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Samsung Debuts 5d Ultrasound Technology

Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, just launch Samsung UGEO WS80, the most recent 5D ultrasound imaging technology intended to offer diagnostic accurateness for antenatal scan.

Apart from thorough digital accurateness, the UGEO WS80 features simplicity of exploit and functions, keep time on present antenatal scanning actions and provide expectant mothers to maintain inborn picture of their newborn in their mobile devices.

LAC Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd director Liew Yoon Poh says “The UGEO WS80 will put a latest usual in ultrasound imaging by bringing quicker and secure diagnostic process through mobile connectivity and has obtain great reply from the market even before its official opening,”.

LAC Medical, and details technology Distributor Company deal in medical tools and accessories materials, in Malaysia it is the selected distributor of the UGEO WS80. The company as well takes the digital radiography range of tools and the presentation of the UGEO WS80 marks the second cooperation among Samsung and LAC Medical. Since 2010, Malaysia is one the best rising country in healthcare tourism because of the high values of medical communications, new technology with globally acknowledged specialist and last however not slightest the benefit of being commercially spirited.

“Our aim is to launch extra state of art healthcare technology letting our people to obtain cure in the country rather than going to out of the country,” he said.

Moving on an issue on current hospitals in Malaysia in accepting advance and most recent technologies, Liew said a lot of hospitals in Malaysia have accepted the most recent technologies that really increase standards of diagnostic and treatment. “But, there is yet space for enhancing the flow of work and decreasing patients’ waiting time and extra digitization of hospitals among digital medicinal devices and IT systems are able to possibly craft us extra spirited, particularly in drawing attention overseas patients,” he said.

In encouraging the 5D ultrasound in Malaysia, LAC Medical will be team up with some hospitals generally to supply free 5D antenatal scanning for pregnant mothers. The best success was the truth that Samsung stand out the majority at the Bella Center by exhibiting the latest product 5D ART and UGEO G60 idea at the forefront of its booth under its self-righteous sign ‘Samsung’. Accuvix A30 as well obtained well by many doctors for its improve function, the (Feto Realistic View) FRV. FRV and the latest product UGEO G60 overwhelmed various visitors by means of their best performance and elegant design.

Booth of Samsung fascinated many crowds particularly with 5D ART preface video which was play on a non glass 3D TV.  The video efficiently provide the image of the 5D ART that is expected to open a latest era of healthcare and ultrasound technology by giving an improved realism and technology that outcome in quick and perceptive diagnosis. Different Products for instance R7, U6, XG, and R3 as well stand proudly at the site as well-liked ultrasound system of Samsung which have been engaging the GYN / OB market.

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