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Terrifying Robot Snake Will Rescue You

Snakes are scary and terrifying. 51 % of Americans are afraid of snake, whether they have seen it or not. It is the top-most creeper that could even make some of us fades. But technology is trying to change our minds now with the help of a newly introduced “security-snake”.  No, don’t worry, it is not a robot-snake meant to rescue you in danger.
According to Carnegie Millon University bio-robotics lab reports, a robot snake is designed in such a way that it will come to people stuck in collapsed buildings and helps them get out of it.

This modular snake is tested for rescue operations. It was taken to a supposed”Disaster City” which is actually a rescue services testing ground under the supervision of Texas A & M Engineering Extension Services (TAAMEES).

In the operation, snake robot will be assigned the task of saving trapped victims. It will start working and dispose from the back of its fellow rescuer dog. It will start slithering by it and send back video clips to its office.
It even can slither into flat buildings or narrow junctions. The shape of a long compact rode-like robot is perfect to intervene in cramped broken buildings. It is a marvelous thing meant for helping people so all your fears will vanish if you see this harmless man-made creature slithering around.

It could even plunge into places where other animals or human beings cannot reach. This is mainly because of its structure and built. It flips without having legs, flops without having wheels; it can even go to rugged surfaces or destroyed terrain or rocky areas to secure the trapped people.

A snakebot just resembles a snake while its role is totally different. NASA also develops software for them and uses them for various purposes but it is the Carnegie University only where snakebots are developed for rescue, search, safety and disaster-management purposes. Another masterpiece of this university is a thin medical snake robot which moves around human organs inside the chest.

There are different sizes and shapes of snakebots developed now.
Major features of snake robots are:-

1.    They have a lengthy cross-section which is designed to let them enter into really and narrow spaces & move around such spaces without difficulty.

2.    Snakebots can change shape or behaviors any time if any need arise. It enables them to do a range of functions such as a snakebot could climb a tree or move easily on the stairs to reach the top.

3.    They are hyper-redundant robots, and sometimes they are chained together by adding hundreds of links. This helps them to keep working even if a part or chain has broken or destructed.

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