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Bastron Glass Keyboard : A Complete Review

Glass Keyboard Bastron

Bastron is a brand that has just released a glass keyboard. The keyboard’s “glass touch control double-layer” construction of capacitive touch screen technology looks like something out of a science fiction movie. A capacitive touch screen, such as the Bastron glass keyboard, is widely used for regional programming and typing. It is becoming intensively popular, with more and more demand in a lot of fields across the globe.

Bastron Glass Keyboard Is an Ideal Choice

It’s a crystal-clear keyboard with a dark gold metal edge, which not only enhances the metal’s texture but also serves as a protective layer. This pattern is based on a laptop keyboard key layout within the Compact category. In addition, it also covers cosmetic and safety concerns. In short, this keyboard serves best, besides being ideal in its shape and material.

According to users’ tendencies, unlike using a virtual keyboard on a laptop or desktop computer, the transparent keyboard is tilted at a low angle so that it doesn’t get accidentally touched by the user. This feature makes it an ideal choice for modern users.

Features of Bastron Glass Keyboard: Your Ultimate Choice     

Some Special Features

There are two white non-slip rubber mats and skids on the back of the keyboard stand, made of dark gold metal. However, while skating, keyboard usage is infrequent because of the keyboard’s low inclination angle. Aside from that, the glass touchscreen keyboard‘s primary control chip and PCB circuit boards for controlling touch recognition are housed in the metal box.

The Bastron Glass Keyboard Provides an Extra Protection

For this capacitive touchscreen keyboard, the actual capacitive screen is used. A thin layer of silica glass serves as the outermost protective layer just like that on Modern Smartphones and tablets’ touch screens. It is generally made of four-layer composite glass and covered with ITO on the inner surface.

It Electrifies the User’s Body

When the user’s fingertips touch the metal floor, the user’s body is electrified. Since capacitance is a direct conductor, it draws a tiny amount of current from the contact site.

It Considers the Current Flow from the Touch Screen

When calculating the position of the touchpoint, the controller considers the current outflow from the touch screen on the electrode horns and the distance to the four corners and the finger of the user. It has all the detailed information about this Bastron glass keyboard.

How does Bastron Glass Keyboard work? 

It Uses Signs for a Rapid Activity

Typing is not difficult with today’s development of intelligent systems which allow us to manage the computer entirely. A rapid activity using signs could include, for example, signing papers or performing graphical operations as needed. It is a distinct benefit of using a glass touch screen keyboard.

It Allows You a Free Touch Area

If you touch the keyboard driver, it will launch the application, allowing us to design a completely free and customizable touch area. You may turn your hands into whatever platform you need by touching the keyboard.

It May Also Serve As a Touch-Sensitive Mode

This is an average keyboard that can’t be compared with anything else. The backlighting options are pink or blue. You may also use it as a touch-sensitive mouse and a touchscreen keyboard.

It Boasts of Built-In Vibration and Auditory Feedback

The Bastron glass keyboard has a 0.28-inch-thick metal base and a tempered glass top with a screen-printed key layout. The essential travel and clicking sound cannot replace themselves with the capacitive touch keyboard’s built-in vibration and auditory feedback, which chimes in every time you write.

It Provides One-Surface Productivity for Desktop Computers

The Bastron’s number pad, which can also be used as a touch-sensitive touchpad, is where it truly stands out. So, the Bastron provides the same one-surface productivity as laptops but for desktop computers.

It Requires a Microfiber Cloth to Clean It

You need a microfiber cloth to clean this splash- and dust-proof device. That may appeal to a specific group of individuals, but it’s tough to sell to others who still like keyboards with a lot of travel and feel. Perhaps, it might be possible in the future, when flat glass touchscreen keyboards become more common.

How to Use the Bastron Glass Keyboard?

Use a USB Cable and Windows 10 or Mac OS

You’ll need a USB cable and a computer with Windows 10 or Mac OS installed to use the keyboard. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, so you don’t have to limit yourself to only using it on Apple’s latest mobile devices.

It Is Always Very Easy to Clean

The lack of conventional keys also makes this one of the simplest computer peripherals to clean, avoiding the buildup of dust and debris that lodges itself between the keys. This one factor makes standard keyboards one of the dirtiest daily devices.

You May Experience a Slow Typing Rate

The new generation of millennials, who have grown up with smartphones, may have already adapted to using a glass-type screen. Typing rates will reduce themselves when moving to a flat surface. The Bastron glass keyboard is entirely silent.

Align Your Fingers Perfectly with the Graphics

To pretend to type, you could touch just about any flat, nonporous surface. As long as your fingers don’t perfectly align with the graphics, you can never tell what buttons you’re going to press or whether or not you’ve aligned yourself properly.

You May Use the Bastron Glass Keyboard As a Piano

Make a piano out of a smooth piece of glass by strumming your fingers on it. Typing became an exercise in double-checking that my fingers were in the right place before continuing. Occasionally, when it goes into power-saving mode, it may not be easy to wake it back up to continue. However, it is possible only for a short time and only if you leave it standing for extended periods.

You May Even Use It in Your Kitchen

It may be acceptable in a situation when typing isn’t necessary. Having this on a kitchen shelf, where it’s easy to clean, but you don’t type a lot, is a possibility in my opinion. Some people like to watch videos on YouTube while they cook. If you happen to splatter food on it, all you have to do is to wipe the glass clean.


This is really a miraculous device in all aspects. Does it ever astray while typing?… no, not in a million years. You don’t mind knowing where your keys are at all. You can use this touchscreen keyboard as a touchpad on the bright side by turning it on and off. As a result, this may be an option if you’d rather use a touchpad instead of a mouse. If you think equal to it, you may get all tech latest news information and updates at

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