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Tesla Model 3: All You Need To Learn About The Interior Features

tesla interior

Tesla’s Model 3 is unquestionably the most excellent for control. The Tesla exterior makes the stability of the model outstanding. It is designed to nearly eliminate the possibility of sliding in all weather patterns.

The Tesla interior has also sparked a lot of discussions and undergone a fast change. The attractive entertainment system, the comfortable seats, the touch panel, the inside camera systems, and the roomy cargo compartment all contribute to its distinctive existence.

Given how keen Tesla’s all-wheel-drive technology is, turning traction is assured even at high speeds. It’s undeniable that the addition of “setting and monitoring” has increased this vehicle’s entertainment value. There are three ways that drivers can alter their dealing:

What Is The Statistical Evaluation Of the Tesla Model 3?

As the title implies, this Model 3 isn’t only about little trinkets, or as Tesla calls them, “Hidden Gems.” It means that what’s concealed beneath the surface matters. Potent dual-drive drivetrains, one for each wheel, are standard on optimisation models. The Model 3 defeats the BMW M3 and Audi RS 7 in a straight dash.

What Are The Basic Parameters Of The Tesla Model 3?

Here are all the fantastic elements of a Tesla Model 3 that we want you to be aware of as we take an in-depth look:

What Characteristics Does the Tesla Model 3 Have?



The Interior of Tesla’s Model 3

Tesla Interior Touch Screen

The large 15′′ touchpad entertainment screen at the heart of the cockpit is the first thing you’ll notice. You can store everything you need on one sizable display without any other colourful buttons or knobs.

Tesla Interior Seats

The usual interior is all-black “vegan” leather. However, if you spend an extra £1,000, you can get a white and black seat. The seat, panel, and doorway thresholds are all made of various durable materials. In other words, it seems much more lavish than Tesla’s depiction of a “semi-luxury cabin” would imply.

Tesla Interior Door Handle

The Tesla Model 3 auto-presenting door handles are a game changer and convenient. The unique door handle kit lets you eliminate unlocking the doors manually.

It will be simple for you to unlock the door while seated inside a Tesla Model 3. You have to click the lock icon on the touchpad, and all four door handles will ignite, turn out, and offer themselves.

Tesla Interior Space

Hybrid vehicles often have more freight and passenger room for a given volume range. They only require as much technological equipment as gas cars. It has nearly the exact dimensions as a BMW 3 Series but a substantially larger cabin.

A Model 3 also boasts the most head and extra legroom in its class when the ground is ultimately level. The Model 3 divides its passenger compartment into two sections for stores.

There are two distinct compartments in this model. One is on the front, while the other is on the back. The combined volume of these two chambers is 649 litres. It performs better than the BMW 3 Series – which has a 481-litre capacity.

Tesla Interior Camera

The most notable option that Tesla gives is its internal camera. The activation of Autopilot allows the cabin camera to detect operator inattention. It offers auditory notifications that advise you to focus on the roadway.

The pictures and videos taken by the camera are only shared far outside the car or with Tesla once the information exchange is activated.

Tesla Interior Roof

The Model 3 has a large glass canopy that gives your eyes an incredible, tranquil sensation. No doubt it also enhances your voyage. Most of the glass overhead makes up the Model 3’s 184.8-inch height.

This glass structure is secure. In addition, with a vast glass roof at the upper edge, the interior of the Tesla is incredibly healthy because the roof’s capacity to filter nearly all UV rays is about 99%.

Tesla Interior Lights

If AUTO is selected, unlocking the Model 3 or entering Park will switch on all interior dome lights. Every head beam’s reflector touch to switch it on or off. The Model 3’s built-in feature causes the dome lights to switch off when the vehicle shuts down.

Tesla Interior Protection

All Tesla vehicles come with remarkable Cabin Overheat Protection capabilities. The HVAC blower turns on immediately if the inside of the car becomes too warm, enabling convective cooling to be brought inside to cool the cockpit. This extremely quick thermal conductor maintains interior cooling when you select a lighter colour.

How Much Does A Tesla Model 3 Cost? 

It’s worth noting that the entire Model 3 series pricing was dramatically decreased in January 2023. The electrical saloon’s beginning cost now being £42,990, or £5,500 lower than it was.

The Model 3 Long Range was the variation that received the most significant discounts. It is priced at £50,990, which is £6,500 cheaper than before. The Model 3 Performance currently begins at £57,990 thanks to a £3,500 price reduction.


The Tesla Model 3 has always amazed me. It has been a significant success and maintains its competitiveness in the face of an onslaught of more recently electric vehicles like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and the Polestar, thanks to its unique interior, impressive driving ability, and potent acceleration. The Model 3 is an enjoyable vehicle and a pleasant wish to live with.

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