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Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S9: What Are The Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases

The Samsung Galaxy series is one of my favorite phones. I always buy the newly launched phone of the Galaxy series. In addition, I purchased multiple covers for my mobile phone as it makes the cell phone look charming. Similarly, I bought a Samsung Galaxy s9 with several cases. Here is the complete review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, as I always share my opinions regarding mobile. Moreover, you will see many instances for this mobile phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases, leather cases, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+


The price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 varies per region. So you can get it between 600 USD to 800 USD. As S9 officially launched in march 2018, it has become an old device. Hence, you can get it at a lower price.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is available for around 700 USD to 900 USD and was released on the same date as the S9 launched.

Design and Screen

You will not see a massive difference if we discuss the previous year’s design. But, the Samsung Galaxy S9 design is stronger than the other one. The body is made of aluminum and gorilla glass which gives a sleeky look. The fingerprint sensor is located below the rare camera that differentiates S9 from S8.

S9 has a 5.8″ big screen with a bezel view, which is rich in color and contrast. A slightly curved AMOLED quad-HD+ panel grabs the attention. The most considerable improvement of the S9 is the thick glass that prevents the screen from breaking.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a 6.2″ infinity display, slightly larger than S9. The body is made of the same aluminum and gorilla glass. So the main design difference is the screen size, and the rest of the specifications are the same.


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have processors of quad 2.7 GHz + quad 1.7 GHz. If we discuss the chipset, you will see Exynos 9810 (10 nm) – EMEA Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 (10 nm). Hence, there is no massive difference in the processor or working of S9 and S9 plus. Furthermore, both devices S9 and S9+, run on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Memory and Storage

Samsung Galaxy s9 has 4 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Also, It has a memory card slot that can support extra storage. Moreover, S9 has a dual sim slot capacity.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has 6 GB RAM and up to 256 GB internal storage. Like other models, it contains a memory card and dual sim slot.

If we compare the performance per memory, I guess 6 GB RAM works better than a 4 GB device. A sim card slot of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus supports up to 400 GB of storage. So you can buy S9 or S9 plus variant as per your requirement.

Battery Life

For S9, the manufacturers provide a Lithium-ion battery with 3000 mAh power. It is a non-removable battery with a 15W wired charger.

The battery type is a bit changed for the S9 plus. It has a lithium-ion battery with 3500 mAh power. Despite this, it is also non-removable with a 15W wired charger. So, the main difference was the battery power.

Best Cardholder Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

For sure, safety is necessary for each device. But, if you buy an expensive and delicate gadget, you must purchase a safety cover for your mobile phone. Trust me, spending a few dollars would not regret you. So, here are some best S9 and S9+ phone cases you can buy from amazon or physically.

Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

I’m a massive fan of leather because it gives you a classy and bossy look. So, here is a luxurious mobile case for your expensive device. It’s for mobile phones but has enough space for credit cards and other wallet stuff. A little pocket is there on the back side of the case to give a backpack look. Therefore, I preferred this case as it makes me wallet free.

Screen Protector Covers

Often, I drop my phone, and it gets damaged while traveling. That is why I decided to buy a rigid screen protector cover. After searching, I got a defender case from Otterbox. It has a double-layer design that gives extra safety. Also, the synthetic rubber present in it will reduce the slippery texture.

Waterproof Cardholder Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

So, if you want to use your phone in the rain or enjoy some underwater images, your problem got a unique solution. Ghostek Nautical Series has made a waterproof mobile case for you. The manufacturing of this case is outstanding; you can leave your mobile for 30 minutes to one hour in deep water, and it will not affect your mobile.

Are the S9 and S9+ Cases the Same?

No, the sizes of both devices are different, so they have separate cases.

Is Samsung S9 Plus outdated?

It is about four years old but still has an excellent performance.

Final Verdict

Samsung Galaxy launched S9 and S9+ a few years ago, and both are amazing. Always buy the best device that matches your need. Also, do not forget to purchase protection, especially when your device is expensive.

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