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HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement Method

HP Envy x360

A few weeks ago my laptop was not getting properly charged and suddenly it turned off and did not turn on even after trying many times. After some examination, I found it was its battery that has been collapsed so I ordered an HP envy x360 battery replacement from bestbuy and replace it myself.

If your HP Envy x360 battery is suddenly out of order and you are eager to learn about HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement then keep reading to know how I changed my hp envy x360 battery and what replacement I used for it. 

Before heading towards the replacement method, it is necessary to know the right tools and process to remove the battery first from your HP envy x360 laptop


Before starting this whole process, you have to follow some precautions. These are as follows;

Remove Battery

Before the HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement, you must remove the damaged one. So, follow these steps;

  1. The first step is to remove the laptop cover. 
  2. Disconnect the battery cable from the connector.
  3. Find the locking bar and lift it up with the help of a little force.
  4. Now, head towards the ribbon cable and disconnect it from the board.
  5. Further, detach the three screws that have fixed the battery at the base.
  6. Now lift the battery with the help of the Mylar tab and remove it. 

Replacement Process

Now, follow these steps for the HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement process.

Step 1

After successfully removing the battery from the laptop, It’s time to replace it. Place the new battery. Pick the new battery and put it straight into the battery bay. During placing, ensure all sides are equal to avoid any disruption. 

Step 2

The second step in Hp envy x360 battery replacement is after putting the battery into the battery bay, now is turn to fix it in the bay. For this, you must set the Phillips-head  P1 screws to tighten the battery in the bay. After tightening the screws, the battery is enclosed and will not move. 

Step 3

Next is the turn of the ribbon cable. On the system board, put the USB or audio ribbon cable into the ZIF connector of the audio or USB board. Now is the turn to press down the locking. It will help you to lock the cable in one place.

Step 4

While replacing the battery, you must analyze each step correctly. If you are not careful it could affect your laptop. Similarly, in this step, you must ensure the battery cable you have disconnected before. Now, make sure it has reconnected with the system board. 

Step 5

In last, you have to put the laptop’s top cover. All the process for the battery is completed. Now place the top cover slowly and carefully to prevent any damage then tighten all the screws carefully. 

Where To Get HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement

Removing the battery and operating it on the AC power only will not be the best option. Unfortunately, various laptops, including HP Envy x360, cannot work on AC power only. For this, you need a battery replacement. 

The only option is to buy a battery replacement from a third-party site. For this, you can approach Amazon, Ali Express, or  Best Buy e-commerce websites. From there, you can purchase an HP Envy x360 Battery Replacement. 


When you find your battery swollen, there is no option but to replace or remove it to secure the remaining laptop. HP stopped making the batteries just 18 months after the computer launched. Therefore alternatives for HP Envy x360 Battery are 


What is the time duration of the HP Envy x360 battery?

If we talk about 15-ey0013dx battery for an HP Envy x360 that is in good condition and can last up to 12 hours that is pretty good for a laptop 

Can you replace an HP Envy laptop battery?

If the battery of your Hp envy laptop has been damaged and you are thinking of replacing it then definitely you can replace it by following the procedure to remove and replace the battery mentioned above.

Does the HP Envy x360 have a battery?

When the company launched the HP Envy x360, it only provided the original battery replacement for a few months. Now, you cannot avail this opportunity as the company has stopped making the battery replacement. So, how can you have Hp envy x360 battery replacement After 18 months of its launch, the HP company stopped making its battery. So, you must purchase it from a third-party site for replacement. 

Is it worth it to replace a laptop battery?

If you are replacing your laptop battery after two years of its usage then it is worth replacing because it increases the battery timing of your laptop.

How much Money does it cost to replace a laptop battery?

Hp envy x360 battery replacement cost $25 to $60  Depending on the model of the laptop and the capacity of the battery. you can get LE03 LE03XL HSTNN from amazon for $35 Amazon 

LK03XL battery for HP Envy X360 cost is USD 55 

What is the time duration of the hp envy x360 m6 convertible battery?

According to some reviews, the battery timing of the hp envy x360 m6 convertible is 6 hours which is low compared to the other models. It has a 45 W AC power adapter

If my laptop is not charging what should I do?

If your laptop is not charging plug it out and try to plug it in and check again if it’s not working then check the battery if you notice any damage or swallow battery you need to replace your laptop battery because a damaged or swollen battery is the sign that you should change your battery


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