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Easy Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Mobile App | Expand Your Business



Thinking about increasing your revenue, quicken your website into a mobile app. As per the new report by Digi-Capital, a research firm, Mobile Internet revenue is going to hit $150 trillion by the end of 2021. With the growing demand for mobile apps, businesses of varied industries are focusing on native mobile app development, which can be distributed in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Read through to find how to turn your websites into a mobile app to expand your business?

Have A Simplified UI

There are various startups and tech giants that are looking forward to converting their business websites into high-end mobile applications in 2021. Recently, Facebook has also launched its native mobile application for both platforms and it is getting a positive response from users. They have converted the website into a fully native mobile app, giving a simplified UI.

So what happened after they changed their website into a mobile app?

Believe it not, it started growing 10 times more than expected growth Facebook could ever imagine. An unpredictable increase of traffic flow on Facebook and engagement through various activities for generating- revenue.

Moreover, there are various startups like:

And many more actively operating websites that started as a website a few years back but by 2020 took a wise decision of converting a website into a mobile app.

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The Decision Of Converting The Website Into A Mobile App

Today, mobile devices are rapidly growing on this planet.

Furthermore, the number of products and services through mobile has exceeded the number of products and services through the website in the last couple of months.

Good Reasons 

Many of you may have a question on your mind that what are the reasons to convert a website into a high-end mobile application. However, there are numerous reasons to opt for a mobile application. Let’s have a look at the different reasons:

No matter whether your application is a direct translation of a website or not, the important thing is creating a seamless user experience. Every single platform or channel has its own rules and it is essential that you follow those rules – whether you are developing a product from scratch or converting the website into a mobile app.

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Simple Tips For Advanced Conversion 

If you have decided to convert your business website into an advanced mobile application, the first you need to adapt is the design. Here are some of the important tips that you should consider:

1. Seamless UX

As we all know that native applications are extremely different in terms of look and feel, so it is essential that the UX of a mobile app must be different from a website’s UX. You make sure to keep it simple and intuitive. It will help users remain on the app if, it is user-friendly together with frequent engagement. 

You should not forget about the platform and deliver context, making an excellent first impression. These are some of the important UX design principles that we should focus on while making sure a wonderful visual language across the product.

2. Simplify Navigation  

On the website, you may have some of the drop-down menus so that you can give a user-friendly interface. Well, that’s great for the website’s purpose.

For this, you can hire an experienced mobile app development company that will help you out in style screens, navigation flows, and more that must be best for your business application.

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3. Consistency Screen Sizes Essentials

It is true that it is not easily possible to accommodate the whole website on a small screen.  Approximately, 3 to 4 features on the website are equal to 5 to 8 screens on a mobile device. Due to this reason, we are suggesting picking only the key features and keep the rest. At least, in the early versions of the app, you can pick only some features and keep aside the rest.

There are lots of websites that have plenty of functions and features, and those were easily accessible from the top menu. But the mobile apps of those websites only include some of the screens that are important.  But still, those apps are giving value to the users. Make sure you know what users are looking for on your website. 

4. Delivering Instant Gratification

By using mobile phones, users are expecting instant gratification. While using a mobile app, they come in, get something, and go out. In case, if they are pressing a button, they are easily getting a reward. Therefore, instant gratification is the best way to keep users engaged and an application running. Today, users are becoming less encouraged to use their applications as their difficulties are increasing.

If the page is taking more amount of time to load:

Once, you launch your application, make sure to continue

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As an app owner, you need to decide and find out what your audience is looking for and where they are facing any problems. These are some of the tips that you need to consider while converting your website into a mobile application. However, there are lots of places that will help you to turn your website into a powerful mobile app.

Check out the exciting must-have gadgets that might help you retain gratifying your audience from a website into a mobile app.

Let’s Check Out Some of the Helping Platforms

1. BuildFire

It is known as the world’s easiest mobile app creator. Most of its featured and drag-and-drop solutions for developing a feature-rich mobile application.

BuildFire solutions offer:

It provides various features that you can currently add to an application easily using BuildFire. The most advanced feature is loyalty that allows you to develop your own in-app point-based loyalty program.


DWNLD is an advanced place that is obtainable on the web. Obtainable only for iOS apps, the platform allows you to convert your site into an iPhone application. Comes with numerous features and templates, it would be worth using this platform for you.

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3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is also one of the best solutions that are a gold mine, not just for developing a website application, but for doing it yourself application creation overall. You can take a look at the features of this platform.

Some of the features include:

4. SwebApps

SwebApps offers a range of features that you can’t get from anything else.

You can develop a feature-rich application that serves your customers with the desired functionalities. In any case, if you are facing any difficulty in converting your website into an app, you can hire a professional mobile app development company that has an experienced team of mobile app developers.

Also, visit the following site:

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