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What Are The Best Online Resources To Learn Automation Testing?

Automation Testing

Every QA software developer must use testing automation procedures. It’s comparable to manual testing advances. If you become a tester, you must understand that such quality assurance is incredibly distinct and that your daily activities will differ.

Before answering the query “where on the Internet can you become a first-class automation specialist,” you must answer the simple question “what are the obligations of an automated tester?”

You need to know what automated testing is to answer this. It is a software testing process that creates tests using specific program components and quickly validates results.

How to become a QA automation tester? Then this blog is for you!

What Is Automation Testing?

Automation testing automates software testing tasks using a toolkit or framework. In simple terms, it’s testing where a tool automatically does a set of tasks in a pattern.

Automation testing is critical for faster, more accurate test coverage. Manual testers can focus on exploratory tests, reviewing test findings, and other high-value tasks. A machine automated regression testing.

What Does Automation Testing Do?

Software engineers, developers, and test engineers need automation testing when starting a new project. It’s better than manual testing since it improves program efficiency and finds bugs.

Its main goal is that. Development projects prosper with automation testing. Uses:

Best Online Automation Testing Resources

Selenium WebDriver is the most relevant test automation tool. Hence, most resources focus on it. General test automation resources are also accessible.

Automation testing resources are online. These tools help you identify optimal practices and issues.

1. Online Tutorials

Many YouTube channels teach automated testing tools and technologies. Audio-visual interfaces are better for learning new technology. Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera, and others are compensated.

2. Test Automation Frameworks

Enterprise applications are integrated into phases with distinct interfaces. However, improper interface communication can cause many defects and business errors. Integration testing is crucial. Citrus is an open-source framework that teaches how to automate test integration for any format or messaging protocol.

3. Email Newsletters

Test automation newsletters are one of the best ways to stay current on automation testing. If you sign up for one, you’ll get an email daily with the latest automated testing news, articles, and blogs from that website or service provider. Just enter your email address and subscribe.

4. E-learning Platforms

QA automation training online classes are available on these websites. There are both paid and free ones. Their slogan is “Take free online courses from premier colleges.” Therefore, you can take fundamental college courses online. The majority are free. The only drawback is that they have hard start dates, homework, and quizzes.

5. Books

Courses help you learn about automation testing. However, why not read books on automating books? Though old-fashioned, it’s nevertheless vital. The following books were authored by industry experts and expert developers seeking IT solutions.

6. Blogs

By reading popular automation testing blogs, you can learn how to automate tests for web, mobile, and other apps. So you can follow test automation trends and technology.

7. Webinars/Videos

Webinars and videos explain how to scale a test automation framework. They include introductory and intermediate Selenium WebDriver tips to increase test stability. The webinar guests’ experiences make the presentation outstanding.

8. Slides/Presentations

These materials let you discuss complex topics’ pros and cons. They discuss IT industry trends to help you choose a career.

9. Community-based Chat Groups

How can you solve problems when working on an automated test tool with little experience? Community-driven forums and chat groups Other forums are test-driven.

10. Workshops And Learning Platforms

Coding experience helps you learn new technology, notably coding and scripting. Here are some workshops where you can work on a project while learning.

Step-by-Step Automation Testing Tutorial

Why Study Automation Testing?

Yes. As more firms realize the importance of software testing, automation-savvy analysts are needed. Automation testing speeds up and simplifies testing, not because it replaces humans.

Automation testing, especially with the latest tools, will increase your prospects. Remember, your IT experience and abilities increase your value.

A Smart Way To Get Into Automation Testing:

As the need for test automation specialists increases, more and more resources are making this training available. On the other hand, only some platforms are trustworthy and effective.

Because of this, you need to find a good source before you study automated testing. Here are the top recommendations for learning more about automated testing.

Simplilearn online bootcamp is the best virtual boot camp and the go-to resource for professional development certifications. The majority of classes concentrate on the computer and technological skills.

Articles, booklets, video lectures, and webinars are just some of the resources available here on test automation. You can watch them at no cost to you.

You can also get your master’s degree in automation test engineering through this institution. During the course, you will learn a lot about software development, automated testing, quality assurance (QA), and more.

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