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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 Features And Price

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

The HP brand has gained huge popularity in the tech world. The Model of HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 was released in 2021. It is an initial gaming laptop for new gamers that is compatible with AMD Ryzen (5000-series CPUs) and NVIDIA GPUs. It is designed with plastic, but the design is well-built and sturdy. If you want smooth gaming on elevated graphics settings. It can’t play continuously, which means you can play at the highest performance for long periods of time but not all the time.

Gaming is on trend in this era, and everyone uses gadgets that best fit their games. This model of HP Pavilion gaming laptop is an entry-level gaming laptop for gamers. Continue reading if you are interested in HP Pavilion gaming laptops.

Pros and Cons of HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop


  • Good performance
  • Strong CPU
  • Matt display
  • Smooth keyboard
  • Good resolution


  • Not run smoothly under load
  • Normal battery
  • It can’t run smoothly at the maximum settings 

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Features

It comes as an entry-level gaming laptop that provides specific features for gamers. Following are the detailed features you should know if you plan to buy it:


The keyboard of this HP Pavilion gaming laptop 15 is solidly-built. Typing on this works well with the right keys that are built of adequate plastic. The space in the keys is well-designed, but you may need to get used to the unfamiliar layout of the arrow keys. There is a Numpad, which can be useful if you need to tie extra keys in some games or if you frequently enter digits in spreadsheets.


It comes with a 15.6-inch screen display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for the best gaming experience. The first thing that can affect gaming is a poor display. To minimize the hurdles, HP Pavilion provides a good display screen. The color accuracy of the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is just average. Most colors are inaccurate due to the display’s very narrow color spectrum, and the white balance is not good enough either.

In contrast, the brightness level and color features of the games are amazing. In addition, the screen’s response time is good, ensuring users get plenty of screen time. The display of the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is flicker-free in all modes and brightness levels, which is useful to minimize eye strain for people who have weak or sensitive eyesight.


The display of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop enables it to deliver smooth performance. While using it, you’ll figure out how strong the CPU is. It has a Hexa core CPU with a speed of 3 GHz. For common applications, the hardware provides a smooth computing experience. 

Because it has 512 GB of storage, it provides its users with better transferring speeds. The speed and performance are enhanced with the help of a GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card. Additionally, the HP Laptop 15 has a decent and clear microphone and webcam.


This HP Pavilion gaming laptop comes with two fans, but this model does not have much noise emission. They work smoothly unless they experience a load. The heat level didn’t rise very high while using it. On average, the temperature remains in the cooler range but can turn to heat up during stress conditions. 

Power Management / Battery life

Because of its weight, everyone expected it to have a large battery to handle a full day’s work; however, you can play games or work on it for 7 to 8 hours. It is not bad, but we all expected 12 to 14 hours of battery life from this HP Pavilion gaming laptop. The process of hp battery replacement is also simple in this model.

Volume / Sound

The laptop speakers are just fine. They come from above the keyboard, are close to the screen, and have an average volume. The speakers are not very loud, so they are not the best fit for gaming or listening to music at high volumes. The frequency range is average and hard-heavy, with a slight bump in the low treble to boost vocals. Therefore, its speakers are good for low-speech content like podcasts but aren’t good enough for the gaming experience.

Price of HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.

If you want to  purchase it from the official website of HP, then the prices are mentioned below:

Price of HP Pavilion
HP Pavilion Laptop15 z-eh200 PC $699
HP Pavilion Lapto15t  eg200 $599
HP Pavilion Laptop – 15t-eg200 Laptop $449
HP Pavilion Laptop – 15t-eg000 $469


HP has made this laptop satisfactory for school students, gamers, and business owners. The laptop will not cost you more than its features. The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop has excellent build quality. It is made of plastic but looks sturdy and scratch-free. The laptop is very stable when closed because of its rubber feet, which help keep it steady when placed on a flat surface.


Is the HP Pavilion Laptop just for Games?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is mainly for gamers, but you can also use it for other purposes. Following are the different usages for you to understand where you can use it most effectively. 

In School

This laptop is suitable for students because of its strong CPU, good speed, smooth mouse pad, and keyboard.

For Gaming

It is best for gaming because of its performance, high resolution, strong CPU, and graphics card. The laptop will only show errors if you put a load on it. If you want to use it smoothly, run it under its capacity.

For Business Use

You can use it with satisfaction for your business needs. The keyboard has well-structured keys to avoid restrictions while typing for a long time. The port section allows you to transfer or use external data. The display, performance, and webcam of this HP Pavilion gaming laptop are all good for business.

What is the Battery Timing of the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15?

It is moderate. When fully charged, it can be used continuously for up to 7 to 8 hours. It is not bad, but we all expected 12 to 14 hours of battery life from this HP Pavilion gaming laptop.

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