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SmartGlass Keyboard Features | What’s New In This Keyboard?

SmartGlass Keyboard

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Have you heard about this new technology innovation? Do you want to purchase this technology but are confused about that is it worth buying or not? Technology is the field where many innovations happen from which some are worthwhile and some are the same. Advance technology innovations are always worthy if you know the proper use for them. Here is the new innovative tech smartglass keyboard for you.

Are you looking to buy new technologies but couldn’t find one? Well, some people can afford the new technologies but don’t know the real worth, on the other hand, some people have a proper command of the technology but can’t afford it. Now the question is that where do you lie? The new smartglass keyboard features will be covered in this post. It is also a new innovation and has many features and you can use it more easily than the other keyboards.

SmartGlass Keyboard Overview

I have been also recently searching for the new updated science technology and there found the smart glass keyboard with amazing benefits. Even couldn’t take my eye off that technology. It is so advanced and eye-catching yet it is very comfortable.

The smartglass keyboard gives the traditional touch feeling because it is transparent like glass.  It is portable, and you can use it anywhere.  This is not enough because there are many other features that will convince you to buy and you will be able to know its worth. So, what do you say? Shall we start learning about the features of the smart glass keyboard?

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Features Of SmartGlass Keyboard

This transparent keyboard has many functions and features that if you will read them then you will be darned just like me. Once you have experience using it then there is no going back.

SmartGlass Keyboard has Unique Design

The glass keyboard is transparent in design and has stylish look. With the gesture pad, the glass keyboard gives smooth working and the design is captured from the modern view of arts. Imagine typing on the transparent keyboard that gives you touchpad feeling vibes. Isn’t it seems amazing? For me, it is very beneficial. You can work in cool and light mode vibes.

SmartGlass Keyboard Touch Screen

A glass keyboard is giving you the touch screen which means that you are using it just like your phone. It has a similarity with the touch screen. You won’t feel fatigued at all, and typing will be effortless.  Not only for the phone but also similar to the tablets as well. This feature is so smooth and also has touch sensitive keys to give you a new working experience.

Spill-Proof Surface of SmartGlass Keyboard

The spill-proof surface is the best ever feature that every keyboard users want to have. Unfortunately, if something drops off your keyboard then if you have this keyboard then there is no risk that it will cause difficulty. You can relax and work without any kind of risk. The wonderful thing is that you can now order drinks while working and have a healthy workspace.

Blue LED Light of SmartGlass Keyboard

Smart glass also has the blue LED light feature and it will glow when the touch-sensitive keys are been pressed. If you are working in dull light then this light seems very amazing and provides you the soft touch of working. If you work in a dark place then this feature works super helpful. The LED lights glow and seem soothing to many individuals.


The smart glass thickness as compared to other keyboards is so thin. It’s very easy to operate because of its thin structure. The structure of the keyboard is designed on the base of a thin structure. You can handle it so perfectly that it enhances your daily functioning.

Support System

The smart glass keyboard is the technology that holds the best quality. It means that various software can work with this keyboard. You can hold work with windows and android plus Mac.  This software works very fast on the smart keyboard and every Mac user finds it very helpful in software.

Mouse Mood

Keyboard mood is best but you can use them as the mouse mood as well. Even the mouse mood seems very reliable for working. You can use these as the touching mood and anytime switch to the keyboard mood. The working performance from the mouse mood is very fast as compared to the keyboard mood.

What Are The Cons Of This Technology?

Where there is the benefit then there are the disadvantages of this technology as well. you can have the disadvantages of the smart keyboard and it can depend on whether you have to buy it or not. The more facts you have, the better learning you can gain from this keyboard.

SmartGlass Keyboard Has No Right SHIFT Key

Yes, it is true that the smart key has no right and left shift key. You sometimes have difficulties because of these keys. If you are a keyboard user then you can’t easily use the smart keyboard. It is made for the smart workers who know the alternative to the manual user. The users will choose the mouse mods if they want to use them.

Delete Key Located in Strange Position

If you have the command on this technology then you must have noticed that this smart keyboard has a delete key located in an inappropriate position. You have to struggle for finding the delete key and then tap to delete. It is somehow a strange drawback but some users would mind it.

Keyboard-to-Gesture Mode is Painful

To use the keyboard mood then it is really hard because those who don’t have the habit to use the keyboard for both the purpose then they find it pretty hard to work with that mode. But it is up to use which mode you want to use.


In this article, you will go to learn about the new technology. This smart glass keyboard has various features and cons also discussed above. You can buy the latest glass keyboard from

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