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Stardew Valley: A Winter Mystery

Stardew Valley A Winter Mystery

Stardew Valley quests can often unlock new features or areas of the game and valuable items that cannot be found elsewhere. Stardew Valley, A Winter Mystery is one such quest. This quest unlocks the ability for you to find Secret Notes that contain a lot of useful hints and lore.

For all the fans of Stardew Valley; A Winter Mystery, it’s time to find out some more interesting facts.

Stardew Valley

There are different forms of entertainment for children, and video games are one of them. The game promotes teamwork when played with others. Stardew Valley is a video game that imitates the situation, and it was launched in 2016. Stardew Valley is a game for children of 11 or above. The player himself takes the role of the character. He takes charge of his deceased grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley, which is ruined due to negligence.

The game Stardew Valley has four seasons, and each of them has 28 days. Winter mystery is one of them and enjoyable too. The player enjoys some new changes in gameplay and mechanics. The secret notes can also be unlocked after completing the season. There is also help for the player in different ways to reach the next level.

The level of Winter Mystery Stardew Valley can only be completed in Stardew Valley’s Winter Season. During the season, players have to reach the bus stop between 6 am to 4 pm. A cutscene is played and a peculiar figure starts walking into the city. The player’s task is to discover the exact position of this strange figure by seeking carefully and thoroughly into the city.

At first, it sounds easy, but actually, the game is a lot harder. Usually, players are stuck for hours and find it challenging to complete the level.

The rewards

This is all about a short quest mainly. To complete this season and to get a rewarding player has to look at closely the bush in the pelican town. The bush is located on the right of the playground in town. As the player reveals the peculiar figure and the cutscene starts playing, the level is completed. As a rewarding player receives a magnifying glass.

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 Magnifying Glass Stardew Valley

The magnifying glass is the reward which player receives by completing the “Winter Mystery” Quest.

When the player enters the bus stop after triggering the cut stone, this quest is added to the journal. The cut stone represents a “Shadow Guy” who gets shocked by the player and runs away. To complete the level player “ needs to interact with a bush next to the playground, left to the community center.” This triggers another cutscene and the Shadow Guy gives Magnifying Glass to the player. The Magnifying Glass helps the player to look for Secrete Notes. Players can use this Magnifying Glass for digging the earth, chopping trees, fishing, or killing monsters.

Sturgeon Stardew Valley

As a joyful game, no other game can beat Stardew Valley. It has a lot of activities to perform including farming, collecting things, and findings in Stardew Valley. But one of the hardest among them is fishing.

Sturgeon is the fish that is hardest to catch. It is found only in one location, at a specific time of the year. Many players even with high-level fishing skills find it difficult to catch the sturgeon. Stardew Sturgeon can only be found in Stardew Valley mountain lake during two seasons i.e. summer and winter.


There are mines in Stardew Valley mountains. In these mines, many monsters are found:

Squid kid is one of the monsters found in mines. It is fast and moves suddenly, with the following characteristics:

The kid is killable. Players move quickly and hit it. Any weapon can be used to defeat them.


There are twelve characters in the game to marry. They have significant Characteristics. Leah is one of them.

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She lives in a small cottage in a village outside Pelican Town. To be her friend, the player must acquire two hearts to do inside her house.

After receiving gifts, she will show a unique dialogue for loved, liked, and disliked gift. After marriage, Leah moves into the farmhouse and adds her own room. She does a sculpture in a small area. Leah too offers gifts to players.

Snow Yam 

A Winter Mystery Stardew Valley has foraging vegetables;

Snow Yam Stardew Valley grows underground. It grows inside the snow and must be dug up with a Hoe. When players dig up artifact spots, the chance of finding a Snow Yam increased. Snow yam can only be found at artifact spots and in the desert. There is no need for fertile soil for its growth. To make shirts Snow Yam is used in the spool of the machine.

Emily Stardew Valley

In pelican town, there is another character available to marry named Emily. In the south of town Square, she lives with her sister Haley. Emily’s real passion is tailoring. She makes her own cloth. Her favorite gifts are cloth and wool. In the evening she works at a saloon which starts at about 4:00 Pm.

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Players can give Emily two gifts per week which raise or lower her friendship. Gifts on her birthday have a vivid effect on players’ scores. She shows a unique dialogue about loved, liked, or disliked gifts. Emily too offers gifts to the player which increases the chance of her friendship. Like other marriage candidates, after marriage, Emily moves into the farmhouse. She adds her own room and sets up a small crystal garden where she goes to meditate. Emily has a parrot which will be visible only when a player will complete her four hearts. To win Emily’s friendship payer has to fulfill the quests given by Emily.

Walkthrough A Winter Mystery Stardew Valley

Winter is the time when the Winter Mystery Event occurs. You will need to be away from your farm during winter to trigger the event. It would be best to keep in mind that the event can be activated at any time, so long as it is winter.
When you enter the Bus Stop, the cutscene starts. The Shadow Guy, who looks a lot like Krobus, will look at you in horror and then run toward the town.
Your journal will indicate that a new quest has begun after the cutscene is over. This quest asks you to locate the Shadow Guy, who ran off just seconds before.The next step is to discover where the shadow person ran off to.

Finding the Shadow Guy

The Shadow Guy is hiding in Pelican Town. To find his tracks, look carefully at the ground. The Shadow Guy’s hiding place is behind the large bush near the Community Center, just beside the playground. It will give you a shake, and Shadow Guy will be freed.

The Magnifying Glass (and Secret Notes)

Once you have found the Shadow Guy, you will be able to apologize and get the Magnifying Glass. This will allow you to unlock Secret Notes, an entirely new aspect of the game.

Secret Notes can be obtained by:

These notes can be read using the Magnifying Glass you received from the Winter Mystery Event. They reveal secrets and other facts about the community and its inhabitants.

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