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Attraction Of Stardew Valley | Eric Barone

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What is the attraction of Stardew Valley? Why is its player so vastly attracted to the game and still are willing to continue playing it in the long run?

Stardew Valley The Game 

People usually watch TV shows and read books to experience the pleasure of knowing the whole story. The same is the deal with games. Players are usually fond of story-driven games and give rewards at each stage, and this helps them be motivated and curious to know what’s coming next. Stardew Valley can answer why many people are still playing this game of the endless genre. It can be viewed as a mixture of time management and sandbox games like Animal Crossing, Farmville, and Harvest Moon.

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We have a variety of platforms on which to play video games. Stardew Valley is one of the year’s most anticipated games. This section will discuss the best platform for playing Stardew Valley. The ideal console to play Stardew Valley is a Mobile phone platform like Android or IOS.

Eric Borane, The Developer of Stardew Valley 

The sole creator, Eric Borane, was the sole person responsible for everything from programming to creating the SoundCloud music for the game. One of the great things about Stardew Valley is you don’t have to rush or swear over to complete quests. You can always come back and start from where you left since no rigid timeframes are specified. You can always play it at your own pace and convenience.

Stardew Valley is basically about how you cultivate the inherited piece of land after the Joja corporation moves to town and takes over the old ways of life. All this requires a bit of motivation and dedication, but eventually, you’ll encounter exciting rewards. The basics of every game are to maximize the profits and you can do so by carrying out multiple activities in Stardew Valley like fishing, foraging, harvesting, crafting, completing quests, etc.

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Main Attraction 

What makes this game more exciting is that you can customize the appearance. The gender of your character will affect the future as you play along. The different types of farms featured in the game make it more diverse and exciting. Each farm favors a specific set of skills and gives benefits. E.g. the Riverland Farm is abundant in water and is specialized for fishing. Similarly, each farm has its skills and benefits.
Specific actions need to be completed before a new skill is achieved to advance. E.g. killing the monsters will level up combat XP while fishing will upgrade Fishing XP.

The Latest Update Of Stardew Valley

The discussion of the changes made by the games creator in the past has had an enormous impact on the overall picture and overall quality. With different interests in romantic relationships, the availability of the new farm buildings has caught the eye of the players. But the most innovative feature that Eric Borane had incorporated into StardewValley was the “multiplayer” feature.

Players went bonkers when this update was made, firstly because it was promised to the community at the start of the game and secondly because gamers could play with their friends or family cooperatively.

The interest of every type of player is taken into account while adding a new feature in the update. Eric Borane never fails to cater to the community’s needs because he always makes sure that there is an innovative feature for the experienced players, some rewarding and appealing activities for the newbies, and an overall amazing core experience of the game. 

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The Fourth Season 

In Stardew Valley, you experience all four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The fourth season is the Winter Stardew Valley, the toughest one so far. Winter Stardew Valley brings with it various festivals and birthdays of villagers. 

Several fish are available for this specific season which include:

  1. Sturgeon
  2. Squid
  3. Sea Cucumber
  4. Herring
  5. Tiger Trout
  6. Midnight Carp, and much more.

Except for the winter seeds, there are no other plantable crops available during this season.

The game provides essential tools for polishing the skills and completing various quests. These quests are to be completed by the players and in return, they will be highly rewarded.

For example, in “A Winter Mystery Quest,” an encounter between the ‘shadow guy’ and the player takes place. The requirement includes the player’s interaction with the bush left to the community center. A magnifying glass is rewarded after the completion of the quest.

Image by Pexels.comThis magnifying glass at Stardew Valley allows the players to locate the secret notes while performing activities like chopping trees, mining, fishing, etc. Among many skills that include cooking, crafting, flooring, killing monsters, fishing and foraging can be performed throughout all the seasons in the game. It includes collecting wild food resources by multiple activities like tilling soil and chopping trees.


A popular forageable grown underground during winters is snow yam Stardew Valley which can only be dug up with the help of bombs or hoe. It can also be grown via winter seeds which grow the item above the ground making the harvest easy and quick. 

Among a variety of fish available in lakes, rivers, oceans, and sometimes mines of the Stardew Valley. The ones that are available during the winters are:

  1. Sturgeon
  2. Squid
  3. Herring, etc.

The sturgeon Stardew Valley is found in the lakes of the mountainous areas and is readily available on rainy days of summers and winters. Most villagers dislike this fish, but Willy loves it, whereas Elliot loves squid Stardew Valley.

It can be used as an ingredient in various dishes like Fried Calamari, Maki Roll, and Sashimi. It is available in the oceans in the winter evenings as well as can be found in trash cans. 

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Romance has been one of the important features incorporated by ConcernedApe into the game. Emily Stardew Valley is a bachelorette and loves her clothing which signifies that cloth and wool are among her precious gifts. She is one of the twelve characters of Stardew Valley in whom Clint was interested but was too shy to confess his love. Another spinster outside the Pelican town is Leah stardust valley, who loves sculpting. Some of her best gifts include goat cheese, salad, stir fry, and wine.  

Stardew Valley offers free updates to its players and who knows what comes next regarding the features and updates in the game.

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