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5 Best Ways To Improving Your Internet Speed For Gaming

Internet Speed For Gaming

Nothing beats an intensive gaming session. The fast-paced movement, increased concentration, focus and so much more – only a gamer can relate to this sensation. But another thing that all gamers can relate to is the frustration they feel due to poor internet service. It goes without saying that not having a stable internet connection can ruin the potential gaming session. It makes gaming so frustrating that you just want to turn off your system or maybe throw it out. But let’s save all the gamers out there by offering them tips and tricks for enhancing your internet speed for gaming.

The following are some amazing ways that you should keep handy whenever you need to improve internet speed for your gaming session:

Getting a Solid Internet Speed For Gaming

Let’s start with the root of the problem. People often choose internet plans with insufficient internet speed when it comes to the internet. This happens because most people aren’t aware of their internet needs and end up choosing the wrong internet plan.

That is why you need to get yourself the right plan so that you don’t go through the hassle again. For that, we recommend checking out Xfinity internet packages. From the right speed to superb service and amazing pricing, you’ll be sorted for good and your gaming sessions will become free of internet speed issues.

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Internet Speed For Gaming: Choosing Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

No matter how close your internet router is placed or what model you have, when it comes to gaming internet speed stability, you need to go for an Ethernet. Why? An Ethernet connection provides stable connectivity, which is the key to a smooth gaming session.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, you’re connected wirelessly, which is somewhat of a plus point. However, with wireless signals comes interference through appliances, Bluetooth devices, etc. This can hinder the connection’s performance and you can face disruptions during the game.

But with an Ethernet, you can enjoy a stable internet connection without worrying about interference via signals. Moreover, you get maximum throughput with an Ethernet, which with Wi-Fi isn’t possible.

Internet Speed For Gaming: Clearing Your Cache

From your internet browser to your system and your game, the cache is stored to process things fast and enhance performance on demand. The cache allows to store frequently used processes, and loads them quickly so that processing can be completed quickly.

However, with the cache, the system is bound to use resources to keep the processes ready. This includes memory, space, internet speed, and more. For a browser to keep the internet tabs ready, it needs memory and an internet connection so that it can reload the tabs once re-opened.

The same applies to your game and your Laptop or a PC. Although the cache makes it quite easier for the users to enjoy a swift performance, it still burdens the internet speed. Therefore, if you see your system lacking in terms of internet speed, especially with your gaming session, then try clearing the cache.

Removing Background Processes

Another element to consider is the number of processes that are running in the background of your device. In most cases, the users are experiencing internet issues because of the applications running in the background.

When this happens, the internet speed is divided into those processes, leaving minimal juice for the primary gaming process. In addition to the background processes, there are dormant processes too that run continuously even when they’re closed.

The reason why these processes run is their functionality, which allows them to run even in a dormant mode. However, that doesn’t mean they should interfere with your gaming performance.

What you can do is find these processes and check for their functionality impact. In case the impact is minimal, you can simply disable them and get the resource for your gaming needs. In case the impact is high, you can either schedule these for impact performance or disable as many processes as possible.

Optimizing Your Plan

Although we talked about finding the right internet plan for your needs, how about you optimize your current internet plan for gaming? What you can do is find optimize the speed and bandwidth in a way that most of it are dedicated to your gaming process.

When this happens, you’re able to get the maximum juice for your gaming and use the remaining for other processes. If you’re using Ethernet, then you can optimize the connection speed and enhance the portion of the speed given to your gaming port.

Speaking of which, your system’s build also affects it since having a gigabit Ethernet port will allow better performance with enhanced bandwidth and data flow. With this, you can dedicate a for your gaming connection when you’re using Wi-Fi for connectivity too.

Closing Thoughts

Your gaming session will only be amazing if you’re having smooth internet connectivity. But if you’re experiencing lags, it’ll only ruin the game and your time. That’s why you should keep the abovementioned tricks handy so that you can improve your internet speed for gaming.

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