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QBrains-on with Muse, Interaxon’s mind control headset

While growing up, if you remember there was sequel made to a movie “Back to the Future”, and in that movie a kid whines about using his hands while playing a shoot ‘em up game.

You can easily relate that to Interaxon’s mind control headset, which has this phenomenal way in which it turns your brainwaves into compact digital signals. The way that it works is that it turns your mind into an input device. The brilliance of this is that it is lightweight and how it allows the user, to get out of his mind and use your mental skills in thecreative most possible way.

Headband Working

What is simply does is, provide the brain with exercises, to manage stress levels and even fitness training. It allows you to play games or even change your mood. This mind control headset is functioned to provide a measurement for a person’s brain activity. A person can even connect Muse to a smart phone, Bluetooth in a tablet. The user is not supposed to worry about the health and stress factors as this is a tried and tested method by doctors and scientists alike.

More Qualities

The reason why Inetraxon came up with muse and its ergonomic design is for the user to find it easy to use. The 4 sensor design is present to provide a much higher accuracy and reliability. Another thing that sets this brand apart is the amount of data it provides its users.

The headset has a custom application package and has a sleek end design, the reliability has increased.
Interaxon has worked with neurologists and prosthetics to ensure the users safety.

More about The Muse Machine

The muse is programmed to detect electrical frequencies that may vary however that completely depends on the state of the person’s mind. What muse can do is, that it can detect five brainwave brands at any time, the brainwave band occurs in varying proportion and muse is functioned to measure these changes when something happens. The aim of muse is to measure mental states such as attention or calmness, it cannot read the user’s thoughts. And the user should not worry about it being a mind control device either.

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