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PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi – Solutions And Tips For A Stable Connection

ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi

Are you a PlayStation 4 (PS4) user frustrated with PS4 keeps disconnecting from WiFi while gaming? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s a common problem for PS4 players that can be quite annoying and hinder your gaming experience. The disconnections occur repeatedly, happening every hour, which can be disruptive. In this article, we will explore the various causes behind the issue of PS4 disconnecting from WiFi and provide practical recommendations to help you fix it. Let’s get started and get your game back on track.

Why PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi?

The PS4 is generally at blame for this issue, which can usually be rectified by updating its firmware. The problem might be due to a faulty router or signal interference from other devices in the area. After reading this, you will have complete confidence in how to solve the problem, no matter its origin.

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How To Fix PS4 WiFi Connection Issue

Frequency band interference significantly contributes to the PS4’s disconnect from wifi and controller problems. In the next part, we’ll discuss the science behind the PS4’s WiFi issues and how to solve them; if that doesn’t work, we’ll go through other methods you may attempt.

Understanding the Issue

Understanding the potential reasons for your PS4 constantly losing its internet connection in 2023 is crucial. Possible causes may include interference with the WiFi signal, incorrect network settings, faulty hardware, or faulty software. Let’s delve deeper into each of these factors to gain a better understanding. Additionally, consider utilizing other tips to enhance your WiFi signal strength.

WiFi Signal Interference

Try these strategies to reduce the likelihood of signal interference:

Network Configuration

PS4 keeps disconnecting from wifi 2022 might occur at random intervals if your network settings are incorrect. Some possible tweaks to your network configuration are as follows.

Issues with the Hardware

Problems with your PS4 keeps disconnecting from the server might result from faulty hardware. The following are some possible solutions to the problem:

Bugs in the Program

Bugs in the system software or an older program version might cause disconnection issues with your PS4’s WiFi. You might attempt the following solution:

When All Else Fails, What Should You Do?

After discussing some of the causes of PS4 WiFi disconnections, we may go on to discuss various solutions:


What to do if your PS4 keeps disconnecting from WiFi?

The PS4 and router should be rebooted, the firmware updated, the console and router should be brought closer together, a wired connection should be used, network settings should be reset, and the ISP should be contacted.

Why does PS4 keep disconnecting from WiFi?

The router’s configuration, the router’s network, the router’s firmware, or the ISP might all be to blame.

Why does my PS4 keep disconnecting from the TV?

The issue is unrelated to wireless connectivity. Verify that the HDMI cable is inserted into the TV and that it is set up properly.

How to disconnect PS4 from the internet?

Open the Menu and go to Network > Internet Connection Setup. Pick your preferred connectivity mode by clicking “Use WiFi” or “Use a LAN Cable.” A new connection may be established, or the existing one can be turned off by clicking “Custom” and following the on-screen directions.


It’s annoying when your PS4 keeps disconnecting from a WiFi connection. The PlayStation 4 is an impressive machine to enjoy all your favorite video games and entertainment options. However, this can only be done with a stable WiFi connection. Therefore, maybe this method might be used to repair WiFi on PS4 and other models. If it doesn’t work, you may always try physically connecting the PS4 to the wireless access point.

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