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President Joe Biden Announces 31 Tech Hubs to Spur Innovation and Create Jobs in 32 States and Puerto Rico

President Joe Biden Announces 31 Tech Hubs to Spur Innovation and Create Jobs in 32 States and Puerto Rico

Joe Biden announced 31 tech hubs in 32 states and Puerto Rico. The Biden administration created 31 “tech hubs” in 32 states and Puerto Rico to stimulate innovation. And job growth in local businesses.

Joe Biden was Set to Announce the Hubs Monday at the White House.

“This effort received the most attention in my public service career.” On Sunday, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo instructed the media to preview the announcement. She said her department received 400 applications.

Raimondo, who will join Biden for the announcement, said, “Everyone I meet—CEOs, governors, senators, congresspeople, university presidents—want to tell me about their application and how delighted they are.

Raimondo’s administration administered $500 million in grants to localities in May to create tech clusters. Last year, a $10 billion CHIPS and Science Act authorization spurred $500 million in AI, quantum computing, and biotech investments. It seeks to spread innovation investment from Austin, Texas, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. And Seattle to the rest of the country.

The Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program supports the president’s call for excellent jobs for everybody. Opportunities should be given nationwide. The White House has promoted that theme and Biden’s initiatives as he seeks reelection in 2024.

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The White House stated Monday in an email that these Tech Hubs will stimulate investment in technology important to economic growth, national security, and job creation and assist towns around the country become centers of innovation critical to American competitiveness.

Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Missouri, Maryland, Alabama, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota, Louisiana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Nevada, Kansas, Delaware, Oregon, Vermont, Maine, Washington, and Puerto Rico offer 31 tech.


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