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How To Find My PayPal Account Number?

what is my paypal account number

The majority of monetary institutions provide a variety of account numbers. We utilize them for various purposes, such as setting up bank deposits and making payments via the web.

But PayPal isn’t like other banks. PayPal does not provide account IDs; nevertheless, we can assist you in locating pertinent account data. PayPal recognizes your PayPal account using your email account.

However, a small percentage of PayPal users – business users and owners of PayPal Prepaid credit cards – do, in fact, own ID numbers. Find out how to locate the personal details for your PayPal account by reading over the following subsections.

What is the functionality of PayPal?

In contrast to the others, PayPal fails to provide you with a unique number, such as a WebMoney user name or an account number. Email address verification is used for connecting.

An email address is required when opening a PayPal account. It’s your PayPal ID, this email address. It will be utilized in various ways, including verifying your account, getting mail, and logging back in.

Since you created the account using a PayPal email address, the number assigned to the account now serves as the login. Thus, include an email address if you need to locate or offer anyone their PayPal account information.

Your email address allows for immediate cash sending and receiving. As mentioned below, one primary cause is to guarantee a direct payment. You’ll need to send money or deposit it into your PayPal account one day because it won’t be fully supplied. This is when the bank account’s online transaction has to be made.

For example, a bank won’t transmit cash using an email address since its network only takes account numbers. Everything can occur more easily if you have a PayPal account number.

How to find a PayPal email address on a smartphone?

Let’s begin by going over the fundamentals. Everybody who has a PayPal account gets an active email address. We frequently transfer or get cash using this email to verify our claims. Therefore, if that’s exactly what you have to do, take these actions:

How to locate your PayPal email address in an Internet Explorer – private account?

If you prefer, you are able to view your mail using a web address. Naturally, the procedures differ based on whether you use a PayPal account for commercial or personal use. If you possess the latter, take these actions:

How to locate your PayPal email address in a web browser – enterprise account?

Lastly, if you have an enterprise account, adhere to the following guidelines to provide your account email:

How to locate your business account’s PayPal merchant ID?

You should be able to locate your PayPal Merchant ID if you operate a business. The identification that enables you to accept payments is this serial number. This number is essential if there’s a problem with your account or refunds.

This is how to locate it:

How to locate your account information on a PayPal credit card?

For setting up automatic deposits, if you have a PayPal Prepaid credit card, you require your account number and routing information. Fortunately, finding this number is possible through a few methods. For Bankcorp Bank, 114924742 is the routing number. That being said, this is how to locate your PayPal account information.

Using Text:

To obtain the login quantity, SMS it to yourself. The whole thing is digitized. Naturally, the phone number connected to your PayPal account must be utilized for sending a message.

Observe these steps: Text 22622 with a message. Fill in the content of the box with Direct. PayPal will promptly call you back and provide the account number for your PayPal Prepaid Card.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Real-Time Alerts, this approach won’t function.

Through Telephone:

Next, choose additional services by clicking on the menu item. Ultimately, you can get your PayPal account number back.

Using Your Internet Account:

In your account on the internet, you can finally obtain your PayPal account information. From the account management center, select Add/Manage Money if your account on the internet is connected to your PayPal Prepaid Credit card. Opt for Direct Deposit. You can examine the data required to set up a direct withdrawal.


PayPal dramatically simplifies our lives. Finding some account-related information, however, might occasionally be challenging. You can utilize your email address for practically every feature that PayPal provides. If your PayPal credit card prepaid, locating your account number won’t be a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I find my PayPal account number?

To find your PayPal account, follow the steps given below:

How do I give someone my PayPal details?

Just create a PayPal of yours with someone else. People are able to give you money anytime they’d like if you share my web address (Paypal. me/Your Name) with them.

Where can I find my PayPal credit account number?

The email address you provide is how you can be recognized when logging in to your user account.

What is a PayPal account?

PayPal is an internet payment network that facilitates electronic transfers of cash for both people and corporations.

Can someone take my PayPal account?

Yes. PayPal can be hacked in a number of methods, such the following: spoofing scams:

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