble connecting or receiving alerts
  • Unstable video calls
  • Void of a screen
  • Unanswered calls

Try This: 

Connect your phone to a quick Wi-Fi or cellular network, as well as the individual you are calling – A Wi-Fi connection is essential for FaceTime.

Why Can’t I Login To FaceTime?

Visit appleid.apple.com to see if you can log in. Here is what you should do in the event that you forget your Apple ID or password.

  • Select “Set date and time automatically” under Date & Time under the Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Make sure the settings are accurate by clicking Time Zone.
  • Install the latest software updates on your apple device. Also, read iPhone hacks.

Facetime Camera Isn’t Working

Try these fixes if your microphone or camera won’t work;

  • Open FaceTime once again after closing it.
  • Restart your Mac by selecting it from the Apple menu.
  • Check if your camera functions in another program, like Photo Booth, after ensuring FaceTime is not active. 
  • If it doesn’t, you can be certain that FaceTime is unrelated to the problem.
  • In case, your Mac has more than one camera or microphone, make sure the correct one is chosen in the FaceTime menu bar.

Bottom – Line 

Cancelled call iPhone facetime repetition take place many times because of the connection or setting issues. Try checking your network connection and sending the recipient a text message asking them to access their mobile data are the best ways to ensure that Facetime is not bugged. Most of the time, this will resolve the problem. Have a nice Day. Good Luck!

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